Friday, May 30, 2008


OMG! I just learned something new and IT ROCKS! Scroll down to the bottom of my blog and I have linked it up to You Tube. Now my favorite parts of Talledega Nights, which happens to be my favorite movie, are on here. The cool thing is, you can change it whenever you want. I was wanting music and couldn't figure that out, but I found this. I also found a news link. I'm kind of a news buff. Mo, if you are reading, I bet we could find the "schwetty balls" SNL clip. That is one of my favorites too and of course anything with the Spartan Cheerleaders or Mary Katherine Gallagher. HA. That's just a great show.
I'm watching August Rush tonight. It's pretty good. I don't think Juno was one of my favorites. Both of the kids have friends over tonight. Jeff and I got a lot done when I got home tonight. We pressure washed the concrete around the pool and the entire back covered patio. I did a little furniture rearranging, too. Now it is all set to be painted tomorrow. I'm so happy to finally be getting things done around here. Now if I could just have the same passion for studying.
Lelania was at work today. That was a major help. I've been so overwhelmed with work and I just want things to go back to normal. I realize normal does not exist for either one of us anymore, but I still want it.
Last night I fell asleep proof reading and I don't want to do that tonight, so I'm gonna cut it short. I ordered some batteries for my camera today, but I guess in the meantime, I'm just gonna go buy some. There is too much going on around here to not have a camera ready.
Enjoy your weekend. Love on those babies and share your love.


melanie, aka Mo said...

Kacy, I cant' hear it! try it and see why I can't hear it! Also, tell me how you did it . That could be FUN. Are you trying to get all professional blogger on me?!

Thanks for the encouragement. I know that you are and I are probably quite a lot a like, so when you say I can, I figure I can! Some others give me advice, but I am afraid maybe their lives don't quite mimic the pace of mine!

Todd and I are googoo over this baby of ours. (Does it show?! ) ANd, well, I just don't want that to end. We ooh and aah over everything she does, and I hate that I will now take the attention off her and onto someone else. ANd then will THAT baby get all my oohs and aahs?! I am just being a tit. It will be just fine, I am sure.

Thanks again for your reassuring words. LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY!! Melanie

Dawn said...

Hey Kacy. I love your blog. Thanks for signing Shae's site. I hope you are the first insurance agent to write insurance on his street. I have just started my blog...not much on it.

Talk to ya later.