Saturday, May 3, 2008


Gotta love a Saturday when you wake up to the kids fighting over what to watch on TV. We have 6 televisions in this house but we have to fight! Some things I will never understand. I'm doing this this a.m. because I'm stuck here at home with out a vehicle. My truck is still at work from yesterday and I would be outside playing except it's still a little cool outside. So, down to business....

TALLEDEGA, (I'm really excited about getting caught up here!) was probably THE most fun I've ever had. That will definately have to be an annual trip. I'm addicted. I actually, would like to sell everything I own and travel around selling Tshirts for NASCAR. I did decide that I no longer have favorite drivers. Now, I just have a few that I don't like. I like too many of them to say when somebody says who's your guy.
OK, I'm gonna give this picture thing a try. Keep in mind, I was a little overwhelmed.
Alright, I'll start here and then I'll have to back track just a little. This is the crowd that went! The first two in the picture are Rohn and Joanna. They were tons of fun. Rohn is the one we got our tickets from. He used to work with Jeff at FedEx and is now building houses with us. He is in the military and so is Joanna. She is so cute and a lot of fun to be around. Rohn is just really laid back and goes for whatever. Do you see any resemblance with the other two?? Look close. That's my BABY brother!!!! His name is Bradley. And that's his girlfriend Maria. FUN! Bradley and Rohn had been before, but the rest of us were rookies.

I'm gonna start with the fine establishment that Jeff picked for us to stay at in Pelham, AL.

YES, those are turquoise shutters and this picture says it all. When we pulled up, I immediately broke out in hives from head to toe and we left. We spent the whole night at Margarita Grill so we didn't have to go back to the hotel. Actually, we went to Wal-Mart first and bought Lysol then we went to drink so we would be able to go back and go to sleep. I'm itching typing this...

We had a nice little waiter that kept the margarita's coming....

This picture says ALOT!
We had a good time!! And I think we all slept well....
Ok, so we had fun...we were on vacation. Isn't it strange how when you become a parent you almost feel guilty for going out and having a good time without the kids. We all called home while we were sitting here and talked to all of our kids. We were a sad bunch, but only for a minute. Then we got back to having a good time.
Dalton just came in here in some Jeff Gordon PJ pants. Apparently my mother gave him those. He is one I don't like!

NOW, to the race, I wish I was back there tonight.

I sorta jumped on Kasey when I saw him. Isn't he cute? Those eyes ROCK!

Yes, I will admit a slight obsession with those eyes. How can you not like him? He lead one lap that day. I cheered so hard all day, my voice was about gone. I cheered for most people. The only one I wasn't happy with was Tony Stewart. He did pretty good until he HIT THE WALL. I would never want anyone to get hurt, but I was pretty happy with that wreck. :)

Look, he wanted me!
Dale Jr. wanted me too, but Maria messed up that hook up for me.

I did figure out that I may have been the only woman at Talledega in a well accessorized dress carrying a Coach purse.

Not that I mind that, but I did have a sun tan from where my necklace was. I like to call it a refined farmer tan.

HA!! I was a good girl!!

WE HAD A BLAST! I wanted Dale to win. He had an awesome car that day and did really well. The end of the race kinda stunk!

How awesome was this sight! The rest of my pictures of the race are just cars flying by. I have them here but don't think they would be too interesting on here. This was one of my favorites!!

Talledega rocked.

I was going to put pics of my nieces on here, but Jeff just called and said the brickers are on the way and I'd have to get them started on the flower beds because he couldn't get here in time. So, I'm off to be a builder and I'll get back to this in a bit.


Spend some time with those babies!



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