Sunday, September 20, 2009


I'm back! HA. You guys crack me up. Thanks for checking on me. So, for some strange reason, I thought today was gonna be a nice relaxing rainy Sunday. UMMM, NOT. At 8:30 this morning the "crew" showed up to rip the back wall out of my house and open up my "kitchen". It's a "kitchen" because it's not really a kitchen. There is a fridge sitting in the middle of where the kitchen should be. There is no stove and I put a microwave on a folding table. We do have a sink. Needless to say, I was glad the "crew" showed up today. They got the wall out and all braced back up. Now we just need a little sheet rock work and then the cabinets and new appliances can go in, oh, and don't forget, a floor! This has NOT been the easiest move to say the least. I don't recommend ever living on a construction site. August and September are by far the busiest months of the year for us. I have decided to NEVER move during those months again. As a matter of fact, I have decided to just NEVER move again. I got all I need right here on Sunset.

This is where we left it today! After all, I still needed a couple of hours to clean the sheet rock dust off of everything in the house. What a nightmare! We knew that was really gonna open things up...but it did even more so than we realized. It also lets all of the light from those back windows into the den....(here's the only picture I have of it right now)

Some day (hopefully soon) I'll have pictures that don't have cardboard boxes in them. We bought an entertainment center this weekend, too. How about that TV on another folding table?
I'm heading to bed. I've got a busy week. It's update file time at work...that can make for some long days, I've got several meetings in the next few days and then I have to be in Jackson MS next week.
Keep my family in your prayers over the next few days if you don't mind. I'll update on a few "situations" through this next week.
Glad to be BACK.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hell yeah!!! We FINALLY got the Internet in this little country town. I think we must be the only people on this road to have it. It took a month to get it and 3 separate trips by the technician fella. He had to run lines from "up the street". All I know is, I can breathe again! How in the world did I make it in life before the Internet??? It will take me weeks to get caught up on everyone else's blogs but I totally appreciate your comments wondering where I have been. I've been here....just crazy busy!! I haven't even been able to check on my blog friends regularly at work. It's been crazy busy there, too. (WHICH IS A MAJOR BLESSING.) Somehow, owning your own business selling insurance and investments in this economy has not been a walk in the park...but we have survived!!! I'm truly blessed.
I have tons to catch up on, but considering we haven't had the "net" in a month, you can imagine the fighting over the computer tonight. I told Jeff I was going to get us another laptop tomorrow. I think he thinks I'm kidding. I'm NOT. We are JUST NOW, like right now, tearing out the kitchen's a long story. Yes, I've lived here for a month with no Internet OR kitchen and I'm still under boxes. SO FAR, I'm not on any drugs, but there have been moments.... HA. It's all good and a huge lesson in patience. I love the country life in a town of 6500! Love it, love it, and learning to S-L-O-W down. (Well maybe...)
I'll update this weekend and include pics! Don't expect too much. It's getting there. BOTH of my babies have had a birthday. They are 10 and 11 now. Everyone is now in double digits. Holy Smoke, where does the time go?
Glad to be back.