Saturday, January 30, 2010

Waking Up

WOW, if anyone noticed, I have been avoiding my blog like the plague. I've spent the last couple of days trying to figure out exactly why and still can't put my finger on it, so we'll work through it together (my blog and I, and thanks to any readers out there that still remember I'm here from time to time.) I haven't felt well and really didn't want to post about it. I spent Thursday in the hospital and had this hip worked on some more. It seems to have helped my hip but my overall feelings haven't caught up yet. I'm very excited about the prospect of this hip pain leaving for good or even becoming bearable for awhile. I'll be glad when all of the meds wear off and the rest of me catches up to my normal speed. Right now my "speed" exists of sitting up in my bed with a laptop and TV. I've caught up with old friends and cleaned out the TiVo. Now I am on the verge of boredom and entering full blown panic over what Jeffrey and the children are doing to the house. They love to find things to keep themselves busy, but they don't believe in putting anything away before moving on to the next thing. That would go against every fiber of their being. Jeff swares a fairy comes in from time to time and cleans up all of the havoc he creates around here. He just told me he was upset, because that son of a bitch has not been showing up lately. HA! I'm honestly considering hiring a fairy. How did I live in a 7000 square foot house without a fairy and this 1800 square feet seems to require one? I think the mess was just less noticeable in all that space. Anyone interested in cleaning my house once a week or want to refer someone?

I took several large doses of steroids this week which are NOT helping these strong feelings of anxiety or the many trips to the kitchen. I'm pretty sure I have exceeded my daily walking allowance just between the toilet and fridge. It's a good thing we don't live in the big house anymore. I'd need a scooter. It's also a good thing I've come to grips with the extra 30 I gained over the last year and a half. I really did finally hit the point where I'm just glad to feel better and don't miss my size 2 pants anymore. As a matter of fact, I think they look great on the folks I sold them to!

We are supposedly iced in. Of course, if you tell Jeff Acree anything like that he swears that the public authority is wacko and it's all a conspiracy. He keeps asking me if I want to go to the store. I keep explaining to him that since all I have right now is the television and computer and they are telling me the stores are closed, there must be some truth to the reported road conditions. Now, he wants to make plans for tonight. I think the man is bored. He and the kids drove up and down the street about an hour ago. He said the streets seem fine but the trees are all frozen and many of them look like they could fall at any time. Since I'm pretty sure his "plans" would include something like a trip to Sam's or Lowe's I'm gonna pass on the making of plans for this evening. That just doesn't sound fun to me.

We are actually supposed to celebrate Christmas with my family tomorrow. Yes, we realize it is almost Valentine's Day, but everyone has been sick. I'll be glad to finally get the Santa suit out of my house and all of these gifts. My Grandmother still has her Christmas Tree up waiting for us to all be able to come over. I know she'll be glad to get this over with. Hopefully, the ice will continue to melt so we can move forward with the plan. I've missed my family. I haven't seen my Grandmother in awhile. I really miss my mom and I think it's even been a week since I've seen my Ashley. How did I spend 35 years of my life not realizing that my cousin should have been my sister? Ashley, I'm sorry we missed so much time we could have spent together and I've really missed you this past week.

Dalton just came in and jumped on his Dad and farted and I think I may be sick. My eyes are on fire and Jeff and I both have our sweatshirts pulled up over our noses. Dalton just ran! Savannah has locked herself in her room, again. She thinks that is the newest and most effective punishment for Jeff and I. Every time we don't do as she says, she locks herself in there for hours. I've tried the responsible parental thing of talking to her and trying to get her to tell me what is wrong and try to come up with some way of meeting in the middle. It hasn't worked and sometimes her absence and the quiet is actually welcome. She's locked in there right now, because no one felt like playing Charades her way. I've learned to pick my battles with that child and maybe she'll stay in there for awhile this time.

We were supposed to have gone to the Jersey Boys last night at the Orpheum, but our show got cancelled. We were able to get our tickets exchanged for another Friday night show. Jeff was very disappointed, but given the weather and the pain in my rear end, I was secretly happy for the delay.

Now that I'm over the hump of avoiding my blog, maybe I'll have some more exciting things to share soon. I think I'm in a drug induced state of blah at the moment. I was sharing with a friend the other day about her posts, and she just does them as she has time and saves them. Many of her posts are from days and sometimes even weeks before. On the days she doesn't have time for a full blown post, she pulls from her reserves. I like that idea. Many of my thoughts take days to develop. I always save posting for night time even though that's the most hectic part of my day. I wonder if mornings would be better?

Jeff found my coffee pot today! I think I may go make myself a cup and do something creative. My hands and arms are black and blue, but thanks to Prednisone, the swelling is gone. They blew a few veins in the hospital, Thursday. They don't hurt, they just look like they do. I've got a few scrapbooks ready just waiting for pictures and I haven't started my Project 52Q. I have everything I need though. Savannah wanted to participate in that project as well. Maybe I can lure her out with a cup of java and a project.

Have a great weekend, be safe if you get out. I promise to find my SHINE.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Well, I didn't try that new thing out about blogging in little bits as I could steal the time today. No, you see, today was not the typical day around here. The kids were out of school and made me realize that I was living a nightmare today. So much so, that as I sit down to type out my day at 7 p.m. they are both in bed. What really amazes me about that little bit of trivia is that Jeff hadn't been home more than an hour when he dropped the gavel and rendered the punishment of going to bed right after dinner. I managed to be here all day with them and didn't kill anybody.

They started in bright and early this morning about how bored they were. We decided we would see a movie this afternoon. We were all set and going to see the Spy Next Door with Jackie Chan (kids choice). Well, apparently we weren't the only ones with this plan. The place was packed. We got in, stood in line for candy and popcorn and made our way to our theatre just in the nick of time. We had to sit in the first three seats on the second row. Dalton went in first and then me and Savannah was on the aisle. As soon as we sat down, she started telling me her seat smelled like penicillin. I didn't smell a thing. After about 15 minutes of her flailing around in her seat and moaning that she was going to throw up or sitting with her shirt over her head, I offered to change seats with her. As soon as I sat down, I smelled what she was talking about. It smelled like that orange degreaser stuff. About 10 minutes later, she leans over and whispers that she thinks she must have a rash on her butt, it's stinging. That's nice. So, off we go to the restroom to check out her rear end. On our way, I realized, mine too, was ever so slightly on fire. We get to the rest room to find that both our rumps were roaring red. We washed up as best we could and headed back to the movie to find Dalton laughing hilariously. We were lost. We sat back down and tried to make it through the rest of the movie. When we got to the parking lot Savannah informed me I was covered in gum!! Nice. Apparently, they used the orange stuff to get rid of the gum. Neither worked and Savannah and I both had a sensitive skin reaction!! Fun times!

She is still in full swing on the whole iPod Touch thing as well. I told her today that was a fight she wouldn't win. I still don't think she believes me. I'm happy to have this quiet time. I hate to say that but I was starting to think I needed a vacation. I have a 3 day meeting in Nashville coming up in February, but I invited everyone to come with me. WE love Nashville. We always have and I just couldn't go spend 3 days up there without them. (I seriously questioned this decision today.) I guess, I'm also a little scared to go by myself. That's where I was when my first flare up with RA began. I got terribly sick and somehow by the Grace of God I had taken Jeff with me. I had spent weeks in Nashville over those few months by myself. I was preparing for the Series 6 and 63 exams and my career depended on my passing. I had passed and had to go back for my Allstate Certification and Acceptance by the broker. I was feeling beat down but just thought I was tired and knew this trip was just a formality. It didn't require any concentration or homework so I asked Jeff to join me. Thank goodness, he agreed to go. Otherwise, I don't know how I would have gotten home and would have most certainly found myself in the hospital in Nashville. I haven't been back since and guess I'm not ready yet.

I love being curled up with my laptop in the bed and love it even more with Izzy curled up here right beside me. This is also giving me a wonderful chance to catch up on some TiVo. Project Runway premiered last week and I didn't even know it. That could quite possibly be my favorite show. I don't know. I still love American Idol, but I can't sing. I love Project Runway and I can design (still working on those sewing skills). I've always wondered what if...... that was a world I never knew existed. To be quite honest, I didn't know a lot existed. I ended up working in a job that those around me worked in because that is all I knew. The insurance decision I made all on my own, finally. I was intrigued tonight to find out some of those cats are 40.....what does that mean? Can you switch gears and follow your dream at any age? Does it matter?


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today, I'm trying something new. I've been struggling with my blog. At the end of last year, I considered giving it up all together. I quickly dismissed that thought. Some days, it's just really hard to find the time to sit down and write. Throughout the day, I'll think I need to remember this later to get it written down. Do you have any idea how many things I have forgotten because of that? A LOT. And, by the time you sit down to actually write, your mood has changed so whatever you were feeling really passionate about earlier in the day just isn't the case anymore. Today, I decided to start writing when I have time. Instead of waiting for the end of the day to reflect....I'm catching a quick quiet moment and jotting my thoughts down. At the end of the day, I'll put it all together and see what we can come up with.

Jeff got the pantry built yesterday, so today, I am unpacking more of the kitchen and trying to put things away. It's nice to finally have a spot to put everything. Savannah was helping me, but she just went diving off the deep end into another mood swing. Her mood swings are exhausting lately. She's doing great one moment and then in tears the next over something really stupid. She woke up this morning and decided she wanted an iPod Touch. That came totally out of nowhere. I had never heard her mention it until today. She doesn't understand why I said no to getting the money out of her savings account for it. She already has an iPod that she doesn't use....I just don't get it. SO, she has barricaded herself in her room and I guess she thinks that hurts my feelings or something:)

Checking back in several hours later....WE HATE THE PANTRY set up. That is not going to work. It looks like my future craft room is going to house the washing machine and dryer. It makes sense and we had discussed it before but didn't think that was the way we wanted to go. It's official! We decided today, it will be a craft/laundry for me. My new found flexibility is such a wonderful thing.

School is out tomorrow for what Mississippi calls the King/Lee holiday. Jeff took off work tomorrow to work on a house in Memphis we are "flipping". I suppose I will hang out with the rugrats! Dalton is hard at work tonight "building" Aniken's war ship out of Lego's. If I'm not mistaken Jeff and Savannah are outside jumping on the wet trampoline. I am curled up in my bed with the computer watching the Golden Globes. I have been worn out all week from what I thought was trying to get over the stomach bug. I woke up today with no knuckles on my left hand and my right knee about twice it's normal size. I'm not real sure what to make of it. Since my initial RA diagnosis and work up we were just steadily working toward getting it all under control. Since then, I've never had anything just flare up like this. My hand has gone down some today but my knee hasn't. I guess we'll see what tomorrow holds. I am supposed to have my second hip procedure done on Thursday this week. I just pray for NO steroids in my future.

I'm looking forward to a great week and meeting with Management teams for 2010 goal setting. I'm off to cook something for dinner in my kitchen (what a blessing)!!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend Update

Wow, this week really got away from me. It was a good week though, very busy. I never felt quite up to par. I don't rebound from illness the way I used to. I guess I had that notorious 24 hour stomach bug. It's all good now.

Missy, isn't Izzy the best? I'm so sorry to hear about your puppy. I can't imagine. I've actually found myself wondering what I would do when that day comes. She is absolutely my best friend. She sleeps with me every night and cuddles with me on the couch. We spend time with each other every morning and I always just want to take her to work with me. If she didn't throw up in the truck, I would. SHE ROCKS. She's a little timid around people she doesn't know but she eventually warms up.

Since my energy reserves were running on empty this week, I didn't make much progress on the kitchen. We did, however, cook every night and were able to eat at home. I know that seems like a simple pleasure. Just imagine if you couldn't do that....that really stunk. Not so much at first, but it grew old really fast! I managed to get the laundry caught up but haven't been able to get Jeff and Dalton to stop fighting. I don't understand that. Jeff has been all over Dalton the last few weeks for the exact things he does. It drives me crazy. We have two great kids and I can't figure out why Jeff wants to fight all the time. He doesn't do that with Savy, but he stays on Dalton's case. I see Dalton slowly shutting down and losing respect for his dad. I tried talking to Jeff about it last night, but Jeff isn't very good about admitting his own flaws or even listening when you try to discuss them. SO...may very well be, a lost cause. Jeff, if you are reading, wake up and nurture the relationships you have with BOTH of your kids. They are growing up too fast and I hate to tell you, but you aren't always right.

I had a checkup appointment with the GREAT BOWTIE (my Rheumatologist) this week. I've got some more new inflammation in my hands. It really just started about two weeks ago. I guess I had sort of been in denial about it. I was blaming it all on the extreme cold. Even though, there is no documentation that clearly correlates the cold weather with arthritis, it is a well understood phenomenon amongst those of us with the problem. Anyway, I am going to see if Methotrexate will calm this back down.

Today, I am explaining the "Word of the Year" to Savannah and we are going to work on our "52Q" tags. I'm excited to use my artsy side for awhile. I feel like it is such a struggle to make time for that side of myself. I wish it were more a part of my everyday life. I'll work on that.... The Intergalactic Bead Show is next weekend at the AgriCenter. I am really looking forward to it. Savannah and I went last year but I had NO idea what to expect or even what I was doing. It's all different this year and I can't wait to stock up on some new things. I'm looking forward to all the new colors and to see what all I can put together.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Life is hard for everybody when Mom gets sick. Why does it work that way? Everybody in this house has been sick in the last month except me....until now! I caught some sort of evil stomach bug yesterday, and the house fell apart. Jeff and Dalton are fighting and everything around here is covered in dog hair. AND somehow, I'm in trouble. Oh well....
Here is the beast responsible for all of the hair. She is the ONLY one that sheds and she thinks she's a lap dog.Eewwww, Sorry about no makeup. That's how I roll sometimes. Izzy is laying here on my feet as I type.

We did get one MAJOR (or Jeff did) thing accomplished this weekend. WE GOT OUR STOVE.

Hard at work.

OH, and there is my new fridge, too. It's one of those where you can change the panels out on the front to be whatever you want...I think I want it to look like my cabinets. I'm a little worried about calling our cabinet guy back (not to mention how long will it take??). Hummm, what to do?

I was just not feeling it this morning during this process. Savannah took over the camera and documented the whole first thing cooked......

Sausage Balls? That's all we could come up with to cook since we haven't been on an official trip to the grocery store in 5 MONTHS!

Savannah asked me tonight if we could be on Extreme Home Makeover. She said she wanted to go to Disneyland and come home to a new house with everything done. The Mom in me explained to her how lucky we were to have a roof over our heads when the other "me" just wanted to tell her YES, but can we go on a cruise? HA. What a great show!! I can't believe I got a stove on a day I can hardly pick my head up. Jeff posted some wonderful pictures of me throwing up on the side of the road on Facebook last night. Thanks Jeff. Savannah got out and "helped" me. NO fun.

Since I'm going to feel better (mind over matter) this week, I can't wait to start cooking. We are all so tired of eating out!! The thought just makes us all go UGHGGHHHHH. I'm sure it won't take long before we are begging to eat out, but aren't options wonderful?

Have a great week.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

Today was a wonderful snow day that I spent on my bed WORKING. I think that's what insurance agents do in bad weather. Actually, most of the day was consumed with conference calls!.....lots of changes coming in the new year. Since I only had 15 to 30 minutes between each call, I didn't get much accomplished around here. This was my view most of the day... Check out that cool blanket I made the other day. I was feeling inspired the day we didn't have heat. :)
I did enjoy a fun photo shoot with Savannah today. That child loves to pose and it always gets me tickled and we just keep going. She is so fun and becoming more of a dear friend everyday. I hope she always likes me.
Savannah is all about the PEACE sign. She got this little necklace for Christmas from her MeMe. I think it was, by far, her favorite gift. She is a mess. Tonight, while I've been uploading pictures (which by the way, takes WAY too long on here) we have been video taping each other. If I can ever figure out how to post those, you would die. Jeff has been channeling his inner LL Cool J tonight and Savannah, well, Savannah just loves the camera.
Here is my other little tater tot. He got his hair cut this afternoon. I think he looks like a glo worm here. (Does anybody remember those?)
He's such a sweet boy but on the other end of the shyness spectrum. He does not like the camera and wouldn't think of posing like Savy does.
Jeff and I have discovered the True Blood series on HBO. Thanks Ashley. It is terrible, but we rented the whole first season and have gotten somewhat addicted. I can't believe I'm watching vampires and actually enjoying it. Tonight we are finishing the final dvd of the first season.
The kids are out of school again tomorrow. I don't know why. Southern freak out over snow, I guess. I hope to get some things done around here tomorrow. I am supposed to go to Jackson Saturday and Sunday with my friends to watch Haleigh's cheer competition. We had dinner tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings to support the OBHS tennis team. It was rumored tonight that the competition was going to be called off because of the "deep freeze". If so, I'm going to make it my mission to get my kitchen painted.
Enjoy the snow and be safe. Please take care of your pipes!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Thank you for the wonderful "Welcome Back" comments gang. I still have so many of you who think you can't post on the blog and email me instead. Just so you know, you guys (you know who you are) crack me up. But, thank you. I almost feel as if I were missed. And Maria, you know I can't identify those folks I laugh at publicly. Not only would that just NOT be nice, I'd be upset if they kept their ridiculousness to themselves. I need someone to laugh at on here.

Yesterday, I fell off the wagon. Is it okay to make New Year's Resolutions and screw them up on Day 5? I say, YES. I'm human. Cut me some slack...I do. I didn't take a picture yesterday. I know, GASP. I was caught out in public without my camera. If I had taken a picture indicative of yesterday, it would have been my computer screen at work. I had my weekly dose of Enbrel last night accompanied by Benedryl and that was all she wrote. The fat lady sang and I went down hard and left many things unattended including my blog post. Sorry. SO, today I took a picture of a sticky note that says, "I MISSED A DAY" and that solved that little problem. At the time of this post, I haven't taken my picture for the day. It will be of my new fridge. It is currently sitting in the front yard. Yep, that's where we like to keep them. No, Raphael brought it down to the house this afternoon but the dolly wasn't here. One of Jeff's bestie's borrowed it and didn't bring it back. He's gone to get it now. (I'm being sarcastic...just didn't want you to miss that.) I'm trying to improve my outlook on certain things (i.e. living on a construction site) so I am choosing NOT to take the picture of the fridge in the front yard. I'm sure you can conjure up a good mental image.

I have made two other New Years "Commitments". The first one is to be more present. When I tell people that, they just stare at me. I mean to live in the moment and enjoy everyday for what that day is, to love every moment and stop always feeling rushed and like I need to be doing MORE. The last couple of years have felt like that. I feel like they flew by and I didn't enjoy the little things. We've dealt with more than our fair share of mess recently and I feel like things are finally calming down. The move to this house and the simplicity it represents were long overdue and I am beginning to feel like I can breathe. I also see that my kids are growing at an insane rate and if I don't take the time to enjoy them and everything that goes along with this pre-teen age it will be gone soon. I am much more settled and secure in my job and my health is under control. It's time to breathe and find those little things that I love about each day and savor and develop more of those things. So, that is what I mean. That is what I came up with all on my own. That was my commitment for myself.

I found Project 365 online. I have also chosen to participate in another fellow blogger and friend's project. She stole the idea from someone else, I think, but I like her version and read her posts regularly. It is to pick a "word of the year". You can read what "Mo" has to say at I met Mo about 4 and a half years ago when Jake (her nephew) was 4 years old. He would have been 8 this past New Years. She has an amazing outlook on life and the most precious girls. She suggests picking a word that describes you and the year you plan to have. Kind of one word to describe your year. There are worksheets to help you find your word and lists of words others have used. I picked the word SHINE. I didn't do the worksheets and I actually didn't see my word. I read the idea proposal and thought on it a couple of days. I liked the idea and got in and really like the word for many reasons. I'll elaborate more in the future. She has projects to do throughout the year that will incorporate your word. I'm looking forward to it. If you decide to participate or if you already are, tell me what your word is. I think it's a neat idea.

My fridge just made it in the house and Jeff is hollering for HELP. We are back in the routine of Taekwondo and expecting some winter weather tonight. I DO NOT drive in any of the white stuff, so this should be fun. At this point, if it doesn't snow the kids will be disappointed. AND my fridge rocks. I'm not sure if I mentioned we are keeping that stove that was in the middle of the picture. Jeff had a little melt down today with the appliance store, but I put my foot down and said this stove is staying. Glad that's done.

I promise to post pictures very soon. I also got the paint for the kitchen. YIPEEEE!

Monday, January 4, 2010

The End of an Era

Today was the last day of Christmas Vacation! It's 8:30 and my kids are getting ready for bed. This was Dalton's last Elementary School Christmas Vacation. That thought just hit me today. These wieners are growing up way too fast. I just don't know if I'm ready for Middle School. Thank goodness it's not Savannah. She's a whole other ball game. I feel like it's gonna be a long night. They have been staying up late and sleeping late for weeks. Tonight is going to be shocking for their little systems.

We spent one of the coldest days of the year today without any HEAT. Our heat went out about 3 this morning. When I woke up at 8 it was 55 degrees in the house. UGGGHHHH. About 5 this afternoon, we had heat again and found out it was some little part that cost about $6. We spent the day huddled up under an electric blanket with a space heater. My body does NOT react well to the cold temperatures.

I was hoping to finish unpacking my kitchen today but the thought of standing with my hands in a sink of water while freezing just wasn't all that appealing. To all you NON-believers about my lack of a kitchen, I give you a visual.

We've made a ton of progress, but I swear we are snake bitten on this "project". Sorry I didn't clean up for the photo op. I'm over it. That box on top of that stove has more of my pots and pans in it. I started unloading and hand washing dishes on Saturday and putting them away in cabinets. Most of them are done. I have that box of pots and pans to finish and my silverware is still lurking around here somewhere. Oh, and my coffee mugs...I haven't found those yet either. We bought a new fridge...not the one in the picture and a stove in November. We also bought the microwave on Black Friday. Last week, we took the microwave out of the box to hang it and it was USED. Nice, just what I always wanted. Soooooo, we took it back to Sears and of course they were out of that one and had to order us a replacement. It took another week, but it's finally in. I know you are wondering why the stove is in the middle of the floor....well, like I said we bought the stove and fridge from an appliance dealer in Memphis back in November. Our friend Rohn went and picked the stove up for us one day last week and brought it down one night after the plumbers left from moving the gas line (and fixing the kids tub, YEA!). I was so excited and ran in from shopping with the kids. I thought Jeff and Rohn were playing a joke on me when I saw it. They were so proud they had moved it in and unwrapped it and were getting ready to hook it up. I just stared at Jeff and wondered what happened to my husband, because this was some strange stove I had NEVER seen before. He didn't even notice. WHAT? SOOOO, anyway, I've got the wrong stove. At this point, I just want a freaking stove. I mean, how important is convection anyway? Of course, they don't have the one they sold me in stock.....yada yada yada. You see? I'm over it. They say good things come to those who wait. BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAA.

So that is my picture for today. One of the projects I committed to this year is Project 365. Today is the only day (so far, of course) that I only took one picture. I haven't figured out how I want to document them all yet. I'm still working out the details. One of the details I MUST figure out is how to get my camera to post the date on my pictures. Canon Rebel xTi....anyone know?

After a long day on my construction site, I think it's time for a pain killer and some zzzzzzz's. It's back to work for me tomorrow and I have to admit, I'm happy about it. I'm ready for the routine and ready to start swinging it in 2010. I think it's going to prove to be a trying year in the insurance industry. I'm ready for the challenge.



Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

In true Kacy form, I'm late!! No really, it's just a way of life for me now. I tried explaining that to Savannah just the other day. She didn't understand....I guess it's either you or it's not. Oh well. Some day, when she becomes a mom, maybe she'll understand. I wasn't always this way.

I have really been pondering this blog lately. I've missed it, but time seems so limited these days. I read several blogs quite regularly. There is one, in particular, that I read for it's ridiculousness and I'll admit, I had to wonder if others read mine for that reason. I have finally come to the conclusion that this is my blog and it's about my life and it doesn't matter what others do or what theirs are about. SO, bottom line, I'm back with no self inflicted pressure to live up to any "cyber standards" of performance.

I've missed this outlet and my blog buddies and am looking forward to a wonderful 2010! It won't take a lot to be an improvement over 2009.

I have made a New Years Resolution this year. I haven't in years. I really don't like any added performance pressure. I figured, since ignoring the tradition didn't work for me, we'd see how conformity works for me. I'll share it in the next couple of days. I have also committed myself to a couple of little projects and look forward to sharing those on my blog as well.

Of course, my main objective, as always, is to journal the NUTTY crap that happens in this insane life of mine. My kids have kept me laughing all through Christmas break and I have to admit, I'll be sad to see them go back to school. I do, however, believe it is in every one's best interest for them to return. My tranquilizer addiction is becoming more prominent everyday, and I'd hate to have to leave my family for a short stint in rehab. BAHAHHAHAHAHAHH! Not!

My crazy kids are not what will send me to rehab, it will be the fact that I still DON'T have a kitchen! Why YES, it has been 4 months since we moved! What the hell, kitchens are over rated! (I typed that with every little bit of sarcasm these arthritic fingers could muster!!!)

I'm dealing with a bout of insomnia tonight and they say the glow of the computer makes it worse. SO, I will cut it short tonight. I did, however, need to get this little ice breaker out of the way. I shall return very soon and appreciate anyones interest in still checking on my little piece of cyber space.