Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today, I'm trying something new. I've been struggling with my blog. At the end of last year, I considered giving it up all together. I quickly dismissed that thought. Some days, it's just really hard to find the time to sit down and write. Throughout the day, I'll think I need to remember this later to get it written down. Do you have any idea how many things I have forgotten because of that? A LOT. And, by the time you sit down to actually write, your mood has changed so whatever you were feeling really passionate about earlier in the day just isn't the case anymore. Today, I decided to start writing when I have time. Instead of waiting for the end of the day to reflect....I'm catching a quick quiet moment and jotting my thoughts down. At the end of the day, I'll put it all together and see what we can come up with.

Jeff got the pantry built yesterday, so today, I am unpacking more of the kitchen and trying to put things away. It's nice to finally have a spot to put everything. Savannah was helping me, but she just went diving off the deep end into another mood swing. Her mood swings are exhausting lately. She's doing great one moment and then in tears the next over something really stupid. She woke up this morning and decided she wanted an iPod Touch. That came totally out of nowhere. I had never heard her mention it until today. She doesn't understand why I said no to getting the money out of her savings account for it. She already has an iPod that she doesn't use....I just don't get it. SO, she has barricaded herself in her room and I guess she thinks that hurts my feelings or something:)

Checking back in several hours later....WE HATE THE PANTRY set up. That is not going to work. It looks like my future craft room is going to house the washing machine and dryer. It makes sense and we had discussed it before but didn't think that was the way we wanted to go. It's official! We decided today, it will be a craft/laundry for me. My new found flexibility is such a wonderful thing.

School is out tomorrow for what Mississippi calls the King/Lee holiday. Jeff took off work tomorrow to work on a house in Memphis we are "flipping". I suppose I will hang out with the rugrats! Dalton is hard at work tonight "building" Aniken's war ship out of Lego's. If I'm not mistaken Jeff and Savannah are outside jumping on the wet trampoline. I am curled up in my bed with the computer watching the Golden Globes. I have been worn out all week from what I thought was trying to get over the stomach bug. I woke up today with no knuckles on my left hand and my right knee about twice it's normal size. I'm not real sure what to make of it. Since my initial RA diagnosis and work up we were just steadily working toward getting it all under control. Since then, I've never had anything just flare up like this. My hand has gone down some today but my knee hasn't. I guess we'll see what tomorrow holds. I am supposed to have my second hip procedure done on Thursday this week. I just pray for NO steroids in my future.

I'm looking forward to a great week and meeting with Management teams for 2010 goal setting. I'm off to cook something for dinner in my kitchen (what a blessing)!!


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Anonymous said...

I hope you start feeling better...I havent been feeling so hot lately, Im sure you already knew that. I'm glad your house is coming along and hope we can do christmas before valentines dayHA..Love ya!