Saturday, January 30, 2010

Waking Up

WOW, if anyone noticed, I have been avoiding my blog like the plague. I've spent the last couple of days trying to figure out exactly why and still can't put my finger on it, so we'll work through it together (my blog and I, and thanks to any readers out there that still remember I'm here from time to time.) I haven't felt well and really didn't want to post about it. I spent Thursday in the hospital and had this hip worked on some more. It seems to have helped my hip but my overall feelings haven't caught up yet. I'm very excited about the prospect of this hip pain leaving for good or even becoming bearable for awhile. I'll be glad when all of the meds wear off and the rest of me catches up to my normal speed. Right now my "speed" exists of sitting up in my bed with a laptop and TV. I've caught up with old friends and cleaned out the TiVo. Now I am on the verge of boredom and entering full blown panic over what Jeffrey and the children are doing to the house. They love to find things to keep themselves busy, but they don't believe in putting anything away before moving on to the next thing. That would go against every fiber of their being. Jeff swares a fairy comes in from time to time and cleans up all of the havoc he creates around here. He just told me he was upset, because that son of a bitch has not been showing up lately. HA! I'm honestly considering hiring a fairy. How did I live in a 7000 square foot house without a fairy and this 1800 square feet seems to require one? I think the mess was just less noticeable in all that space. Anyone interested in cleaning my house once a week or want to refer someone?

I took several large doses of steroids this week which are NOT helping these strong feelings of anxiety or the many trips to the kitchen. I'm pretty sure I have exceeded my daily walking allowance just between the toilet and fridge. It's a good thing we don't live in the big house anymore. I'd need a scooter. It's also a good thing I've come to grips with the extra 30 I gained over the last year and a half. I really did finally hit the point where I'm just glad to feel better and don't miss my size 2 pants anymore. As a matter of fact, I think they look great on the folks I sold them to!

We are supposedly iced in. Of course, if you tell Jeff Acree anything like that he swears that the public authority is wacko and it's all a conspiracy. He keeps asking me if I want to go to the store. I keep explaining to him that since all I have right now is the television and computer and they are telling me the stores are closed, there must be some truth to the reported road conditions. Now, he wants to make plans for tonight. I think the man is bored. He and the kids drove up and down the street about an hour ago. He said the streets seem fine but the trees are all frozen and many of them look like they could fall at any time. Since I'm pretty sure his "plans" would include something like a trip to Sam's or Lowe's I'm gonna pass on the making of plans for this evening. That just doesn't sound fun to me.

We are actually supposed to celebrate Christmas with my family tomorrow. Yes, we realize it is almost Valentine's Day, but everyone has been sick. I'll be glad to finally get the Santa suit out of my house and all of these gifts. My Grandmother still has her Christmas Tree up waiting for us to all be able to come over. I know she'll be glad to get this over with. Hopefully, the ice will continue to melt so we can move forward with the plan. I've missed my family. I haven't seen my Grandmother in awhile. I really miss my mom and I think it's even been a week since I've seen my Ashley. How did I spend 35 years of my life not realizing that my cousin should have been my sister? Ashley, I'm sorry we missed so much time we could have spent together and I've really missed you this past week.

Dalton just came in and jumped on his Dad and farted and I think I may be sick. My eyes are on fire and Jeff and I both have our sweatshirts pulled up over our noses. Dalton just ran! Savannah has locked herself in her room, again. She thinks that is the newest and most effective punishment for Jeff and I. Every time we don't do as she says, she locks herself in there for hours. I've tried the responsible parental thing of talking to her and trying to get her to tell me what is wrong and try to come up with some way of meeting in the middle. It hasn't worked and sometimes her absence and the quiet is actually welcome. She's locked in there right now, because no one felt like playing Charades her way. I've learned to pick my battles with that child and maybe she'll stay in there for awhile this time.

We were supposed to have gone to the Jersey Boys last night at the Orpheum, but our show got cancelled. We were able to get our tickets exchanged for another Friday night show. Jeff was very disappointed, but given the weather and the pain in my rear end, I was secretly happy for the delay.

Now that I'm over the hump of avoiding my blog, maybe I'll have some more exciting things to share soon. I think I'm in a drug induced state of blah at the moment. I was sharing with a friend the other day about her posts, and she just does them as she has time and saves them. Many of her posts are from days and sometimes even weeks before. On the days she doesn't have time for a full blown post, she pulls from her reserves. I like that idea. Many of my thoughts take days to develop. I always save posting for night time even though that's the most hectic part of my day. I wonder if mornings would be better?

Jeff found my coffee pot today! I think I may go make myself a cup and do something creative. My hands and arms are black and blue, but thanks to Prednisone, the swelling is gone. They blew a few veins in the hospital, Thursday. They don't hurt, they just look like they do. I've got a few scrapbooks ready just waiting for pictures and I haven't started my Project 52Q. I have everything I need though. Savannah wanted to participate in that project as well. Maybe I can lure her out with a cup of java and a project.

Have a great weekend, be safe if you get out. I promise to find my SHINE.

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Ashley said...

not just sisters more like twins--we are so much alike its just nuts-even down to our shakey hands and hives-I LOVE U!!!! I'm glad u are feeling better!