Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

In true Kacy form, I'm late!! No really, it's just a way of life for me now. I tried explaining that to Savannah just the other day. She didn't understand....I guess it's either you or it's not. Oh well. Some day, when she becomes a mom, maybe she'll understand. I wasn't always this way.

I have really been pondering this blog lately. I've missed it, but time seems so limited these days. I read several blogs quite regularly. There is one, in particular, that I read for it's ridiculousness and I'll admit, I had to wonder if others read mine for that reason. I have finally come to the conclusion that this is my blog and it's about my life and it doesn't matter what others do or what theirs are about. SO, bottom line, I'm back with no self inflicted pressure to live up to any "cyber standards" of performance.

I've missed this outlet and my blog buddies and am looking forward to a wonderful 2010! It won't take a lot to be an improvement over 2009.

I have made a New Years Resolution this year. I haven't in years. I really don't like any added performance pressure. I figured, since ignoring the tradition didn't work for me, we'd see how conformity works for me. I'll share it in the next couple of days. I have also committed myself to a couple of little projects and look forward to sharing those on my blog as well.

Of course, my main objective, as always, is to journal the NUTTY crap that happens in this insane life of mine. My kids have kept me laughing all through Christmas break and I have to admit, I'll be sad to see them go back to school. I do, however, believe it is in every one's best interest for them to return. My tranquilizer addiction is becoming more prominent everyday, and I'd hate to have to leave my family for a short stint in rehab. BAHAHHAHAHAHAHH! Not!

My crazy kids are not what will send me to rehab, it will be the fact that I still DON'T have a kitchen! Why YES, it has been 4 months since we moved! What the hell, kitchens are over rated! (I typed that with every little bit of sarcasm these arthritic fingers could muster!!!)

I'm dealing with a bout of insomnia tonight and they say the glow of the computer makes it worse. SO, I will cut it short tonight. I did, however, need to get this little ice breaker out of the way. I shall return very soon and appreciate anyones interest in still checking on my little piece of cyber space.



Renee said...

I was wondering where you disappeared to. Glad you're back. I saw a while back you posted on Mo's blog you had cabinets, so I've been waiting patiently for a kitchen update. Happy New Year and continue to blog, I enjoy reading it.

KKGrimmer said...

I like how you are SHINING, Kacy!! And glad you are back! I can't believe you still do not have a kitchen...Lordy, how have you stayed sane?! You are a good woman! Oh, pretty new blog too!

Anonymous said...

Whos blog were you reading to see how rediculous it is!? Glad your back on here! Happy New year!! Hope to see you soon......maybe we will have christmas this month!haha Love ya!