Monday, January 18, 2010

Well, I didn't try that new thing out about blogging in little bits as I could steal the time today. No, you see, today was not the typical day around here. The kids were out of school and made me realize that I was living a nightmare today. So much so, that as I sit down to type out my day at 7 p.m. they are both in bed. What really amazes me about that little bit of trivia is that Jeff hadn't been home more than an hour when he dropped the gavel and rendered the punishment of going to bed right after dinner. I managed to be here all day with them and didn't kill anybody.

They started in bright and early this morning about how bored they were. We decided we would see a movie this afternoon. We were all set and going to see the Spy Next Door with Jackie Chan (kids choice). Well, apparently we weren't the only ones with this plan. The place was packed. We got in, stood in line for candy and popcorn and made our way to our theatre just in the nick of time. We had to sit in the first three seats on the second row. Dalton went in first and then me and Savannah was on the aisle. As soon as we sat down, she started telling me her seat smelled like penicillin. I didn't smell a thing. After about 15 minutes of her flailing around in her seat and moaning that she was going to throw up or sitting with her shirt over her head, I offered to change seats with her. As soon as I sat down, I smelled what she was talking about. It smelled like that orange degreaser stuff. About 10 minutes later, she leans over and whispers that she thinks she must have a rash on her butt, it's stinging. That's nice. So, off we go to the restroom to check out her rear end. On our way, I realized, mine too, was ever so slightly on fire. We get to the rest room to find that both our rumps were roaring red. We washed up as best we could and headed back to the movie to find Dalton laughing hilariously. We were lost. We sat back down and tried to make it through the rest of the movie. When we got to the parking lot Savannah informed me I was covered in gum!! Nice. Apparently, they used the orange stuff to get rid of the gum. Neither worked and Savannah and I both had a sensitive skin reaction!! Fun times!

She is still in full swing on the whole iPod Touch thing as well. I told her today that was a fight she wouldn't win. I still don't think she believes me. I'm happy to have this quiet time. I hate to say that but I was starting to think I needed a vacation. I have a 3 day meeting in Nashville coming up in February, but I invited everyone to come with me. WE love Nashville. We always have and I just couldn't go spend 3 days up there without them. (I seriously questioned this decision today.) I guess, I'm also a little scared to go by myself. That's where I was when my first flare up with RA began. I got terribly sick and somehow by the Grace of God I had taken Jeff with me. I had spent weeks in Nashville over those few months by myself. I was preparing for the Series 6 and 63 exams and my career depended on my passing. I had passed and had to go back for my Allstate Certification and Acceptance by the broker. I was feeling beat down but just thought I was tired and knew this trip was just a formality. It didn't require any concentration or homework so I asked Jeff to join me. Thank goodness, he agreed to go. Otherwise, I don't know how I would have gotten home and would have most certainly found myself in the hospital in Nashville. I haven't been back since and guess I'm not ready yet.

I love being curled up with my laptop in the bed and love it even more with Izzy curled up here right beside me. This is also giving me a wonderful chance to catch up on some TiVo. Project Runway premiered last week and I didn't even know it. That could quite possibly be my favorite show. I don't know. I still love American Idol, but I can't sing. I love Project Runway and I can design (still working on those sewing skills). I've always wondered what if...... that was a world I never knew existed. To be quite honest, I didn't know a lot existed. I ended up working in a job that those around me worked in because that is all I knew. The insurance decision I made all on my own, finally. I was intrigued tonight to find out some of those cats are 40.....what does that mean? Can you switch gears and follow your dream at any age? Does it matter?


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Missy said...

Holy Toledo do I KNOW what you are talking about.. There are so many days I just want to throw the towel in and run away..If I hear one more time "I am bored" I might puke.
There is much to be said about a nice and peaceful house, kids in bed...jealous here