Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Thank you for the wonderful "Welcome Back" comments gang. I still have so many of you who think you can't post on the blog and email me instead. Just so you know, you guys (you know who you are) crack me up. But, thank you. I almost feel as if I were missed. And Maria, you know I can't identify those folks I laugh at publicly. Not only would that just NOT be nice, I'd be upset if they kept their ridiculousness to themselves. I need someone to laugh at on here.

Yesterday, I fell off the wagon. Is it okay to make New Year's Resolutions and screw them up on Day 5? I say, YES. I'm human. Cut me some slack...I do. I didn't take a picture yesterday. I know, GASP. I was caught out in public without my camera. If I had taken a picture indicative of yesterday, it would have been my computer screen at work. I had my weekly dose of Enbrel last night accompanied by Benedryl and that was all she wrote. The fat lady sang and I went down hard and left many things unattended including my blog post. Sorry. SO, today I took a picture of a sticky note that says, "I MISSED A DAY" and that solved that little problem. At the time of this post, I haven't taken my picture for the day. It will be of my new fridge. It is currently sitting in the front yard. Yep, that's where we like to keep them. No, Raphael brought it down to the house this afternoon but the dolly wasn't here. One of Jeff's bestie's borrowed it and didn't bring it back. He's gone to get it now. (I'm being sarcastic...just didn't want you to miss that.) I'm trying to improve my outlook on certain things (i.e. living on a construction site) so I am choosing NOT to take the picture of the fridge in the front yard. I'm sure you can conjure up a good mental image.

I have made two other New Years "Commitments". The first one is to be more present. When I tell people that, they just stare at me. I mean to live in the moment and enjoy everyday for what that day is, to love every moment and stop always feeling rushed and like I need to be doing MORE. The last couple of years have felt like that. I feel like they flew by and I didn't enjoy the little things. We've dealt with more than our fair share of mess recently and I feel like things are finally calming down. The move to this house and the simplicity it represents were long overdue and I am beginning to feel like I can breathe. I also see that my kids are growing at an insane rate and if I don't take the time to enjoy them and everything that goes along with this pre-teen age it will be gone soon. I am much more settled and secure in my job and my health is under control. It's time to breathe and find those little things that I love about each day and savor and develop more of those things. So, that is what I mean. That is what I came up with all on my own. That was my commitment for myself.

I found Project 365 online. I have also chosen to participate in another fellow blogger and friend's project. She stole the idea from someone else, I think, but I like her version and read her posts regularly. It is to pick a "word of the year". You can read what "Mo" has to say at I met Mo about 4 and a half years ago when Jake (her nephew) was 4 years old. He would have been 8 this past New Years. She has an amazing outlook on life and the most precious girls. She suggests picking a word that describes you and the year you plan to have. Kind of one word to describe your year. There are worksheets to help you find your word and lists of words others have used. I picked the word SHINE. I didn't do the worksheets and I actually didn't see my word. I read the idea proposal and thought on it a couple of days. I liked the idea and got in and really like the word for many reasons. I'll elaborate more in the future. She has projects to do throughout the year that will incorporate your word. I'm looking forward to it. If you decide to participate or if you already are, tell me what your word is. I think it's a neat idea.

My fridge just made it in the house and Jeff is hollering for HELP. We are back in the routine of Taekwondo and expecting some winter weather tonight. I DO NOT drive in any of the white stuff, so this should be fun. At this point, if it doesn't snow the kids will be disappointed. AND my fridge rocks. I'm not sure if I mentioned we are keeping that stove that was in the middle of the picture. Jeff had a little melt down today with the appliance store, but I put my foot down and said this stove is staying. Glad that's done.

I promise to post pictures very soon. I also got the paint for the kitchen. YIPEEEE!


Anonymous said...

maybe its me! haha...sometimes mine are rediculous............Glad the kitchen is coming along

Anonymous said...

cute pictures of nana banana!