Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

I'm still alive just overwhelmed with the thought of typing about my life at the moment. HA...I'm not sure you can handle it. I know I can't. I think I have one nerve left and it's not a good one.

That hot hunk of meat I call my husband has bronchitis. You know how it is when your husband gets sick. You can be puking your guts up with 110 degree fever, but it's never worse than when they have a splinter. Bronchitis REALLY is bad. The weird thing about Jeff, when he gets sick, he gets quiet. Those of you that know us know this is NOT the norm. I spend most days wondering if he is ever going to shut up. Today, I just want him to talk to me. I just dosed him up with the "GOOD" cough syrup. He'll be horny in a few minutes. He doesn't doesn't take much.

Dalton broke the breakfast room window out yesterday. He came home from school and decided to practice his golf swing in the side yard. He sliced one right into the breakfast room. I guess that's a Rite of Passage for a little boy. Of course we had major thunderstorms last night....What do you call that? Murphy's Law. He had a basketball game last night, too. They won again!! They are doing awesome. Dalton busted their big guys lip. I know I shouldn't be proud, but I am. We've been working on his aggression. He also tested and moved up to his White Yellow Belt in Taekwondo. I was very proud of him during his testing. He got up in front of about 40 other kids and all of the parents and did his pattern and sparring. GREAT JOB D.A.

Savannah started soccer. Spring soccer is co-ed. That's a little different, but she LOVES it. The game that is. I'm pretty sure she loves boys, too but she's not going to admit it at this age. If you ask her she turns bright red and then starts screaming about how she HATES boys. Whatev, SavyG!! She's also decided to totally disgust me by kissing on the mouth. Savannah takes after me in that she has always had a very large personal space bubble. She told her Grandmother once that she was sorry, but she didn't kiss on the mouth. I think she was 6 when she did that. Well all of a sudden she wants to have this long drawn out moment of passion before she goes to bed. I told her I don't kiss on the mouth. (You saw that mouth...Would you kiss it?) Anyway, she kept on.....I finally knocked her in the head and she went to bed. Now I'm grossed out and my husbands on the couch drunk.

Jeff sold my truck. We pulled a 78 Convertible Volkswagon Bug out of storage. Yep, that's my new ride. MTV is not currently taking applications for Pimp My Ride, but trust me, as soon as they do we will be entering the car. I'll get some pics of it this weekend on here. Tomorrow is the first time I actually get to drive it. It's been in storage for about 4 years so it had a few kinks to get worked out before Jeff felt like it was safe enough for me to drive. It is now tagged, insured, has a new battery and brakes. We'll see what happens. I think it will be fun. My daily trip to work is about 3 miles round trip. I think I can handle it. It brings back memories of my first set of wheels. I had a black 68 Bug. This one is more fun. It's a convertible.

Oh, I almost forgot Valentine's Day. I know many of you just look forward to hearing about all of the wonderful gifts my husband gives me. After the $25 Kroger card he gave me for our 12th Anniversary, he said he was struggling with the right thing to do for Valentine's Day. SO, I got a card and he took me to dinner. He took me to the Waffle House in Olive Branch and even ordered my hashbrowns for me scattered smothered and covered. Do I know how to pick them or what? Now, I know why some women order their own flowers. I love him though. I got him a new belt and told him to just keep his pants on. I wasn't feeling mushy after the Waffle House.

That's about all the news. The full court press is on at work. If anyone needs insurance, call me!!!!!!!! Tell your friends and neighbors too. The Acree kids need to be fed. I'm loving American Idol and TiVo. That's the only way I get to watch it. My ass is as big as ever and food never tasted better.

I'll take some new pictures of my gang this weekend and hit you back then.

P.S. My favorite color has been pink for years, but I think I'm ready to change it. Is that allowed? Can you just change your favorite color any time you want to? Help me with that one.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So yesterday I started the starvation diet. I don't want to hear how unhealthy that is. I just don't know any other way to do this. Dimples on your cheeks are cute, just not your butt cheeks. It's either the entire box of Hamburger Helper or Nothing. Right now, I'm opting for nothing. I didn't even have a Coke today. That is MAJOR.

Looks like we found an attorney today that Jeff actually likes. Now we just have to give him precisely one half of our emergency fund, and he'll start looking at our case. How do you spell hives? My grandmother calls this a Nervous Nelly Rash. I call it an "I'm Freaking the Hell Out" Rash. Oh, and by the way, nothing makes it go away. Oh well, this too shall pass. It has to, one day I'll be dead. HA!

So, on to more fun topics. Dalton had a basketball game last night and THEY WON. It was an awesome game and Dalton had some really good shots and played AGGRESSIVELY. I'm really liking the Taekwondo. He tests next week for his yellow belt. I am way proud of him and more importantly, he is proud of himself. I think I'm gonna have to start looking for a part time job to keep paying for it, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Check out my boys UPS!
That's Dalton in the White taking down his best friend Jacob in the Yellow. He beat his best friends team!! Jacob is a killer player and I got lots of great shots of him but I'll leave that bragging up to his parents.

Go Team!
Savannah and I started getting bored during the second half which is pretty typical. We found other things to take pictures of....we started here.

BigD, SavyG and I all went to the orthodontist yesterday. Savy got a tooth yanked. They should have pulled that booger out of her nose too, but I guess that's not their job. I won't even talk about the yellow funk on those bucky beaver front teeth. Her daddy saw this picture and went and bought her an electric toothbrush. I told him it was a waste. She'd actually have to turn it on and then put it in her mouth to do any good. Considering I have to smell these kids private parts to ensure they bathed, I'm pretty sure the toothbrush thing is asking a little too much. The books tell me they will grow out of this. It can't come soon enough. Between you and me, I'm sick of sniffing dirty balls.

That picture led to a photo shoot of our orthodontic devices.

That contraption is called a space maintainer. Before that she had a distilizer. We had to turn it every night with a key to expand her palate. OUCH. Poor kid got my HUGE chiclets and her Daddy's little mouth.

Yes, that is my booger free nose. I pick mine regularly...usually in the car. I get my braces off on March 2. Let the countdown begin.

Dalton gets his braces in August. He has to have some teeth pulled first because he, too, has my HUGE teeth. At least his palate didn't have to spread.

Well, know that you know all about the Acree family's dental hygiene, I'll give you a break.

Peace Out,