Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So yesterday I started the starvation diet. I don't want to hear how unhealthy that is. I just don't know any other way to do this. Dimples on your cheeks are cute, just not your butt cheeks. It's either the entire box of Hamburger Helper or Nothing. Right now, I'm opting for nothing. I didn't even have a Coke today. That is MAJOR.

Looks like we found an attorney today that Jeff actually likes. Now we just have to give him precisely one half of our emergency fund, and he'll start looking at our case. How do you spell hives? My grandmother calls this a Nervous Nelly Rash. I call it an "I'm Freaking the Hell Out" Rash. Oh, and by the way, nothing makes it go away. Oh well, this too shall pass. It has to, one day I'll be dead. HA!

So, on to more fun topics. Dalton had a basketball game last night and THEY WON. It was an awesome game and Dalton had some really good shots and played AGGRESSIVELY. I'm really liking the Taekwondo. He tests next week for his yellow belt. I am way proud of him and more importantly, he is proud of himself. I think I'm gonna have to start looking for a part time job to keep paying for it, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Check out my boys UPS!
That's Dalton in the White taking down his best friend Jacob in the Yellow. He beat his best friends team!! Jacob is a killer player and I got lots of great shots of him but I'll leave that bragging up to his parents.

Go Team!
Savannah and I started getting bored during the second half which is pretty typical. We found other things to take pictures of....we started here.

BigD, SavyG and I all went to the orthodontist yesterday. Savy got a tooth yanked. They should have pulled that booger out of her nose too, but I guess that's not their job. I won't even talk about the yellow funk on those bucky beaver front teeth. Her daddy saw this picture and went and bought her an electric toothbrush. I told him it was a waste. She'd actually have to turn it on and then put it in her mouth to do any good. Considering I have to smell these kids private parts to ensure they bathed, I'm pretty sure the toothbrush thing is asking a little too much. The books tell me they will grow out of this. It can't come soon enough. Between you and me, I'm sick of sniffing dirty balls.

That picture led to a photo shoot of our orthodontic devices.

That contraption is called a space maintainer. Before that she had a distilizer. We had to turn it every night with a key to expand her palate. OUCH. Poor kid got my HUGE chiclets and her Daddy's little mouth.

Yes, that is my booger free nose. I pick mine regularly...usually in the car. I get my braces off on March 2. Let the countdown begin.

Dalton gets his braces in August. He has to have some teeth pulled first because he, too, has my HUGE teeth. At least his palate didn't have to spread.

Well, know that you know all about the Acree family's dental hygiene, I'll give you a break.

Peace Out,


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RADstitches said...

you are killing me! Avery goes in August to see ortho for another update.. she had to have 9 teeth pulled in 2 visits, so we are still waiting on a couple of teeth to come in! I am so ready to get this on the road!