Sunday, February 28, 2010

Broken Hearted!

My heart is BROKEN!!! Today is a sad sad day. My favorite bracelet in the whole wide world broke today and pieces went flying all across my bedroom. By the time I hit my knees scrambling to pick up as many pieces as I could find, the tears were streaming down my face. Jeff had this bracelet made for me as a Mother's Day gift when the children were babies. I had wanted one since Dalton was born. Since I had made the decision to stay home with my babies, luxuries like this were few and far between. It is sterling silver and I think it cost about $85. It's funny how we simply DID NOT have $85 back then. I literally wanted one of these bracelet's for two years.
Jeff SHOCKED me with this that year. I have pretty much worn it everyday since then. It had two strands of silver beads with each of the kids names on them. Dalton's is the one that broke.

In the last year, I added a medical charm to it with the names of my meds and Jeff's number to call in case of emergency. This is the only piece of jewelry I wear everyday no matter what so that was the safest place to wear it. (That's Dalton's spelling list.) I found all of the letters and picked up as many beads as I could find. I know this isn't really a big deal and super easy to fix but it truly broke my heart. I guess it was all of the meaning in the bracelet and I just absolutely cherish it. Isn't it crazy how attached to something we can be? My fingers have been too swollen to wear my wedding rings, but I haven't cried over that. I guess I would if I lost them or it BROKE! I'm thinking I'm gonna have to have that sucker sized soon. (That's a whole other topic of conversation. This last round of steroids really packed it on and that whole concept of...oh it'll come off...yeah right!!! It doesn't come off!)

So, there you have it! My most prized piece of jewelry, and everyone knows I have WAY to MUCH jewelry, broken into tiny pieces. I can fix it. I know I can, but it's more than that. I guess I'll give it some thought and maybe change it up a bit. It's already not the same to me.

I spent a couple of hours today chasing this cutie patootie around town. I took a little over 200 pictures of her all over downtown Olive Branch. She'll be in the Miss Olive Branch Pageant later in March and has entered Miss Photogenic. We are hoping to capture the "winning" shot. I got some good ones today and also learned some things "not" to do as far as lighting and such. I've got to sort through some of those tonight so I can send them to her mother in the morning. She'll ring my neck if I don't!
It's going to be another busy week. I say bring it on!!
Pray for computer peace in the morning! I'm not sure you can get much more stressed than when you own your own business and NONE of your computers work. HA, not good. HUMM, maybe if the phones were out.... That's happened before, too. This too shall pass!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Crazy busy day with kids!! Well, every day is crazy and every day is busy and for the last 11 years every day has involved kids. I'm not even going to attempt the picture thing this evening because that would probably send me right on over the edge. The girl had a slumber party last night to attend that I found out about at 3 yesterday afternoon. From the time I found out about the party she had to be at at 6 both of my computers at worked locked up and shut down. That will be loads of fun Monday morning. I was finally able to leave the office last night at 6 to fly across the street to a little gift shop to grab a gift for the party. Of course they closed at 6, so we beat on the door and they let us in, we got our gift and they were kind enough to wrap it up. Sometimes I just LOVE living in a small town. Anyway, we finally got her to her party at about 7.

Jeff picked the girl up at 9 this morning (from a party where she went to sleep at 4) to take her to another party from 10:30 till 12:30. I, on the other hand, took the boy to Taekwondo at 10:30. Then we all met up for the girl's indoor soccer game at 3. She played well considering the state of exhaustion she was in. The boy was asked to join the Extreme Team at Taekwondo and he accepted. That starts next week. Did I mention the girl has had soccer practice EVERY day this week and again tomorrow? WOW, welcome back to the full swing of life MOM.

Then, the cat is sick again. I haven't been home all week to notice any strange behavior or extra clingyness. BUT, last night after a near mental breakdown over the state of my computers at work and buying gifts for parties I knew nothing of (the invites were lost in her room which at this point should just be condemned) and getting her to the party and taking Dalton to exchange some things at Wal-Mart, I was really looking forward to climbing in bed. I climbed into bed with a nice fat puddle of cat pee. THAT is a sure fire sign that Tony is sick. That means, "YO woman, I've done everything I am capable of trying to show you that I am not well, and you have not noticed, but guess what? I happen to know this gets your attention in a MAJOR way." Of course, he had to pull that trick on Friday night when the vet doesn't open up until Monday. And yes, he has been up under my chin every moment I have been home. Last night Jeff and I slept on the mattress with no sheets. It was kind of ole school. I don't even think we owned sheets back in the early days of marriage. Somehow, at this point in our marriage we only own one set and last night they were in the washer and then dryer and I was just too tired to put them back on the bed. I did make a note to self to pick up another set of sheets.

Tomorrow's schedule is almost as hairy as today's. Good times, huh? NOW, I need your help. I have when you are 36 (I think that's how old I am....I might be 37...but I'm just gonna be 35 till I'm 40...I like multiples of 5) what kind of jeans do you wear? Especially when you've hit double digits in size. That was a dark day, but one I've just come to accept. I don't know how to dress double digits, but I've got to learn and I'm not going to pay a fashion consultant. My expertise seems to be with the single digits. AND, how many sets of sheets should one have for each bed? When we moved, we all switched things up to maximize the space we were moving into. Somehow in that process, we all ended up with one set of sheets for our beds. I typically change the beds all in one day and it works out, but I would like to have a spare pair and it would be much easier. Somehow, in all of my years I never learned how many sheet sets one should have. Also, shouldn't you have a deciduous tree in your front yard? I'm very troubled by this. I believe you are and I do. My entire lot is surrounded by trees...lots of trees including the front of the house all the way around to either side of the driveway...both of the driveways as a matter of fact. On the left of the drive is a big tree, on the right of the driveway is the biggest crepe myrtle I've ever seen. It is lovely and could be even lovelier it were trimmed and shaped up. BUT, I just don't think it is supposed to be in the middle of my front yard. Thoughts???? We have some yard clean up and work and of course exterior painting and such to do this spring. So this is becoming more and more on my mind. ALSO, painted brick??? We have no choice in painting the brick on this house. It is positively horrific as it stands now and plus we will be adding brick to make the porch more aesthetically pleasing and we can't match this brick circa 1965. I've got a very pale yellow in mind which scares my family. My color choices always scare my family and then they love them when it's all said and done. You know, lime green in the whole house with an orange kitchen and slate counter tops. They were freaking out and now they love it. You should have seen Jeff's face when I had him go order brown and linen Tunisia for the curtains in the living room with the lime green walls!! HA! The house has extensive flower beds...a really large tall bricked in flower bed that I want to add another level to. I'm thinking if the house is a pale yellow with a brown roof and a lighter off white trim and red front door, some broad use of colors in the flower beds will bring it all together. Can you tell I'm getting excited about Spring. I am a flower freak, which you know if you've been reading with me awhile. That's a lovely trait I inherited from my Grandmother. I even found a couple of planters for the front porch I really liked today.

The girl and I are watching movies. She's worn out and I'm experiencing a little intestinal distress (TMI?). I see an early night in our future. Izzy is at my feet and Tony is trying to take over the laptop (poor guy is not feeling well). Actually now, the girl is shaving the hair out of her dads ears. Isn't it interesting how life changes?


Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today has just been one of THOSE!! You know "those". I got up at 6 a.m. which is no small feat for me. I have never been a morning person and with this RA diagnosis I became even less of one. It typically takes me a little while to stretch out in the morning and start walking normally. My morning gait is similar to that of C3PO. My new med (Lyrica) seems to be helping in that category although it makes me sleepy and tad bit spaced out...OK maybe more than a tad bit. The night before last, after taking my medicine, I typed a pretty long email to a friend and sent it to myself....SPACE CADET!! Anyway, I had to be at the hospital early today for an abdominal ultrasound, but I'll get to that in a minute. As I'm getting ready, I run completely out of my favorite lipstick. You know how you dig down in the tube with a brush to get the very last little bit out...that proves it was a fave!! So I chunked it. Knowing that I didn't have a lipstick, I made a point to pick one up today. Here is what I came up with....
CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain...yeah, DON'T DO IT. They take that word STAIN seriously. It literally goes on like a magic marker and not the washable kind. It is now in the garbage with the empty tube. This stuff was a nightmare, and I was stuck wearing it all day. Unfortunately, I bought it at Walgreens and they do not take make up back. Did you know that CVS does? That's where I usually shop, but I was in a hurry to get to work because the hospital was running behind (go figure). Sephora will also take anything back if you get home and don't like it. The great thing about there is you can try pretty much everything out in the store.

OK, so abdominal ultrasound...I basically have morning sickness. I'll be driving along in the truck, everything is cool, and then, stop the press, pull over and bluaaaak....clean up and keep on going. Showering in the morning, bluaaaak. On the way home from dinner, pull over, bluaaak. No rhyme or reason....sooooo, everything checked out this morning. It was all good. Of course, there are kidney stones on both sides, but those little boogers are cool until they start moving. Right now, we have no movement, so it's all good. I started a beta blocker yesterday to slow this nutty heart rate down. It's been bouncing around from 100 to 130 since last Wednesday. The thyroid checked out fine (good news) so we are blaming it on steroids and stress.

I've decided to change my diet up a bit. Red meat leads to an inflammatory response in the body, so I quit eating it. I'd like to call myself more of a vegetarian, but I'm not quite there. Tonight for dinner I had this...
Do those count? They were good. Any of you lurkers vegetarians?? If you are share some info, anything...I'm a newbie.

I also had these...can you tell those are grapes? Those were yummy grapes!! I'm also back to writing myself notes on my hand. It seems to be the most foolproof way of remembering things. I've been so busy, yesterday the whole side of my hand was covered. I had written all the way from the bottom of my thumb all the way up across the back of my hand. BUT, I got everything I meant to done. Now lets talk about my wrist. This could possibly be controversial. That is a temporary tattoo. I've worn one on my wrist for the last two days ( I keep TONS of them at work for the kids that come in). I secretly (well not so secretly now) want a real one on the inside of my wrist. I think I want a tattoo. Shane (my artistic cousin) is working on a design for me in exchange for some repair work I am doing on a pair of his jeans. Jeff says I'm not the tattoo type. I think I am and since I'm so mad at him tonight I could spit nails, I'm not taking his opinion into consideration. I want Shane to draw one on there (henna) and let me "wear" it a few days. Red nail polish makes me NUTS so I have to make sure this won't bother me. Anyone who REALLY knows me, knows that I wear a TON of jewelry all the time. That in mind, it would hardly be noticeable. HUMMM, I'm not jumping into it, but I am thinking about it. MO, I wish you were around to draw on me!!! Maybe in your spare time (BAHAHAHAHA) you could work me up some designs...peace sign with wings...I love your hearts with wings but I'm not a heart girl.

Jeff took this picture of Tony and I sleeping. I found it on my camera tonight along with 124 pictures of someones house whose foundation is sinking. That's NOT a good thing, but Jeff can fix it. MAYBE, if he wasn't so busy being a jerk to me!!! Flowers Jeff, call the florist and MAYBE we can make up. It's just not looking good for you right now. Tony is my friend now. Ever since I took him to the vet when his paw was practically killing him. I guess he realizes I was helping him and now he loves me.
I'm really impressed with you braveheart lurkers. THANK YOU for introducing yourselves. All of you found me though MO which ultimately means you found me through Jake. What an amazing testimony to that child. I'm glad I make you all laugh. That isn't my intention but I gravitate toward people that make me laugh as well. Jake and his family had a dramatic impact on my life. I don't know if you all know the story, but I didn't know Jake or his family. I had followed his CaringBridge for a month or so at the encouragement of another St. Jude child I knew. I prayed for Jake everyday and sometimes more than once a day. I felt led to go meet his family and to do whatever I could to help them. I knew Hunter and Hayden were at the hospital and trying to kill each other with pool sticks. I thought maybe I could get them out of there for a bit and give Don and Staci a break. Jake was on a ventilator fighting a fungal infection. I walked into that hospital a total stranger and walked out after meeting Jake and spending time with him with his two older brothers. I brought them home with me that day and we went swimming and cooked out!! We had a blast and I took them back about 10 p.m. I made new friends for life. Jake never left St. Jude after we met that day until he went home for his remaining few days. I spent many nights and Saturdays or Sundays visiting with Jake or making jewelry with Mo or playing games with the boys or watching movies with Staci or just cleaning up the waiting room after all of that nights visitors left. Jake came off the vent and we got to "officially" meet. He was watching SpongeBob on a laptop and wasn't real into our "meeting". I was so happy to see him sitting up in bed, I wouldn't have cared if he stuck his tongue out at me. I was honored that Staci taught me how to wash my hands and let me visit with him in the ICU. Even when Jake was his sickest, she always took me to see him. She let me hold his hand and talk to him or sing to him or just pray over him. What an honor!!
SO, Suzi from New Baltimore MI, yes, I ran in the St. Jude Marathon two years. I broke my foot the second year and have since developed RA so I don't run anymore. Now my kids run for Jake. They met him, too. If you identify with my crazy life and have teenagers, for heavens sake, you should blog, too. Start one and try it. You might just like it. Feel free to lurk anytime you like. I promise, I'll never call you out on it again. Like I said, anonymity is powerful in some cases.
Kim in Spring Lake Park MN, I love Mo AND Jessi. I told Jessi if she ever wants to move further north, I'd hire her!! We all know Mo is the bomb, but Jessi rocks herself. She designed my banner for my blog. It's about time for a new one. I need to give her a shout. She also designed some stuff for my Etsy store that I have never gotten up and running. She did all that for me last summer right before we moved and since my craft room isn't functional yet....well, I haven't gotten to it.
Maria, if you want the deal that tracks who visits your blog...go HERE. Click on widgets and then choose what you want and click on Add to Blogger. It's easy. Call my cellular metal if you get confused.
Nice to hear from you again, Renee from South Louisiana. I don't consider you a lurker. You talk to me from time to time. Thanks for the love. I have several Louisiana folks that show up. Which town are you in?
Jonesboro? Is that you Jenny? I know you are in Arkansas, but I think Radstitches is, too. AND, who is in Jackson MS??????? Come out Come out whoever you are????!!!! If you are a FB'r, click on my link and be a fan of my AGENCY, PLEASE. If you do it by the end of the day Friday, you'll be in the drawing for some TShirts. I need to get to 100 fans!! I have just over 60 in the first 24 hours, NOT too bad.
Congratulations if you made it through this long post. You deserve a prize if you did. I guess these new meds make me wordy, too. They sure do make me feel better!! TG tomorrow is F!! Make it a good one.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who are You? Who? Who? (Think CSI)

OK, cats! I'm wiped out! I finally figured out how to make a page on Facebook for my agency!! I realize that most of you have probably done this before, but NOT me. To say I am not very technologically inclined would be a severe understatement. Jeff got me a "smart"phone for Christmas and I still don't know how to use it. I can't even manage to answer a phone call about 3 out of 5 times that it rings. I absolutely can't do call waiting, but I am getting better at texting. It took me all night to figure this out, but it's done and I think I even put a link on the blog, if it works. I still can't figure out how to make my blog feed to my Facebook page, hummm....maybe another night.

I'm gonna keep this short tonight, but I have a question. I installed this Feedjit thing on here because I saw it on someone else's blog and thought it was pretty neat. Actually they had a map of the USA on there with dots on it where people had visited from. I didn't end up with that, but instead got a feed of where folks were from. I know I have many more readers than are actual "followers" and that is fine....TRUST ME...I like anonymity (I'm gonna FALL OUT. I spelled that right on the first try). BUT, some of these places I have never even heard of and others I don't even know folks that live in these places. Please leave me a note and introduce yourself, PLEASE! I don't expect comments ever. I honestly don't even write for you...this is a journal for myself and my family and most of the time it just turns out to be a bit comical. I give Jeff and these crazy kids all of the glory for that. Now who lives in Mount Juliet, TN because you seem to be a regular. I don't even know where Rochester MI is and I know I don't send you a Christmas card???? How did you end up reading about my family? I do know where Boliver TN is but I didn't know I knew anyone there either. And what about Seymour WI and New Baltimore MI and Osseo Minnesota? Come on guys....introduce yourselves, I promise I don't bite!! I'm a germophobe.

Ya'll have a good night, you lurkers, you!


Monday, February 22, 2010


I've spent the last ten minutes looking for a picture that would sum up my day. I couldn't find one. Instead, I found three.

The top one was pretty good but that little briefcase could easily be confused as an overnight bag, which to me means business trip, but to some could be confused as "a fun time". The second one shows how much a mom has to juggle. Yeah, well, how about being that mom AND a business owner. Sometimes it gets a little complicated. Today was one of those times. A particular member of management had an appointment that HE set with me today at 9 a.m. I spent all weekend preparing for that meeting to make sure I maximized the time we had allotted. Instead, he showed up after 1 p.m. Jeff had me pick the kids up from school today. I had another MALE agent (are you starting to see a trend?) call me on my cell this afternoon after I had picked up the kids. We were on a serious search for Silly Bandz. While I was discussing my retention ratio with him, I was talking to Dalton about his Bandz out of the other side of my mouth. HE asked me how I could switch gears that fast! Ya know, you just do it, and most days you do it in a three inch heel. While overwhelming at times, I can't imagine life any other way. When my babies were actually babies, I stayed home for 3 years. That was the best decision for my family and what I thought I wanted. In hindsight, I nearly lost my mind. I wouldn't trade that time for anything in this world or beyond, but I don't think I could do it again. Jeff and I had a serious conversation about it last year. As the kids are getting older, there are times when I feel like it might be best for them for me to be home NOW. It's a constant internal struggle. Jeff and I also came to the conclusion rather quickly, that after about two weeks, I would pull my hair out and then it wouldn't be a positive experience for anyone involved. The good thing is, I can leave to go pick up my kids ANY day of the week. I really do have the best of both worlds.

I am now officially the ONLY female Allstate Agent in Desoto County. There are eight of us, seven men and me! My meeting in Nashville last week was interesting. Us girls are few and far between. We had four breakout sessions with panels of four people speaking in each one. Oh, and a "moderator" in each session. All four "moderators" And of the sixteen panel members only two were women. To say the football analogy was over used would be a terrible understatement. UGGGHHHH! It's frustrating at times. I think it's time to read a book I read when I began this venture..."How to Pitch Like a Girl". Sorry about that tangent. I just did an awful lot of juggling today that MOST of my colleagues don't have to deal with and in turn, don't understand or appreciate.

OK, time to lighten the mood. THIS has been in my head all night long. And then, Savannah and I were trying to watch the Bachelor (and ALL of its ridiculousness) when THIS came on. I fell out of the bed laughing and Savannah spent the rest of the night doing her own reenactment. Who watches this show? I never have until now and actually didn't start until about two or three weeks ago. It is a total train wreck. You know the kind of story that is just terrible, but you can't look away. It's AWFUL but I am enjoying every minute and I'm on pins and needles. I told Jeff tonight if Jake picks Vienna he better restrain me because I really may go through the TV. I'm a true believer in love at first sight, but not on a television show where women or men were picked for you off a piece of paper (oh and for rating purposes). No Thanks!
Whew, it's been an interesting day. I read somewhere online today that it was National Margarita Day. I didn't do any looking into that but it sure sounded kinda good. Too bad I don't drink. Instead I had an Icee! You gotta love a good Icee.

OK, long day, gonna be a long week. Savannah had soccer practice tonight with the rec team she is playing with. She has practice with them again tomorrow night and then practice with the RUSH team on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (I think. Jeff if you are reading, call me about that. He's snoring right now, or I would ask.) Dalton has Taekwondo tomorrow and Wednesday night. AND Dalton has 3 books to read over the next three weeks (which means I have to read them to). UGGHHHH. Fast paced, is there any other way? I guess summer will be here soon enough and the children will be yelling, "I'm bored" in no time.

Hope you survived your Monday!



Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quiet Day

Sorry no pictures tonight. Hope you don't mind. It's probably a blessing in disguise for my sanity. Jeffrey departed early this morning to round up some new construction work and decided he needed my camera. Considering he bought it for me and bought precisely the one I wanted deep in my soul and totally surprised me with it, how could I say no? I will, however, admit to the feelings of withdrawal I had in it's absence today. Where Kacy goes, her camera goes! It's gotten worse. I used to be somewhat scared of it. It is by far the most expensive piece of technology I own and one that I literally drooled over for years. At first, I treated it like a delicate piece of vintage lace. Yeah, not anymore. It's pretty durable and it lives hanging from my shoulder now. I'd like to take a photography class.

I'm home alone. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. Savannah went to the DCMS pageant with her best friend. Jeff took Dalton and picked up one of his best buddies for a night of bowling and pizza. I opted to stay behind. I'm working on some rest. I did go wash my truck today. After the trip to Nashville and yet another good snow, it was in really bad shape. I believe after sanitizing the inside that my recent illness was most likely from a pathogen that originated in the interior of that vehicle.

That recent illness seems to be passing. PtL!!! I haven't had any fever today and my heart has decided to take on a more normal rhythm. No fever = less aches and pains and normal heart rate = fewer anxious feelings...all in all, a MUCH better day. The laundry is if only that House Fairy would show up, I'd be doing great. I hope to get that taken care of tomorrow and then I'll be ready to start a fabulous week. Oh, how I want my routine back!! I've been working hard the last few days, to put some measures in place to encourage that routine to flow smoothly. I'll admit it's been good for my soul. It's nice to have a feeling of some control in your life instead of feeling as though you are being jerked around and shredded by your own life. It makes me think of the song we have sang so many times in church and in the car, "It is Well with My Soul". That's one of my favorites.

I'm off to the land of more rest and Olympics. Actually, I have that song playing in the background now, and I think I'll lay here with my eyes closed for a while and just enjoy. Try it if you'd like. I find it refreshing.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Catching Up

Well, I still don't know what is wrong with the picture deal...I meant to try this post from one of the kids computers...maybe tomorrow. Tonight, I'm tired, so we will work with what we have. Isn't adaptability a key component in life? Thanks Lesli for telling me how you upload pictures. The problem is, I don't know how to use Flickr. BUT, I need to learn, so I'll give that a shot too.
Speaking of Lesli, pay her a visit. She is giving away some way cool stuff. I'd also like to give her a huge THANK YOU and cyber hug for reaching out and sharing her daughters story with me. The last few weeks have been a little difficult for me. I am coming out of my first major RA flare since I was diagnosed. It's not easy to get your confidence in life back to wake up one day and get smacked in the face with pain and swelling all over again. With Lesli's help, I reached out to the world of RA. I had never gotten "involved" in that world prior to a couple of weeks ago. I like to call it denial. I believe I have entered the world of acceptance and I think I like this world. Thanks again Lesli....I'm proud to call you a friend.
So this is what I found on my camera...we went to Nashville and somehow, I didn't find the time to get the camera out. I think it took ALL of my energy to make it through my meetings and the ritual walk through the mall. Once again, I was bored and Savannah was more than willing to entertain me.

She was eating a hamburger...this child can turn anything into a photo op!! I guess it's kind of a neat thing. Usually when I pull my camera out, which is ALL the time, people RUN. I used to be that way too. I never wanted my picture taken. Now, I don't mind at all. I'm not as bad as SavyG. I don't jump over others to get in the picture, but I have found that I like the memories. Who cares if I don't have on any makeup or if my hair is a mess? It's about having that moment captured to reflect on it later.

Savannah will have NO trouble finding pictures to reflect on her memories!! That's one of the little things I love about her. Dalton doesn't mind having his picture taken either, he's just not as up my rear end as she is...
I'm loving the Olympics!! ...just a little side note.
Dalton wanted to make a Valentine for someone special! Since she was on the approved marriage list, I helped him. I thought it turned out pretty cute. (If I could move the pictures, I would have presented this from front to back instead of backwards, BUT I CAN'T!)

Dalton has some amazing self confidence. I don't know too many fifth grade boys that would have given this to a little girl...but he didn't have any trouble with it. He came home and said, "Mom, she was shocked, and she LOVED it...I mean LOVED LOVED it." He is sooooo sweet. That's one of the little things I love about him. Jeff was even shocked he gave it to her:)

It's the end of an era. I got my hair cut last week. Ashlee (my amazing hip hairstylist) curled my hair and I really liked it. I was going to give it a try so I pulled the ole curling iron from HIGH SCHOOL out to give it a whirl. It doesn't work anymore....I almost cried. I know I teared up.

Just documenting my memories...don't be hatin'. I know most of you girls in person, I also happen to know you were rocking the BIG HAIR. I have a confession to make. MY NAME IS KACY ACREE AND I LOVE BIG HAIR!!! That is one of the reasons I wear it short. The longer it gets, the bigger I make it. I can't help it. I have inner REBA. Ashlee is working with me on this, as I try to grow it out. I confessed my problem to her and she said she wouldn't let me go there. Since she works downstairs from my office and there is potential for her to see me everyday, it might work. The curling iron death was probably a good thing. RIP.

I'm sad about the Ole Miss player that died today at practice. He was a graduate of the school across the street from my office. I can't begin to imagine what his family must be going through.
Jeff discovered Dalton's new booger collection tonight. I just love him. He had one that I found when we moved. I have to say, I'm glad I didn't find this one. What's up with that? I asked him if he had tissue on his night stand would he use it? He said, "maybe!!!!" WHAT? I have to wonder if that's a difference in boys and girls. It never occurred to me to collect them. I just love these kids. They keep you on your toes!
Have a fabulous weekend!! I'm going to!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hey Ya'll....(or myself)
Tonight, I decided NOT to spend hours on my post and to give up on trying to figure out what my problems with the picture thingy are. The rest of you don't seem to be having any trouble. Jeff "cleaned up" my laptop a couple of weeks ago, and ever since, I can't move pictures around OR get my email. The latter of those would be the bigger problem, but he's been working on that and, well, still NO EMAIL.
So, tonight, we will go in the order they (the pictures) were put on here, which would be backwards of the order I took them. It seems only fitting, that's exactly how my brain feels, LOL (I'm not much on the use of LOL).
Two things, QUICK, before I forget...Savannah just got a web cam and I'm scared. Ashley gave me gnome pajamas for Christmas and now I'm not scared of gnomes...or I'm not afraid of my PJ's. (I'm not going in any caves with any gnomes any time soon.)

I took those pictures of the Prince and the Pauper this afternoon when he got home from work. He was placing an order on Amazon and Savannah wouldn't leave him alone. He doesn't seem to notice...ever...I thought my hair would fall out before he got home.
the bank called today, due to excessive use of the debit card (one of those annoying safeguards:) and this time, IT WASN'T MY FAULT!! I haven't used it since Saturday! That must be a RECORD! They wanted to talk to's usually my fault, but this time, I told Jeff I couldn't answer anything. Even worse, I'd sound stupid because the last time I used it was at Exxon "somewhere" in Mississippi. I don't even know where I was. (That's the kind of "verification" questions they ask...) Another day or two on steriods, and I won't even rember what city I live in...much less my last three purchases...(I think that's the part I hate the most, it scares me.)
How about that sweet kitty face? That's Jeff's best friend Tony. Only today, he was my BEST friend, a sure indicator that something is wrong. After he was THIS in my face all morning, I started putting things together....Tony is sick. He lost part of a toe and his toenail in a cat fight a few months ago. We had to go to the hospital and all that drama and anyway after some pain meds and antibiotics, all was good. Fast forward three months, the toenail is growing back and after he all but slapped me in the face and said, "LOOK WOMAN, I'M IN PAIN", I figured out it isn't growing back in correctly. It's hurting and he's sad in his heart. So, tomorrow, we will go to the doctor. (Jeff said he would just call in to work and take him. That's how I know he's his best friend...he doesn't go to the doctor with me unless I make him.)


I don't know what to say...I'm not sure if that's ketchup or lasagna on her face. She actually took those of herself, but until Jeff got home from work, she felt this close to my face. Have you noticed Dalton's absence? That would be because he prefers to hang in his underwear lately and his mom is usually armed with a camera and we have ONE girl we need to make a Valentine for... and that's all I have to say about that. (She is one of two on the approved marriage list, so I'm helping him make his Valentine.)

Sick kitty, I told you we spent a lot of time together today. Those are my favorite pink pajama pants. For awhile, I thought pink wasn't my favorite color...what was I thinking?

Yeah, there is that thing have to remember all of these pictures are in the reverse order of how I took them. This was early on this morning when she was playing a phone prank on her Grams and I still thought she was cute.

Well, now I really don't know what was on her face. This was early, we hadn't had ketchup or lasagna yet.
She just screamed something about her web cam working. I would like to go ahead and issue a blanket apology to anyone she may stream video to. She comes with a warning...SHE WILL MAKE YOU NUTS.
Last picture, good thing, it's 8:30 and dinner is ready. This was what I woke up with this morning. They are pals!! They share a bed, MINE.
I was thankful for one more snow day, and I'm thankful there is NO chance of tomorrow being a snow day. I stepped out on the front porch today and turned around and came right back in. I'm feeling MUCH better...but deep down know it is the steroids giving me this "false" sense of well being. I'm gonna head to the lab tomorrow (after the vet) and have my lab cultures drawn. It's time to rule out underlying infection (again) and get a grip of this. I'm just a couple of days into this steroid mess and already have pink puffy cheeks:) It's ok for now, but I know two weeks from now, this won't be ok anymore SO, I'm starting early. Definitely Better, Definitely more Centered, Definitely Need to Stay There! CHEERS ENBREL!
Ummm, hello....WORK????!!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Forgive me, I haven't slept quite 4 hours out of the last 30....
"I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew!" "I'm gonna come after YOU, like a spider monkey!!"
So, this is what Prednisone does to me....THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS.
The "fairy" showed up in a major way today! I even moved the furniture and cleaned!! I'll get back to that..(you didn't expect me to sit still did you?)

This is what we woke up to this morning...out of the clear blue. Do all meteorologist have this much trouble? or is it just the one's in Memphis? That's MYRTLE!

The kids had a blast...(I don't know what is up with the picture thing and blogger...anybody else having trouble?) The picture above is looking to the right standing on my front porch!! How cool?

Savannah FINALLY got her chance to make Snow Angels! (PtL!)

This is our view to the left

...out front...

...and out back!!

My view was limited to the front porch and out the windows! I was riding this high ALL day and I wasn't about to mess it up by playing outside and getting cold and wet! I cleaned house and did laundry!! Trust me, we needed it. I was about to have to break down and call Merry Maids! These three that live with me are really good at making a mess, but they lack some serious skills when it comes to cleaning it back up!

Today, I switched the rug in the den out with the one in the kitchen...I like it better. When I asked Jeff what he thought, he said, "Yeah, do you think we are leaving any colors of the rainbow out?"

WELL, actually YES...I still have more to make...
...but we'll save that for another day! You see now why my bad days are so bad? My mind stays busy! It doesn't have RA! I've spent 35 years multi-tasking and staying up all night to finish projects. I get really frustrated when the body doesn't cooperate with the mind. Today was welcomed relief!
I had a little "God Wink" today, too. I've been praying for my head to clear of negativity. I've been asking specifically for something tangible to see, touch or feel that would help push me on the bad days. I sort of found that today. I have a new blog follower whose name is Lesli. She left me a comment today and introduced herself and her family. I spent some time reading her story this morning and was so thankful I did. She has a beautiful little angel named Ayla, who is 3, and was diagnosed with JRA at 18 months. Ayla and I have a lot in common, including ALL of our meds. I've said before that the one positive thing I had to hold on to was 35 years of NOT dealing with this. I don't personally know anyone with it right now. When I go to the doctor, every one is old and I'm sort of a novelty there. I've written to the magazines about putting more focus on my age group...I have a hard time identifying with gray headed women in SAS shoes and cardigans. I know people that know people with RA....and now it's time for me to meet them. Lesli, thank you for reaching out today. Your family is beautiful!! (and your style is kickin')

Finding it....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Soccer Day!!!

I don't even know where to begin. This day has become more eventful with each minute. It was a SLOW start this morning. I sort of anticipated it. I wasn't feeling great when I went to bed. When you have RA, a good night's sleep is sort of a joke to begin with, and you typically feel worse when you get up than you do when you go to bed. Today was no different. I was up most of the night and let Jeff know sometime in the wee hours, church wasn't happening for me today. Today was the "breather" week between sermon series' and it was baptism week. Since the kids slept till after 10, none of us made it. Dalton survived his slumber party Friday night and had some sleep to catch up on (I guess). I was just proud he made it all night!! (so was he!)

I forced myself out of the house for Savannah's soccer practice at 2 (cold is NOT my friend). It was her first practice with the U12 girls of the Olive Branch branch of the Tennessee RUSH. Did you get all that? I'm not sure I get it, but it is what it is. Apparently, Mississippi doesn't have a RUSH charter yet.....Don't get me to lying! Here is what I know so far, Tennessee RUSH. I sure hope we made the right decision. I just dug deep and let my heart make the decision, because my brain couldn't. I used my emotions to judge people that I had known for a total of two hours to decide whether or not to trust them with my pressure, huh? This club told us things that I would have had trouble telling parents I just met who were willing write me a rather large check to let their daughter wear a uniform. They focused on her weaknesses! While her weaknesses are mostly due to her age (she just turned 10 in mid September), they are still weaknesses that need to be focused on FOR HER. I appreciated that. SO, she will practice with the team, and play this Spring season as an alternate (that's the glorified "title" for bench warmer) and she will play "rec" ball in Southaven. She will get to play during club scrimmage games, but unless a girl goes down, she is not likely to see "competitive" play. She will have to put her new found playing skills to work in Southaven...another NEW thing for us. She's played Olive Branch since she was 4, never Southaven.

OK, on to the point, I was SOOOO proud of her today, I just about broke down and cried (umm, that doesn't work out well at the beginning of a steroid cycle...that comes later when you've reached your max). She completely understands the situation that I just spelled out for you. We explained it all in detail to her. I guess the part I left out, is that in order to take this "alternate" position, she gave up a starting position with the "other" club. Today was her first practice with the team she is looking forward to sitting the bench for. Have I mentioned she didn't know ANYONE? She met them all Friday night, for the first time, at try-outs. (She knew players and had played with girls on the "other" team.) Practice lasted two hours and twenty minutes. She had some good moments and some not so good moments. She ran and ran and ran and gagged and ran some more. She tried to cry once at the very end, but they didn't give her quite enough time to get it worked up and then she had to go lay in the mud.

(I don't know what's up with Blogspot tonight, but we aren't getting along.) That top picture is her laying in the mud at the very end. That was a very interesting drill. They made a human chain and sort of played leap frog...literally in the mud. The second picture was actually taken first, that was the lap before she started gagging. One boy threw up, at least that was all WE saw, he was beside us. They were running laps staying tight together and every time the coach blew the whistle, the last person sprinted to the front. UMMM, a lap is around the field. Try that 4 times! The ball was supposed to be over your head, but he only enforced that seriously the first 2 laps. SO PROUD, and better yet, I think she was proud of herself. She had a smile all night and said, "You know, I have to do that again Wednesday." I'm pretty sure I would have walked home (we told her NO when she asked if we could just leave) and caught the first flight to Mexico. PROUD PROUD.
That picture at the top of the post....those are the wild turkeys we saw in the field on the way home. I didn't have my zoom lens (sorry Jeff, I was unprepared today) so they are the tiny black specks out there. Again, I've never had this much picture trouble....sorry.
Getting the ole hip checkup tomorrow. It's much better!! The hands are in permanent peace signs, but the hip is good. Today, I read stress in the form of surgery can cause a flare......that sounded all to familiar so I turned the computer off real fast. (It didn't go away, though.) I found it again tonight. Don't you wish you were still 2 sometimes, so you could close your eyes and the "bad guy" would just go away? I'm gonna go ahead and call the bow tie tomorrow. I haven't been able to close my hands for two days now. I started Prednisone. That's why I'm up at 11:30!! It doesn't seem right...steroids cause the issues with the hip...but they are necessary when everything else flares up. They suppress your immune system which makes you a walking target! and lets don't even mention the chemo and biologics you pump into your system each week that cause cancer and shorten your life span. HA? and I have people that care about me that don't understand my sense of humor? Let me just say, I'm happy to have humor TODAY. I happy to have today. I'm trying really hard to understand that I am no longer capable of doing everything I used to do. Jeff told me today he noticed that the "fairy" tended to stay away when I wasn't feeling so great. I'm sure my kids are thrilled that I haven't walked down to their end of the house all weekend. I can guarantee their rooms are disastrous! All I did tonight was ask them both to show me anything clean they had to wear to school tomorrow. One day at a time, right? Yep, I was just starting to try to plan my week out when the whole bed, with all four of us on it, went crashing to the floor. It looked like something from a cartoon, I'm sure. You can't beat watching the end of the Superbowl with your bed taken apart and a drill in your hand.
It's a busy week...and an even busier weekend. I've GOT to get to feeling better. Working on it!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mission Accomplished

I took this picture today. I stopped to pump gas and looked up while I was waiting for the tank to fill. I was somewhere in Mississippi...I honestly couldn't tell you where. As I was sitting there knowing that I really wanted a Coke but my feet and legs wouldn't make the distance to the door, I realized how well thought out this slogan was. It wasn't JUST Today. It was my attitude, it has become my life. Everyone in the truck (and I'm sure others in the parking lot and store) thought I had lost my mind for standing in the middle of the parking lot taking a picture of the front of the gas station. But I had to have it.

I took about 100 pictures today but this one sums it up! I had a fabulous day shopping with friends! I shopped ALL day today. I shopped with my daughter and my best friend and her mother and her daughter. We shopped in two states and came out victorious!!! Today's mission was a cocktail dress and a pageant gown for Miss Olive Branch 2010. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Haleigh, thank you again for including me in your quest for "THE" dress. Considering Haleigh is a size 00 (yes, as in double zero) and MOST dresses start at a 0 and you don't even get into having a selection until you hit a 2 or 4, the majority of pictures that were taken are not Internet appropriate. Well, they are, but she would kill me. Bless her heart, they hung off of her and she either had me or her grandmother tugging on straps or wadding up fabric in the back so she and her mother could use their imaginations to "picture" it altered and fitting like a glove. I, of course, would never show the dresses we picked and given the nature of this pageant and the competition involved will not even share the colors.

SO, all that said, here I sit in bed at 9:17 with a wad of tissue trying to figure out what has happened to me. Keeping it real....I'M ANGRY. I hurt all over. I have two huge knots in my left hand that showed up this afternoon while driving home. My body is not keeping up with my mind and it's about to make me nuts. In days gone by, I would have made that shopping accomplishment and come home and run circles around it (the house that is) with energy and excitement for what we had got done. PAGEANT DRESSES, are you kidding me? Hair, makeup accessories and all that it entails....can you say N-I-R-V-A-N-A? A valid reason to shop two states in ONE day? I've only wanted to design and consult my whole life. Now, I can't figure out how in the world I will pull off church tomorrow and Savannah's soccer practice. Forget the Superbowl! That's not even on my radar. If I can hold my eyes open by that time, great, I'll watch it from right here, but I wouldn't dream of making plans. I'm beat and I'm letting it frustrate me.

Sorry for venting, but thank you for allowing me the cyberspace to do it. I guess it's time to find the polish and fix my...