Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mission Accomplished

I took this picture today. I stopped to pump gas and looked up while I was waiting for the tank to fill. I was somewhere in Mississippi...I honestly couldn't tell you where. As I was sitting there knowing that I really wanted a Coke but my feet and legs wouldn't make the distance to the door, I realized how well thought out this slogan was. It wasn't JUST Today. It was my attitude, it has become my life. Everyone in the truck (and I'm sure others in the parking lot and store) thought I had lost my mind for standing in the middle of the parking lot taking a picture of the front of the gas station. But I had to have it.

I took about 100 pictures today but this one sums it up! I had a fabulous day shopping with friends! I shopped ALL day today. I shopped with my daughter and my best friend and her mother and her daughter. We shopped in two states and came out victorious!!! Today's mission was a cocktail dress and a pageant gown for Miss Olive Branch 2010. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Haleigh, thank you again for including me in your quest for "THE" dress. Considering Haleigh is a size 00 (yes, as in double zero) and MOST dresses start at a 0 and you don't even get into having a selection until you hit a 2 or 4, the majority of pictures that were taken are not Internet appropriate. Well, they are, but she would kill me. Bless her heart, they hung off of her and she either had me or her grandmother tugging on straps or wadding up fabric in the back so she and her mother could use their imaginations to "picture" it altered and fitting like a glove. I, of course, would never show the dresses we picked and given the nature of this pageant and the competition involved will not even share the colors.

SO, all that said, here I sit in bed at 9:17 with a wad of tissue trying to figure out what has happened to me. Keeping it real....I'M ANGRY. I hurt all over. I have two huge knots in my left hand that showed up this afternoon while driving home. My body is not keeping up with my mind and it's about to make me nuts. In days gone by, I would have made that shopping accomplishment and come home and run circles around it (the house that is) with energy and excitement for what we had got done. PAGEANT DRESSES, are you kidding me? Hair, makeup accessories and all that it entails....can you say N-I-R-V-A-N-A? A valid reason to shop two states in ONE day? I've only wanted to design and consult my whole life. Now, I can't figure out how in the world I will pull off church tomorrow and Savannah's soccer practice. Forget the Superbowl! That's not even on my radar. If I can hold my eyes open by that time, great, I'll watch it from right here, but I wouldn't dream of making plans. I'm beat and I'm letting it frustrate me.

Sorry for venting, but thank you for allowing me the cyberspace to do it. I guess it's time to find the polish and fix my...

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Maria Lane said...

Kacy--I'm so sorry you are feeling bad! I really hope you feel better today or at least a little better! Sounds like y'all had a fun day though! Hope you have a good day today! Love you!