Monday, February 22, 2010


I've spent the last ten minutes looking for a picture that would sum up my day. I couldn't find one. Instead, I found three.

The top one was pretty good but that little briefcase could easily be confused as an overnight bag, which to me means business trip, but to some could be confused as "a fun time". The second one shows how much a mom has to juggle. Yeah, well, how about being that mom AND a business owner. Sometimes it gets a little complicated. Today was one of those times. A particular member of management had an appointment that HE set with me today at 9 a.m. I spent all weekend preparing for that meeting to make sure I maximized the time we had allotted. Instead, he showed up after 1 p.m. Jeff had me pick the kids up from school today. I had another MALE agent (are you starting to see a trend?) call me on my cell this afternoon after I had picked up the kids. We were on a serious search for Silly Bandz. While I was discussing my retention ratio with him, I was talking to Dalton about his Bandz out of the other side of my mouth. HE asked me how I could switch gears that fast! Ya know, you just do it, and most days you do it in a three inch heel. While overwhelming at times, I can't imagine life any other way. When my babies were actually babies, I stayed home for 3 years. That was the best decision for my family and what I thought I wanted. In hindsight, I nearly lost my mind. I wouldn't trade that time for anything in this world or beyond, but I don't think I could do it again. Jeff and I had a serious conversation about it last year. As the kids are getting older, there are times when I feel like it might be best for them for me to be home NOW. It's a constant internal struggle. Jeff and I also came to the conclusion rather quickly, that after about two weeks, I would pull my hair out and then it wouldn't be a positive experience for anyone involved. The good thing is, I can leave to go pick up my kids ANY day of the week. I really do have the best of both worlds.

I am now officially the ONLY female Allstate Agent in Desoto County. There are eight of us, seven men and me! My meeting in Nashville last week was interesting. Us girls are few and far between. We had four breakout sessions with panels of four people speaking in each one. Oh, and a "moderator" in each session. All four "moderators" And of the sixteen panel members only two were women. To say the football analogy was over used would be a terrible understatement. UGGGHHHH! It's frustrating at times. I think it's time to read a book I read when I began this venture..."How to Pitch Like a Girl". Sorry about that tangent. I just did an awful lot of juggling today that MOST of my colleagues don't have to deal with and in turn, don't understand or appreciate.

OK, time to lighten the mood. THIS has been in my head all night long. And then, Savannah and I were trying to watch the Bachelor (and ALL of its ridiculousness) when THIS came on. I fell out of the bed laughing and Savannah spent the rest of the night doing her own reenactment. Who watches this show? I never have until now and actually didn't start until about two or three weeks ago. It is a total train wreck. You know the kind of story that is just terrible, but you can't look away. It's AWFUL but I am enjoying every minute and I'm on pins and needles. I told Jeff tonight if Jake picks Vienna he better restrain me because I really may go through the TV. I'm a true believer in love at first sight, but not on a television show where women or men were picked for you off a piece of paper (oh and for rating purposes). No Thanks!
Whew, it's been an interesting day. I read somewhere online today that it was National Margarita Day. I didn't do any looking into that but it sure sounded kinda good. Too bad I don't drink. Instead I had an Icee! You gotta love a good Icee.

OK, long day, gonna be a long week. Savannah had soccer practice tonight with the rec team she is playing with. She has practice with them again tomorrow night and then practice with the RUSH team on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (I think. Jeff if you are reading, call me about that. He's snoring right now, or I would ask.) Dalton has Taekwondo tomorrow and Wednesday night. AND Dalton has 3 books to read over the next three weeks (which means I have to read them to). UGGHHHH. Fast paced, is there any other way? I guess summer will be here soon enough and the children will be yelling, "I'm bored" in no time.

Hope you survived your Monday!




Lesli said...

oh my word girl.. you are one busy lady!! And I thought I was busy...I actually did forget my son's orthopedic appointment today..great! I agree, I love staying home with the kids and I really dont have a choice because of Ayla but I really do miss working...well working outside of the home.. nothing like adult conversation every once in a while!! Hope you have a great week... slow down a little!!

Missy said...

If that Jake picks that disease Vienna, I am going to shoot my tv with my hubby's gun....I swore after week two I would NOT watch the show but its sucked me in like beer to an alcoholic.....ugh...
Congrats on being a successful, female Allstate Agency owner...You da bomb diggity!!!