Sunday, February 28, 2010

Broken Hearted!

My heart is BROKEN!!! Today is a sad sad day. My favorite bracelet in the whole wide world broke today and pieces went flying all across my bedroom. By the time I hit my knees scrambling to pick up as many pieces as I could find, the tears were streaming down my face. Jeff had this bracelet made for me as a Mother's Day gift when the children were babies. I had wanted one since Dalton was born. Since I had made the decision to stay home with my babies, luxuries like this were few and far between. It is sterling silver and I think it cost about $85. It's funny how we simply DID NOT have $85 back then. I literally wanted one of these bracelet's for two years.
Jeff SHOCKED me with this that year. I have pretty much worn it everyday since then. It had two strands of silver beads with each of the kids names on them. Dalton's is the one that broke.

In the last year, I added a medical charm to it with the names of my meds and Jeff's number to call in case of emergency. This is the only piece of jewelry I wear everyday no matter what so that was the safest place to wear it. (That's Dalton's spelling list.) I found all of the letters and picked up as many beads as I could find. I know this isn't really a big deal and super easy to fix but it truly broke my heart. I guess it was all of the meaning in the bracelet and I just absolutely cherish it. Isn't it crazy how attached to something we can be? My fingers have been too swollen to wear my wedding rings, but I haven't cried over that. I guess I would if I lost them or it BROKE! I'm thinking I'm gonna have to have that sucker sized soon. (That's a whole other topic of conversation. This last round of steroids really packed it on and that whole concept of...oh it'll come off...yeah right!!! It doesn't come off!)

So, there you have it! My most prized piece of jewelry, and everyone knows I have WAY to MUCH jewelry, broken into tiny pieces. I can fix it. I know I can, but it's more than that. I guess I'll give it some thought and maybe change it up a bit. It's already not the same to me.

I spent a couple of hours today chasing this cutie patootie around town. I took a little over 200 pictures of her all over downtown Olive Branch. She'll be in the Miss Olive Branch Pageant later in March and has entered Miss Photogenic. We are hoping to capture the "winning" shot. I got some good ones today and also learned some things "not" to do as far as lighting and such. I've got to sort through some of those tonight so I can send them to her mother in the morning. She'll ring my neck if I don't!
It's going to be another busy week. I say bring it on!!
Pray for computer peace in the morning! I'm not sure you can get much more stressed than when you own your own business and NONE of your computers work. HA, not good. HUMM, maybe if the phones were out.... That's happened before, too. This too shall pass!!


Lesli said...

Kacy..Yes Of course I know how you feel.. I totally understand, there is definitely been circumstances when the same thing has happened to me.... I Make jewelry and I used to make these name bracelets a long time ago.. If you can not find anyone to fix it, I would be glad to fix it for you, I have everything I need to do it! Just let me know and I will send you my address! I will pray for Computer peace for you tomorrow! Good night dear!

Missy said...

I have one of those bracelets and I too wore it daily.....It had my 3 oldest on it, and then I had the two little girls......never could afford to add them to it and then thought "Ya know 5 freaking rows of names is a bit too much honestly." I want to get one of those hammer type necklaces with all the kids on it...ya know wht I am talking about? Maybe when I win the lotto I will buy it...
Guess the computers failing is the day for it. My dad calls me about noon telling me he isn't sure what happened but the computer "isn't working." Now if you knew my father you would understand that if he hit the wrong button, a diff screen popped up he would call you saying "its not working." The man has yet to move past a typewrite and its scary to be honest. He calls hubby and I every time to fix hubby and I head over, and well I'll be he was right, the SOB was locked up, all messed up....tomorrow I get to sit on hold for 39054234 hours for tech support for one of our programs we use.....its gonna be a fun day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw...Kacy.......sorry it broke, I'm sure you can fix it and it will look better than ever. Good luck with your computers!!