Saturday, November 29, 2008

Catching Up & Being Thankful

1. Jesus. I am so thankful for God's grace and that He sent His son to die on the cross for us! I am thankful for the ways He has made himself evident in my life and the things He teaches and confirms within me in this crazy world I live in. I am thankful for His Word and the encouragement and lessons I can take from reading it.

2. My Fabulous Family. I am so thankful for each member of my family, whether near or far, they mean the world to me. I am especially thankful for the love and friendship I have with my husband. I am thankful for the joy and love that my children bring in to my life. I am thankful that my immediate family is close and my entire family is healthy and happy. I am thankful for my brother and precious nieces and my cousin Ashley and her precious boys my "nephews".

3. My Wonderful Friends. Oh, my friends. I have no idea where I would be without you. I have the greatest friends in the world and even though they may be spread far, I am thankful for the special relationships we are able to maintain albeit the distance. I am thankful for the relationships I have held on to for many, many years and the ones that have most recently blossomed. My girlfriends are pretty much sisters to me and I love them so, so much.

4. My Business. Even though it is a constant struggle, I am thankful that in such a struggling economy, I am still able to financially survive. I am thankful for the humility and lessons that starting a business has taught me. I am thankful for the opportunity to help others on a daily basis and to be able to call that “work”.

5. Blogs. I am thankful for cyber world and all of the amazing friendships I have made online and the relationships that are able to stay nurtured with those I rarely see and even those I have never met. No one can have too many prayer warriors.

6. My mentors. I am thankful for the wonderful people in my life that I have at an arms reach that help me with any question or problem. I am thankful for those of you who give me advice, teach me and yield me.

7. Starbucks (and caffeine in general). I am thankful for Venti Skinny Caramel Macchiatos. I am thankful for coffee, espresso, Cherry Coke and flavored creamer (and to McDonalds who also has good coffee when I’m broke and Jeff is yelling at me about the debit card.)

8. Holidays. Yea for the holidays!! I am thankful for the upcoming holiday season and the gift of family that I am so lucky to have. I am thankful that my out of state friends have an excuse to visit and for giving and receiving….this year, all items made with love.

9. My Fireplace. I am so thankful for the new wood burning fireplace with gas starter that is in our hearth room. It is so relaxing and peaceful and keeps us toasty warm.

10. My Pets. I absolutely adore my dogs and Tony the Tiger. They are amazing little creatures that are so in tune to this family and all of the dynamic.

I had a tough Thanksgiving this year that made me that much more thankful for many things. This is just a short list of things that immediately jump in my head. After the first few, they are in no particular order. I am so thankful for everyone in my life... each of you mean so much to me and hold a special place in my heart. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this holiday season is a time for reflection of the wonderful gifts and blessings God has given you. Thank you God for being so gracious and giving!


Friday, November 28, 2008


Well, where do I begin....

Sorry this post isn't gonna be real interesting tonight. I wish I had tons of pictures to share of my Thanksgiving but right now the only ones I have are the ones of the wreck we had on Tuesday with an 18-wheeler and the one Jeff took of me in the ER last night, that he blue-toothed to my computer, of me getting a breathing treatment for pneumonia. Just trying to keep it real around here. I think even my sense of humor is tired. HA.

Tuesday was Grandaddy's birthday! He turned 89. We baked him a chocolate cake and took it to the hospital with balloons when the kids got out of school on Tuesday. I was starting to feel a little rushed. Jeff didn't tell me until that morning that we were gonna do that. My plan was to not work on Wednesday to get ready for the 20-30 people that were gonna be at my house for Thanksgiving. Making that trip to Memphis cut my day short by about 3 hours. I wasn't complaining though. The fact that Grandaddy saw this birthday was an answer to many prayers. They actually let him out of the hospital on Wednesday and he was at my house for Thanksgiving. I didn't see him, but Jeff said he looked good, all things considered.

On the way home from the hospital on Tuesday, there was a truck broken down near Shelby Drive and Lamar (a major intersection, in a not so great neighborhood). We changed lanes to avoid the broken down truck and a few seconds later, I was staring at the wheel of an 18 wheeler out my window. The kids were crying and Jeff thought he was Bo Duke and went flying across the hood of the Suburban with his hair blowing in the wind (I hope you all realize this is the fictitious part of my hunk of burning love weighs 300 lbs and while he has a lot of hair, it's all in the wrong places...ya growing out of his ears..anyway). For a split second, I thought he was coming to make sure I was ok, then I had a reality check, he was on his way beat the ever loving crap out of the truck driver. It's a good thing his truck door wouldn't open enough to let Jeff get at him right away. So instead, they exchanged pleasantries through the window (again, fictitious) while I made sure the kids were ok and proceeded to call 911 because although we didn't need an ambulance right then, when Jeff got to that man we were going to need one and I knew I couldn't hold him back so we probably needed the police, too. 911 put me on hold so long I hung up and had work call the police for me. Boy, that was fun. (Yep, that's fiction). Anyway, we were all ok. Jeff and I were a little stiff and my upper back was sore. Considering we had just been hit by a total flaming idiot truck driver (not that I think all are) we were lucky.

Wednesday, I ended up working all day. I got home right at 5. Savannah started running a fever and vomed everywhere. Oh yeah, this was getting real fun now. I had 5 women on their way to my house to cook, "The Night Before Thanksgiving Dinner" and hang out. After calling everyone to inform them of the situation and see what they wanted to do, everyone backed out but my Grandmother. She said she was coming anyway. She was the only one I was worried about. I still worry about her since her bout with pneumonia. SO, I got out the recipes and made the list for Jeff to go to the grocery to pick up a few last minute things. He left and I started a fire and sat down for a minute. Savannah was resting comfortably on the couch with a cold rag on her head and a trash can beside her. After a minute, I decided to go change clothes. It felt like something was pricking my arm. I thought it must have been off the wood I carried in for the fire. I came back in the den and sat down and realized my whole body felt like that. I took my temperature and it was 101.7. What the hell? When Jeff got home, I helped him find the pots and stuff to cook this massive meal in. I don't use a lot of them year round so I keep them stored in a closet under the stairs. How about that ingenious place to store your cookware? My mom and Grandmother were helping Jeff and I went to bed. I didn't get back up until 5:30 Thursday night to go to the hospital. I literally thought I was dying. Apparently, when your heart rate is 158 you get back there really quick....dehydration. After 4 hours, chest xrays, two bags of fluids, a bunch of blood work, oral zithromax and IV rocephan, a one hour breathing treatment that almost made me come out of my skin, and a little more Motrin, I left there with 101 fever and wondering if even should have gone. Those breathing treatments are a BITCH. I woke up at 5 this morning with no fever and STARVING. I got out the whole spread this morning and had Thanksgiving all by myself in the dark. I had alot to be thankful for all of a sudden.

Savannah went to the doctor this morning. Her fever has been sporadic and stayed right at 100 or below since that initial onset. They told Jeff this morning that she had an upper respiratory how Dalton's started. She's under close watch. I TOOK A BATH THIS MORNING. That should have made headline news. First, that I was able to and secondly, after two days and two nights of intense sweats and fever between 101 and 102, one just really tends to develop certain odors. Dalton came in the bathroom on his cell phone and said, "Mom, its Savannah. She has good news and bad news. The good news is, she has an upper respetorial infection and the bad news is, it could turn into an ammonia." When he got off the phone he said, "I love you." I about died. When Jeff got home with her, I told him about the I love you part and he said she said it, too. We both noticed it. AWWW. That's one of "those" moments.
So, I'm on house arrest. (I don't mind.) But, I'm feeling much better. My lips only turn blue, when I get up to do stuff.

I talked to most people today that were here yesterday and they all said that Thanksgiving was wonderful. I'm sorry I couldn't join the crowd. I could hear everyone and I wanted to, but I couldn't. The food ROCKED whoever cooked it. It made excellent leftovers.

Now I have a new problem,

I have now become addicted to Etsy. Thank you Jessi and Mo. I lay total blame at your feet. I have a problem though that maybe you can help me with. I don't have my own Paypal account. Jeff has one that I use. When I tried to set my own up, I couldn't because our account was already linked to Jeff's email and password. Are you kidding me? This means every time I order something, Jeff gets an email. It's Christmas. I'm not supposed to be ordering for me. Do I have to open another bank account to have my own Paypal account? We don't use credit cards! No cashy, No havey. If any of you Savy women have figured out the answer to this little snaffoo, please advise.

Peace, Love and Happiness...Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm staring at my imaginary Christmas Tree right now. I wanted it up this weekend. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.


HECK YEAH!!! a little pneumonia lost me a whole 2 pounds. it's not much but this booty will take anything it can get! or get rid of!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


You ever get that knot between your shoulder blades and you aren't real sure what the specific reason for it is....but you know you have enough reasons. Well, I have it, and personally when it gets real bad for me, I can't turn my head left. If I can't turn left, life is usually rough. Tonight the ole neck is a little stiff.

I stayed home today with Heavy D. I'm happy to report that he said I took much better care of him than Dad did. I'd like to make a public apology to my son for going to work yesterday and leaving him. Bless his heart, he is SO sick. I called the doctor today and they said it was going to take more time. They are treating him as aggressively as they can outpatient. Dalton's nerves are a lot like his mothers. I have to do everything I can to keep this baby at home and get him well. I bought juice boxes and made him drink one every 45 minutes today. That's the only way I can figure out that works to keep the fluids going.

Grizzly Adams, a.k.a. Jeffrey, liked to have shit a brick yesterday when the electric bill came in. That sucker was over $600 this month. The gas bill went up and when that happens the electric bill usually comes down. That wasn't the case this month. Jeff put us on total thermostat lock down until he could figure out what was going on. I have to say, I kept one heck of a fire going all day today.

I don't think we got to the bottom of the problem completely, but I heard it has something to do with heat pumps...???... All I know is it's cold outside, my husbands in a bad mood, and I'm one heck of a stoker! HA.

Look at this poor baby. All kids have their little idiosyncrasies that make them special to us. Dalton has always played with a little piece of hair when he didn't feel good or he was tired. When he was little and I was holding him he would play with mine. Once he got a little older and actually grew his own hair, he played with his. This morning that's what he was doing. He just doesn't feel good.

I went totally old school on him today and made him eat chicken noodle soup. He wasn't thrilled about it, but I told him it was mandatory when you have ammonia.

I moved my "scrapbook table" into the den so I could have some heat today and hang with Heavy D. Izzy tried to take over and do a couple of pages.

I had to tell the "bitch" to back off. Luckily she did with out much of a fight and....


(I'm trying out different looks with this new weight I've gained. Today was Gangsta day. What do you think?)
Anyway, I can't show my book, because I might decide to give it as a gift. I haven't decided yet.

I didn't weigh today, so I can't update the fat-o-meter tonight. I'm too lazy to crawl out of bed and go do it now, too. Besides that, I would FREEZE to death if I got up. I sure hope I don't have to potty tonight.

Grandaddy was admitted to the hospital again today...Congestive Heart Failure. They are giving him something to try to reduce the fluid build up around his heart. It's an endless cycle. That usually causes him to start bleeding within 24-48 hours and then they have to stop that, too. In the past that's been enough but it keeps getting worse and worse. He's just worn out. He signed a DNR last week. Jeff went and helped get him in the car to go to the hospital. He said he wanted to go today. His birthday is Tuesday and he said he wants to make it until then. He's always said he wanted to live longer than his mother did and if he makes it until this birthday he will have accomplished that. Tell me that man isn't stubborn! I love you Grandaddy.

It's time to shut this show down. I've still got the Gangsta look going on for warmth purposes. I also have a lab, a tomcat and a giant pumba in the bed with me.

Hug your babies and pray for mine. Keep that knot of mine in mind,too. Share your love. Somebody needs it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Prayers Please

I'm calling in all prayer favors tonight. I went to work today and left Dalton in the capable hands of his loving father. All day, I got reports of, "Yeah, he's fine. Oh yeah, he's doing good." I should have known when I called home to see if they wanted to meet me at IHOP and Dalton said he didn't that something was wrong. Instead, I trusted that hairy hunk that just two days ago I was ready to shoot.
When I got home tonight, Dalton was burning up with fever. I got out the ole stethoscope and took a little listen, and we have NO improvement. I'm not gonna go overboard and say, it sounds worse, but my gut is screaming at me. He told me if tries to walk very fast the "ammonia" makes him feel like a "fish out of water." Poor kid. I'm gonna see how the night goes and the gut may take us back to the doctor in the morning. Please include my little man in your prayers if you don't mind. I am a true believer in the power of prayers. I do NOT want a sick boy.
On a lighter note, I had a doctors appointment today. You know how they put you on that scale with the big weight on the bottom and the little weight on the top. Well, today, they moved the BIG weight. Yep, I crossed that line and hit 151. Fo shizzle, so I came home and baked homemade Toll House cookies at the crizzle. I'm gonna start saving for one of those beeping devices so I won't hurt anyone when I back up.
Hitting the hay early tonight. Hug your babies, share your love.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


While sleep is a good thing, it doesn't miraculously change life. In this instance, however, it probably saved me from a massive verbal vomit. It was Roid Rage with extreme passion and reason. I had every reason to feel like I was going to completely crack or just fall apart intensified by Roids. I have learned to allow myself to fall apart from time to time. I learn from it. While yesterday was hard, today the sun brought perspective.

I was overwhelmed by a million things yesterday. Today I was reminded that none of them matter. God has a way of smackin me around sometimes. Today, he punched the shit out of me. Hey God, I got it, thanks.

Dalton was running a fever yesterday afternoon when he got home from school. I had spent all day cleaning house and doing laundry and just being really angry about it. His fever was just icing on the cake or at least that's how I felt. I do realize that is selfish and I realized it then, too. It didn't stop the feeling though. He just wanted to sit in my lap. When your boy is 10, those moments are few and far between.

Even Izzy realized this was a rare moment so she jumped in on the photo op.

You know how when something isn't right with one of your kids, something in your gut tells you? It's that little thing inside you that doesn't have a voice and only talks to you. Nine out of ten times you don't even give it a just know it. Well, "that" was hollering at me last night. Jeff was gone to the Memphis game and he and I weren't speaking anyway so that was a good place for him to be. I text him and told him I was taking Dalton back to the doctor today. First he said that was stupid and I should just call since we were just there last week. When I told him NO, I was taking him to the doctor, he said he would take him. I didn't go to work yesterday and that meant I would be late today. Again, I told him NO. I was going. So, Dalton and I were at the doctors office this morning at 8:30 with no appointment. By 9:30 we were in the ER. Dalton has pneumonia. They let us come home about 2 this afternoon. Dalt is on some MAJOR antibiotics and close mom watch. Thank you God for screaming inside my head last night. At that very instant the doctor said head to the hospital, everything else just went away. I am so thankful to be home tonight and have hit my knees twice this afternoon thanking God. I can't help but think about those of you who aren't at home right now and those of you who have lost your babies. I can hardly even breathe when I type that,but it has been on my mind so much today.

Ok, now I'll try to CALMLY explain my brain yesterday. If you don't follow, don't worry, I don't always either. Have you ever seen that T-Shirt that says, "I used to be Schizophrenic, but we are OK now."? I want one of those. One's T-Shirt collection would be complete with that and a Clay Aiken shirt! HA

When I got up, I went back to work on Mo's scrapbook project. I had worked on it the night before, but hadn't put some special touches in like the little odd sized pages. Now, I have done that and am happy to report that I have a scrapbook table set up in my room that can be moved out of the way when I'm not working on it. I think my biggest problem has been my OCD and having to put everything up when I wasn't using it. Well if you have to get it all out and then put it all up every time you have an idea, you just don't get it out to begin with. We'll see how this logic works out.

I also discovered the night before, a little trick that made me just chill out and enjoy what I was doing.

Yum! Have you tried a White Merlot? I am a wine idiot, but I likey.

Ok, so the day went on and I was cleaning my house and even hanging pictures that STILL hadn't been hung. I got rid of those cobwebs, by the way. I get really angry cleaning my house but that's another story altogether. Even though I get angry, for an extreme obsessive compulsive, scrubbing toilet bowls is therapeutic. Trouble came a little later in the day. Jeff called and informed me of his company going to the game last night. While he would shoot me for putting this on here, that IS why it is MY blog. I won't be any more specific than that, BUT let's just say I loaded the BB gun AND had Dalton give me a refresher course on how to shoot the damn thing. I had already arranged my bail. Luckily, Jeff's brain kicked in and I didn't have to use it, but I was more than prepared and would have never felt remorse.

My feelings over that little situation compounded my feelings about my anniversary gift that I got on Sunday. I got a Kroger card for my anniversary. I now have a new respect for the elderly folks in the family that give me a bag of oranges for Christmas or better yet the tin of popcorn. I used to wonder, why bother? Now, I'm at least thankful that they took the time to actually pick a nutritious item out instead of giving me a gift card to the grocery store. For those of you that are thinking, OH NO HE DIDN'T.....


How many of you can say you got a gift card to your local grocery store for your anniversary, huh? He even went so far as to say that was the only logical gift he could think of since I had been eating so much lately. Thank you Pumba. (Hope you enjoy my FAT ass!)

Speaking of which, I have added a new feature for entertainment just to your right. Yep that's my weight ticker. I haven't weighed this much since I was 5 months pregnant with each child. I started the ROID cycle at 125. That was about my normal weight. Sunday, I gave up on not buying any pants to fit this big booty. I went and got some new pants in the double digits. I was a 4 when this started. NOW, I'm a 10 and yesterday, I weighed in at 151 pounds. Tonight, I was 149. I'll keep you posted. I had to pick an ending number so I put 200 on there. I weighed 172 pounds when I delivered both of my kids. That's the biggest I've ever been. I don't like it, but at least I can say I've taken the first step, admission. When Jeff came home from work yesterday (already on thin ice) he said baby your face has really gotten round. Thank you Jeff. We may need to go back to counseling, AGAIN.


SavyG and her little fast self, decided she would just start shaving her legs this weekend without mentioning it to anyone. She didn't realize that she would need a new razor after I cleaned and threw the used ones away. So she asked her Daddy for one. She's no dummy. She would have gotten away with it if he had known where I kept them. Instead, he came to ask me. ALL hell broke lose at that point. She and I have had this conversation. She's 9. She no shavey! So, now her stubbly little legs are grounded and the crocodile tears were flowing when I explained my disappointment and lack of trust that would have to be re-earned. Do you know how much that talk made me feel like my mother?

So tonight, my jaw is locked up, my nerves are shot, the entire house has been bleached and all beds have been stripped washed and put back together. I haven't been to work in two days and I while I feel guilty, I secretly don't want to go back at all. My hands hurt so badly tonight that I dropped my fork in the floor twice tonight while I was eating dinner and this post has taken me well over two hours. (I've been watching The Biggest Loser, how ironic.)

Hug your babies, share your love. Say your prayers.


Oh and all dogs have been treated with Frontline and Tony the Tiger has, too. FLEAS B DEAD!

Monday, November 17, 2008


It's been a particularly rough one. I have A LOT to say, but I'm gonna sleep on it first. That's one of those things that life has taught me. I don't always do it and that's why my mouth tends to get me in trouble sometimes.
BUT, this time I'm gonna listen to my inner self. Are you craving a little insight??????
Dalton is running a fever AGAIN.
Savannah shaved her legs.
Jackson had a flea.
I got a Kroger card for my Anniversary. (from my husband)
I got on the scale. (it freaked out)
Yep, I'm gonna sleep on it.
Hug those babies. They grow up too fast.

Sunday, November 16, 2008




Who would have ever thought that that boy I found in the White Station High School Cafeteria when I was skipping class my Sophomore Year to see the Seniors Lunch would have lead to all of this?


This was our VERY first picture ever taken together. It was at our Wild Wild West Homecoming Dance. I was on court and Jeff was my escort: )

Tell me I couldn't make some BIG hair in Acid washed Jeans. I was IN LOVE

Who would have known that 7 (Jeff's favorite number that he calls shevin) years later we would be getting married. This was from our rehearsal dinner.

If he's not screaming, "Hey Baby", then I don't know what is. This is before he grew all of his hair.

This is Grandaddy. He was Jeff's Best Man in the wedding. He is not doing very well right now. His birthday is the 23 of this month and right now we are praying he sees another one. We love you Grandaddy.

Me and Bradley, my baby brother. He gave me away at my wedding. For such a little man at the time he rose to the occasion. We had an awesome rehearsal dinner at the Rendevous. It was a ton of fun.

We had a HUGE wedding and again, we had a blast. It was just the start of many Wonderful Years. (OK, it hasn't all been smiles and wonderful, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.) We spent two years together before adding to our family.

This was a cruise we took back in probably 97.

Jeff was a little nervous about having kids. We had a very difficult time and were told more than once that we weren't going to be able to. That seemed ok with him but it wasn't for me. He was very patient putting up with me during that time. However, he seemed to find his true calling in fatherhood.

Having two young children took much of our time for years. We wouldn't trade that time for anything, but as they have gotten a little older we have learned how important it is to find time for just us. We still don't get much, but we try.

Jeff Acree, I fell in love with you that day in High School and I love you even more today. Thank you for being my best friend and for making me laugh and cry everyday. I can't imagine who I would be without you. Thank you for your patience and your love. Thank you for being an incredible father. I'm looking forward to many more of these days in our life time. I hope we continue to sing to eachother.

(Yep we danced to Air Supply and sang every word of this five minute song to eachother. We still do it on request)


Saturday, November 15, 2008



Ok, I told you what a nutty FREAK Ashley, my cousin, was in the last post. Jeff and I were sound asleep tonight about 11:15 when my mom came in and woke us up. She told us there was something strange in the front yard and we needed to come see what it was.

This is what we found. Frosty had set up camp in my front yard waving to the front porch and door. There was only ONE person who could be responsible for something like this......ASHLEY!

You see, until we built this house a year and a half ago, Ashley and I were neighbors for 4 years. We had several on going pranks and little "yard decorating" themes that took place. Since we moved about 3 miles away from eachother, most of that had stopped. Until tonight......Ashley didn't realize what we had lurking around up on the third floor. No one ever goes up there. That's where we keep our secrets. Needless to say, we got her back and then all had a really good laugh.

You just never know when a life size nativity scene might come in handy. Luckily, we have two upstairs. We had two more wise men but I couldn't fit them in the Yukon and I didn't know where Jeff's keys were. He didn't get up for Project Retaliation.

This is my drop dead gorgeous cousin Ashley. She is the FREAK I have been talking about all night that seriously put up her Christmas Tree tonight so her kids could wake up to it in the morning.
This is Accomplice #2, Shane, Ashley's nutty husband.

Sorry, no makeup! Keep in mind this is going on after midnight. That darn Joseph just had to jump in that picture. HA

And to all.....

.....a goodnight!

Ashley Beth you are a total flaming idiot. It is TWO weeks before Thanksgiving and you have a tree up for Christmas! I LOVE YOU!


Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm using the last little bit of energy I have at 6:15 on a Friday night to put this blog out here. I wanted to do this last night but I had the wonderful honor of babysitting two of my FAVORITE little boys...Rhett and Nash. These two are really my cousins, but I'm gonna call them my nephews because it's my blog and I can if I want to. Their mom, Ashley is my first cousin. She ROCKS. No matter what craziness happens in my life or how horrible I feel about something, she is one person I can call that I know I will be laughing about it all before we hang up. If you think I'm nuts, you need to meet Ashley. She is responsible for me coming out of the closet about my obsession with Clay Aiken and yes I do own ALL of his CD's. She secretly admitted in an email to me that she voted for him, too. And furthermore, that idiot is at home tonight putting up her CHRISTMAS TREE. Now that's a FREAK.

-----Original Message-----
From: Ashley Abrams []
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 8:46 AM
To: Acree, Kacy
Subject: RE: poem ideas
R we getting together for thanksgiving with grandmother??? And by the way I voted for clay too- ha

Now whatcha gonna do big bad butt? I told you not to mess with me. AND, I may have gone to the auction to buy a goat, but you babysat it the night before Father's Day and took pictures of it with your kids. I can't just call anyone to babysit a goat, but I sure didn't hesitate to dial your digits.

ALRIGHTY, I love Ashley! Her babies are precious and I have to say I felt honored that she called me at the last minute in her time of need to keep her most prized possessions. Look at these angels.
That is the Rhett-meister. (Sorry, we nickname EVERYBODY.) His favorite thing about Kacy's house are the Marshmallows that I keep on a low shelf for him in the pantry. We ALWAYS have a ton of marshmallows. We have a fire pit bricked in in the back yard and we have a wood burning fireplace. You never know when you might need a s'more, especially with the loads of kids that run around here. So, I stay stocked on the necessary ingredients. Rhett discovered that sometime back in the summer when he was over swimming and has never forgotten it. He also fully expects to take his own bag of unopened marshmallows home with him in his diaper bag and Aunt Kacy ALWAYS makes sure he does.

Is that The Nashster or did we just have an Elvis sighting? Those jeans are the cutest things. That one is gonna be a heart breaker. Check out that little booty in his blue jeans. She even got him Wranglers and called me one night to tell me how good her babies butt looked in them. But, I'M the nut? HA.

We had a good time. Sorry they didn't get fed a very nutritious meal. After all, it was pizza night, but before the pizza could get done, they ate a bag of Wheat Thins, half a bag of Ruffles and a bag of Marshmallows. Look at Rhett's little stash....and yes I let them eat all over the house so there really was no need for a plate.

This is just a bad shot gone right, too. Don't you love it when that happens? You take a picture and it's really a bad shot but you love it anyway. Look at this sweet face.

We had a blast! AND we watched Kung Fu Panda!

Well, that was yesterday's fun. Today, I screwed up. My 12 year Anniversary is Sunday. Yep, 12 long years with that huge hairy hunk. I know ya'll are all jealous. Just please try to contain yourselves. I'm gonna let ya'll in on one of his newest tricks shortly. I tried to change up my Methotrexate timing so I would get over the feeling bad part before Sunday. I tried taking it this morning instead of tonight when I went to bed. Since about noon, I have been about to fall out. I am swollen up and just tired. SavyG's Siamese twin Riley is spending the night. There is a party going on at Kacy's but I'm in the BED. Anyway, hopefully by Sunday, I'll be feeling better. Last week I got the nice side effect of sores in my mouth. Sores AND braces are just not a good combo. This week, I increased the yogurt and drank acidophilous milk trying to get all my Calcium in at the same time. I hope it will help. We have big ravioli making plans for Sunday. It's a family tradition.

So, I call Jeff my Pumba. Have you seen The Lion King? I love that movie. When Jeff and I got married, while guests were still being seated, we had a guy sing The Circle of Life from that movie. Anyway, Jeff has been my Pumba since. He really reminds me in so many ways of "The Pumba". For those of you who don't know....and I can't imagine who doesn't, Pumba is a WartHog.

Last night after the babies left, I looked over and my Pumba was all sprawled out on the couch in front of the fire watching TV in his camo jammies. When all of a sudden he did a full out leg stretch and passed a large amount of gas. Yep, I know, now you are super jealous. The really great part of the whole trick was that he apparently had some left over and when he did that second heel stretch to let out that last remaining bit of air, I snapped his picture.

That's MY Pumba! I'm so proud.

See, nothing to it. He just went right on back to scratchin' with one hand and watching football with the remote in the other. He was even showing off a little bit of that fine waistline in this picture. I found the video camera charger this morning before work. I was trying to find the power cord to my printer. I got Mo's kit in the mail today and want to print my pictures off. I didn't find the power cord yet but since I found the video camera charger, I'm just gonna have to see what I can come up with for you guys. I hope everyone can handle snippets from the Acree Abode. I'm scared living here sometimes. I'll try to keep it clean.

Stay warm and have a great weekend. I'm hitting the hay early tonight to try to sleep though some of these side effects. Today hasn't been a great one. Hug your babies and share your love.




I got up to go get me some dinner and was fixing it and my mother was talking to me and following me around the kitchen the whole time. I finally said, what are you doing? She said, "Do you realize how much you are eating?" I wonder where she has been. I know you read this blog mother. I know you see me getting rounder and rounder everyday. The rounder you get the more it takes to feed it.....Must we speak of it too. I haven't brought your bad haircut up one time, now have I? Lets just all be nice to eachother.

One more update...Ashley has her Christmas tree up. She obviously has way too much time on her hands. I have to get through Thanksgiving before I can think about Christmas. I've got gift ideas and Chistmas Card ideas, but the thought of decorating before I even make it through Thanksgiving is just not happening. Maybe that's because Thanksgiving is at my house....I just think it's because ASHLEY IS A FREAK!