Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm using the last little bit of energy I have at 6:15 on a Friday night to put this blog out here. I wanted to do this last night but I had the wonderful honor of babysitting two of my FAVORITE little boys...Rhett and Nash. These two are really my cousins, but I'm gonna call them my nephews because it's my blog and I can if I want to. Their mom, Ashley is my first cousin. She ROCKS. No matter what craziness happens in my life or how horrible I feel about something, she is one person I can call that I know I will be laughing about it all before we hang up. If you think I'm nuts, you need to meet Ashley. She is responsible for me coming out of the closet about my obsession with Clay Aiken and yes I do own ALL of his CD's. She secretly admitted in an email to me that she voted for him, too. And furthermore, that idiot is at home tonight putting up her CHRISTMAS TREE. Now that's a FREAK.

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R we getting together for thanksgiving with grandmother??? And by the way I voted for clay too- ha

Now whatcha gonna do big bad butt? I told you not to mess with me. AND, I may have gone to the auction to buy a goat, but you babysat it the night before Father's Day and took pictures of it with your kids. I can't just call anyone to babysit a goat, but I sure didn't hesitate to dial your digits.

ALRIGHTY, I love Ashley! Her babies are precious and I have to say I felt honored that she called me at the last minute in her time of need to keep her most prized possessions. Look at these angels.
That is the Rhett-meister. (Sorry, we nickname EVERYBODY.) His favorite thing about Kacy's house are the Marshmallows that I keep on a low shelf for him in the pantry. We ALWAYS have a ton of marshmallows. We have a fire pit bricked in in the back yard and we have a wood burning fireplace. You never know when you might need a s'more, especially with the loads of kids that run around here. So, I stay stocked on the necessary ingredients. Rhett discovered that sometime back in the summer when he was over swimming and has never forgotten it. He also fully expects to take his own bag of unopened marshmallows home with him in his diaper bag and Aunt Kacy ALWAYS makes sure he does.

Is that The Nashster or did we just have an Elvis sighting? Those jeans are the cutest things. That one is gonna be a heart breaker. Check out that little booty in his blue jeans. She even got him Wranglers and called me one night to tell me how good her babies butt looked in them. But, I'M the nut? HA.

We had a good time. Sorry they didn't get fed a very nutritious meal. After all, it was pizza night, but before the pizza could get done, they ate a bag of Wheat Thins, half a bag of Ruffles and a bag of Marshmallows. Look at Rhett's little stash....and yes I let them eat all over the house so there really was no need for a plate.

This is just a bad shot gone right, too. Don't you love it when that happens? You take a picture and it's really a bad shot but you love it anyway. Look at this sweet face.

We had a blast! AND we watched Kung Fu Panda!

Well, that was yesterday's fun. Today, I screwed up. My 12 year Anniversary is Sunday. Yep, 12 long years with that huge hairy hunk. I know ya'll are all jealous. Just please try to contain yourselves. I'm gonna let ya'll in on one of his newest tricks shortly. I tried to change up my Methotrexate timing so I would get over the feeling bad part before Sunday. I tried taking it this morning instead of tonight when I went to bed. Since about noon, I have been about to fall out. I am swollen up and just tired. SavyG's Siamese twin Riley is spending the night. There is a party going on at Kacy's but I'm in the BED. Anyway, hopefully by Sunday, I'll be feeling better. Last week I got the nice side effect of sores in my mouth. Sores AND braces are just not a good combo. This week, I increased the yogurt and drank acidophilous milk trying to get all my Calcium in at the same time. I hope it will help. We have big ravioli making plans for Sunday. It's a family tradition.

So, I call Jeff my Pumba. Have you seen The Lion King? I love that movie. When Jeff and I got married, while guests were still being seated, we had a guy sing The Circle of Life from that movie. Anyway, Jeff has been my Pumba since. He really reminds me in so many ways of "The Pumba". For those of you who don't know....and I can't imagine who doesn't, Pumba is a WartHog.

Last night after the babies left, I looked over and my Pumba was all sprawled out on the couch in front of the fire watching TV in his camo jammies. When all of a sudden he did a full out leg stretch and passed a large amount of gas. Yep, I know, now you are super jealous. The really great part of the whole trick was that he apparently had some left over and when he did that second heel stretch to let out that last remaining bit of air, I snapped his picture.

That's MY Pumba! I'm so proud.

See, nothing to it. He just went right on back to scratchin' with one hand and watching football with the remote in the other. He was even showing off a little bit of that fine waistline in this picture. I found the video camera charger this morning before work. I was trying to find the power cord to my printer. I got Mo's kit in the mail today and want to print my pictures off. I didn't find the power cord yet but since I found the video camera charger, I'm just gonna have to see what I can come up with for you guys. I hope everyone can handle snippets from the Acree Abode. I'm scared living here sometimes. I'll try to keep it clean.

Stay warm and have a great weekend. I'm hitting the hay early tonight to try to sleep though some of these side effects. Today hasn't been a great one. Hug your babies and share your love.




I got up to go get me some dinner and was fixing it and my mother was talking to me and following me around the kitchen the whole time. I finally said, what are you doing? She said, "Do you realize how much you are eating?" I wonder where she has been. I know you read this blog mother. I know you see me getting rounder and rounder everyday. The rounder you get the more it takes to feed it.....Must we speak of it too. I haven't brought your bad haircut up one time, now have I? Lets just all be nice to eachother.

One more update...Ashley has her Christmas tree up. She obviously has way too much time on her hands. I have to get through Thanksgiving before I can think about Christmas. I've got gift ideas and Chistmas Card ideas, but the thought of decorating before I even make it through Thanksgiving is just not happening. Maybe that's because Thanksgiving is at my house....I just think it's because ASHLEY IS A FREAK!


Sassy in Texas said...

Oh my gosh crack me up...and I know you don't even mean to, but that just makes reading your posts all the funnier. :)

Your "nephews" are sooooo cute! I bet they LOVE staying with "Aunt" Kacy...letting them eat all those goodies...all over the house. I'm a softie like that too.

The pic and "story" behind the pic of your Pumba is hilarious. I have to laugh as it is the same kind of antics I have to put up with times THREE!!

It sucks you have to deal with those kinds of side effects...I am sending you huge Texas hugs. Oh and Happy Anniversary...hope you enjoy your special day.


PS: It is my great niece...for some reason it wouldn't let me post text with the video (is that normal?) so I had to make another post under it. :)

Sassy in Texas said...

PSS:Congrats on the Dalton and Mama! :)