Friday, November 28, 2008


Well, where do I begin....

Sorry this post isn't gonna be real interesting tonight. I wish I had tons of pictures to share of my Thanksgiving but right now the only ones I have are the ones of the wreck we had on Tuesday with an 18-wheeler and the one Jeff took of me in the ER last night, that he blue-toothed to my computer, of me getting a breathing treatment for pneumonia. Just trying to keep it real around here. I think even my sense of humor is tired. HA.

Tuesday was Grandaddy's birthday! He turned 89. We baked him a chocolate cake and took it to the hospital with balloons when the kids got out of school on Tuesday. I was starting to feel a little rushed. Jeff didn't tell me until that morning that we were gonna do that. My plan was to not work on Wednesday to get ready for the 20-30 people that were gonna be at my house for Thanksgiving. Making that trip to Memphis cut my day short by about 3 hours. I wasn't complaining though. The fact that Grandaddy saw this birthday was an answer to many prayers. They actually let him out of the hospital on Wednesday and he was at my house for Thanksgiving. I didn't see him, but Jeff said he looked good, all things considered.

On the way home from the hospital on Tuesday, there was a truck broken down near Shelby Drive and Lamar (a major intersection, in a not so great neighborhood). We changed lanes to avoid the broken down truck and a few seconds later, I was staring at the wheel of an 18 wheeler out my window. The kids were crying and Jeff thought he was Bo Duke and went flying across the hood of the Suburban with his hair blowing in the wind (I hope you all realize this is the fictitious part of my hunk of burning love weighs 300 lbs and while he has a lot of hair, it's all in the wrong places...ya growing out of his ears..anyway). For a split second, I thought he was coming to make sure I was ok, then I had a reality check, he was on his way beat the ever loving crap out of the truck driver. It's a good thing his truck door wouldn't open enough to let Jeff get at him right away. So instead, they exchanged pleasantries through the window (again, fictitious) while I made sure the kids were ok and proceeded to call 911 because although we didn't need an ambulance right then, when Jeff got to that man we were going to need one and I knew I couldn't hold him back so we probably needed the police, too. 911 put me on hold so long I hung up and had work call the police for me. Boy, that was fun. (Yep, that's fiction). Anyway, we were all ok. Jeff and I were a little stiff and my upper back was sore. Considering we had just been hit by a total flaming idiot truck driver (not that I think all are) we were lucky.

Wednesday, I ended up working all day. I got home right at 5. Savannah started running a fever and vomed everywhere. Oh yeah, this was getting real fun now. I had 5 women on their way to my house to cook, "The Night Before Thanksgiving Dinner" and hang out. After calling everyone to inform them of the situation and see what they wanted to do, everyone backed out but my Grandmother. She said she was coming anyway. She was the only one I was worried about. I still worry about her since her bout with pneumonia. SO, I got out the recipes and made the list for Jeff to go to the grocery to pick up a few last minute things. He left and I started a fire and sat down for a minute. Savannah was resting comfortably on the couch with a cold rag on her head and a trash can beside her. After a minute, I decided to go change clothes. It felt like something was pricking my arm. I thought it must have been off the wood I carried in for the fire. I came back in the den and sat down and realized my whole body felt like that. I took my temperature and it was 101.7. What the hell? When Jeff got home, I helped him find the pots and stuff to cook this massive meal in. I don't use a lot of them year round so I keep them stored in a closet under the stairs. How about that ingenious place to store your cookware? My mom and Grandmother were helping Jeff and I went to bed. I didn't get back up until 5:30 Thursday night to go to the hospital. I literally thought I was dying. Apparently, when your heart rate is 158 you get back there really quick....dehydration. After 4 hours, chest xrays, two bags of fluids, a bunch of blood work, oral zithromax and IV rocephan, a one hour breathing treatment that almost made me come out of my skin, and a little more Motrin, I left there with 101 fever and wondering if even should have gone. Those breathing treatments are a BITCH. I woke up at 5 this morning with no fever and STARVING. I got out the whole spread this morning and had Thanksgiving all by myself in the dark. I had alot to be thankful for all of a sudden.

Savannah went to the doctor this morning. Her fever has been sporadic and stayed right at 100 or below since that initial onset. They told Jeff this morning that she had an upper respiratory how Dalton's started. She's under close watch. I TOOK A BATH THIS MORNING. That should have made headline news. First, that I was able to and secondly, after two days and two nights of intense sweats and fever between 101 and 102, one just really tends to develop certain odors. Dalton came in the bathroom on his cell phone and said, "Mom, its Savannah. She has good news and bad news. The good news is, she has an upper respetorial infection and the bad news is, it could turn into an ammonia." When he got off the phone he said, "I love you." I about died. When Jeff got home with her, I told him about the I love you part and he said she said it, too. We both noticed it. AWWW. That's one of "those" moments.
So, I'm on house arrest. (I don't mind.) But, I'm feeling much better. My lips only turn blue, when I get up to do stuff.

I talked to most people today that were here yesterday and they all said that Thanksgiving was wonderful. I'm sorry I couldn't join the crowd. I could hear everyone and I wanted to, but I couldn't. The food ROCKED whoever cooked it. It made excellent leftovers.

Now I have a new problem,

I have now become addicted to Etsy. Thank you Jessi and Mo. I lay total blame at your feet. I have a problem though that maybe you can help me with. I don't have my own Paypal account. Jeff has one that I use. When I tried to set my own up, I couldn't because our account was already linked to Jeff's email and password. Are you kidding me? This means every time I order something, Jeff gets an email. It's Christmas. I'm not supposed to be ordering for me. Do I have to open another bank account to have my own Paypal account? We don't use credit cards! No cashy, No havey. If any of you Savy women have figured out the answer to this little snaffoo, please advise.

Peace, Love and Happiness...Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm staring at my imaginary Christmas Tree right now. I wanted it up this weekend. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.


HECK YEAH!!! a little pneumonia lost me a whole 2 pounds. it's not much but this booty will take anything it can get! or get rid of!

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Sassy in Texas said...

Good grief, girl!! I am so sorry you have been so sick (and about the wreck) but I am glad to hear you are on the mend. With hubby being a nurse, I get the "push the liquids" exclamation whenever anyone is sick around here. We had to put my youngest in the hospital back when he was 3 because he got so dehydrated...of course it couldn't be helped as he was spewing from both ends uncontrollably...but that was the scariest week of my life, we almost lost him.

Sounds like you have a great family, helping you out when you needed it...think mine would just cancel the holiday all together...LOL.

Take it easy, hope you and Miss Savannah are feeling well soon.