Saturday, November 15, 2008



Ok, I told you what a nutty FREAK Ashley, my cousin, was in the last post. Jeff and I were sound asleep tonight about 11:15 when my mom came in and woke us up. She told us there was something strange in the front yard and we needed to come see what it was.

This is what we found. Frosty had set up camp in my front yard waving to the front porch and door. There was only ONE person who could be responsible for something like this......ASHLEY!

You see, until we built this house a year and a half ago, Ashley and I were neighbors for 4 years. We had several on going pranks and little "yard decorating" themes that took place. Since we moved about 3 miles away from eachother, most of that had stopped. Until tonight......Ashley didn't realize what we had lurking around up on the third floor. No one ever goes up there. That's where we keep our secrets. Needless to say, we got her back and then all had a really good laugh.

You just never know when a life size nativity scene might come in handy. Luckily, we have two upstairs. We had two more wise men but I couldn't fit them in the Yukon and I didn't know where Jeff's keys were. He didn't get up for Project Retaliation.

This is my drop dead gorgeous cousin Ashley. She is the FREAK I have been talking about all night that seriously put up her Christmas Tree tonight so her kids could wake up to it in the morning.
This is Accomplice #2, Shane, Ashley's nutty husband.

Sorry, no makeup! Keep in mind this is going on after midnight. That darn Joseph just had to jump in that picture. HA

And to all.....

.....a goodnight!

Ashley Beth you are a total flaming idiot. It is TWO weeks before Thanksgiving and you have a tree up for Christmas! I LOVE YOU!


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Anonymous said...

Ha-I cant remember the last time I laughed so hard-I LOVE YOU- we shouldve been sisters--U got us back good-the last thing in the world I expected to find was a life sized Nahviv--oh the ideas running thru my head--just wait you're gonna love it---