Monday, November 17, 2008


It's been a particularly rough one. I have A LOT to say, but I'm gonna sleep on it first. That's one of those things that life has taught me. I don't always do it and that's why my mouth tends to get me in trouble sometimes.
BUT, this time I'm gonna listen to my inner self. Are you craving a little insight??????
Dalton is running a fever AGAIN.
Savannah shaved her legs.
Jackson had a flea.
I got a Kroger card for my Anniversary. (from my husband)
I got on the scale. (it freaked out)
Yep, I'm gonna sleep on it.
Hug those babies. They grow up too fast.

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Sassy in Texas said...

Ughh, I am sorry you had a bad day yesterday. If it is any consolation, my day today has sucked...feel like crap and slept the better part of the afternoon. Tis the Season!!

I hope you got a good night's rest and feel better today. Hope D-man is feeling better, too!


PS: Think I need to make a road trip and kick Jeff's bootay!! :)