Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I've been busy sittin' on my bootay and beading just about anything and everything I can find! It's been good, because I haven't felt great. My body had a little chat with me toward the middle of last week. It said, "What up Ho? Why you taking me to the gym everyday and making me sweat? AND, what is up with all of this healthy mess you keep shoving down my throat?" I kept ignoring that inner voice and kept going. By Friday, I knew it was more than that and I couldn't get out of bed. Low and behold, Monday morning the ole doc called and said, "Yo, Ho! Your thyroid has quit on you again and your hormones are worse than whack, you just don't have ANY estrogen and you are Vitamin D and iron deficient again." Hummmm, at least I'm not crazy! Nothing half a day in the doctors office couldn't fix. We are rolling again, SISTA! If you haven't ever lived a few days with NO estrogen, you just haven't lived. Since I gave my uterus up 5 years ago, I've had a few bouts with this little situation. I have to wonder if any real research has ever been done on the murder rate in females over the past few centuries. If cave women had to deal with menopause in some "natural" way, you know those bitches killed some people. They had no deodorant to deal with the hot flashes and no Xanax to deal with their husbands. At least they had big sticks to deal with their kids! Shoot, as crazy as I get, I think I would have tried to eat my cave by now. I told Jeff one time, I was so mad at him I was fixing to chew the tires off his truck. The bad thing was, I meant it! He believed me last night! I called Direct TV because my TiVo still wasn't working! OMG! That has been an ordeal. The dude last night had the nerve to tell me that if I would manually hit the record button on the recorder, it would work. WHAT? I yelled into the phone, I could also go completely old school and PROGRAM a VCR to record my shows. Why did I need them? Today, I called the cable company and said come hook my stuff up. I called Jeff and told him I was going to rip the satellite off the roof and he would NEVER find it again. ANYWAY, long story short, I have a new DVR being overnighted from Direct TV and he cancelled my order with the cable company. All I want to know is, why did he make me act so ugly before he did something about it. Dude, don't mess with hormonal women and their TiVo's. It's right in the middle of American Idol. I'm feeling much more stable now. HA!

Ok, so, I tried to take some pictures of some of my new hobby. My photos aren't great, but they get the job done. I took them over the weekend. I've actually ventured into some color pieces the last few days, but I'm too lazy to get up and take pictures of those so I'll save them for next time.

So there is my boring photo post for tonight. Jeff wants me to make something for him to take to the March of Dimes silent auction at work next week. I told him I would work on it. I'm not ready to give up anything I've already made. I don't know what that is all about. I also told him I needed a sewing machine. We'll see what happens with that. It's been a long time since I've sewn anything. Hummm, I've got curtains on my mind. Why does that always happen when you put the house on the market?

Let me dig and see what else I can think of that's going on....

The guinea pig has diarrhea. I don't even know WHAT you do about that. If you've experienced this problem in the past, please speak up.

Savannah got ALL of her orthodontic devices removed from her head yesterday. Now she thinks she can't talk and has a lisp. We just have to wait for some teeth to grow in so they have something to attach her braces to.

Dalton tests next week for his brown belt. Yippee! Go Dalton! Oh, and he gets his braces in August.

Jeff and the kids played paintball Sunday at a birthday party. Happy Birthday Bryce! They all have bruises but are convinced they all need new paintball equipment. Jeff has been on eBay again.

I'm hitting the gym again tomorrow. I know that sounds exciting! Time to start cursing the machines again. My appetite is WAY better, but I still can't give up all my sugars. I'm gonna get my "official" measurements tomorrow and just keep on going.

I'm feeling a little let down with Coach Calapari tonight. I think I need some more time on this one. I even colored a strip of my hair blue for the Tigers. (Which of course isn't going well and WON'T wash out. I guess it's permanently chemically bonded to my hair. Oh well.) We lost much earlier in the tournament than we should have and now ole Cal wants to ditch us! How am I supposed to feel? Especailly since I'm walking around looking similar to Marge Simpson....

Life is a crazy thing. Have a great week.

Peace Out,


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Every Day Life

Jeff is mad at me right now, because I won't get up and make tarter sauce to go with the healthy fish sticks we are having for dinner. Whatever Jeff....I'm sure I've done worse. Why do men ask you to do something the moment you sit down to do something you want to do? One of life's little mysteries, I guess. Just like the rest of our lives, I'm pretty sure fighting over tarter sauce is enough to land us a guest appearance on Springer. Oh well, I always say, fight fire with fire....

Would you check out the hair growing out of that man's ear? Where the hell did that come from? He didn't have that back when I said I do. For some reason, he won't let me trim it. He said he just doesn't think he can handle me near his ears with those little trimmer scissors. I think it's because last time I tried to help him with nose hairs, he ended up bleeding. I was just trying to help. Dude, one of them was so long it was growing out of one nostril and curling up into the other one. Obviously, there comes a time in life where you HAVE to depend on the magnifying mirror. Jeff, it's that time. (And, if you'd leave me alone about tarter sauce, we wouldn't have to have these little talks.)

While we are being gross, check this out...

My toenail grew back. It only took 15 months! I ran the 1/2 Marathon for St. Jude in 2007. I lost 3 toenails! THAT'S DISGUSTING! The worst one was this BIG toe. The other two little ones grew back in a couple of months but that big one took forever. That is all mine now. If you know me well, you realize how important this was to me. I take foot hygiene very serious. I go so far as to make sure that my friends, family and co-workers feet stay in good health and presentable.

Here is my Izzy!

All of my love right now to the Ash family and the loss of their beloved pooch Buddy this week. I am so terribly sorry! You all know I love you and are certainly in my thoughts and prayers right now.
We missed Biggest Loser last night because of TiVo issues! I called and complained though and got a credit on my account and 3 free months of Showtime! They said they knew they were having issues. What a great trade off....I can't watch my shows unless I go Old School and pull out the VCR and video tapes, but Jeff gets all the skin flicks he can handle for the next 3 months. I'm just gonna tell you right now, that is unacceptable. They need to get their mess straight. I don't have time to be playing games with my reality television. If they had a problem during American Idol, we would have really had some issues.

Speaking of Idol, what's up with Alexis Grace going home? Insane!

We are officially a Real Estate Agents nightmare. First of all, we have 3 dogs that I refuse to lock up. They are all friendly and Izzy is scared of everybody and runs outside and hides if someone she doesn't know comes over. They can deal or they can just not look at the house. I personally don't care. A couple of other things that seem to cause him a problem (the sign is in the yard now).....

This is Rascal Flats. He is the gremlin (guinea pig) that lives in the hearth room connected to the kitchen. I actually moved him when we listed the house from living on the kitchen counter to the hearth room. He likes to interact with us. What was I supposed to do with him?

The Christmas cards with pictures still hanging on my fridge REALLY makes the Realtor nuts. Sorry Dude. They are my friends and family and it still happens to be my fridge and I happen to like pictures. I'm just not ready to take them down.

Give me some credit, at least my toilets are clean.

So, SavyG and I had a little talk on Sunday. I felt like it was a really interesting talk, considering I had it with my 9 year old and all. It sort of left me speechless. The best way I know is to just give you a play by play...
(We were driving down the road in Myrtle, by the way, that has no radio and neither of us can sing very well, so I was looking for conversation topics.)

Kacy: So what do you want to be when you grow up Savannah?
Savannah: A doctor. Dad told me I should be a Proctologist! Do you know what that is?
Kacy: Ummm, that's a butt doctor.
Savannah: Yep. I haven't ruled that out, yet. There is no way I can be a Podiatrist. Feet just totally gross me out. Oh and va-jay-jays just aren't my thing. I don't think I could be a Gynecologist. Just think about everything that can go wrong with a va-jay-jay. Maybe I'll just be a Pediatrician.
Kacy: That's probably a good idea. I'm glad to hear you've really thought this through. Do you like kids?
Savannah: Not really.
Kacy: When is your next soccer game?
I still think it would be a good idea to have her put to sleep. I don't even want to think about what our future conversations will look like. I mean my son's biggest problem is that he got a C on his vocabulary test and if he doesn't bring his words home to study this week, he's grounded. My daughter is worried about all of the things that can possibly go wrong with the female anatomy. (I was secretly glad to hear that va-jay-jays weren't her thing.)

Pray for me.


Monday, March 23, 2009


Oh my goodness, I have found something else addicting!.....beading jewelry. I just started over the weekend (even though I bought books about it last summer). Sometimes, it takes me awhile to get around to things. USUALLY, IT DOES. Anyway, I have been loving it! Sorry, I didn't post this weekend.

I've got stuff to share, but no time tonight! Life is throwing one of those curve balls at us at the moment. We'll get through it. We always do.

SO, I will share later this week. We have Taekwondo for the next three nights and soccer games at 6 on Tuesday and Thursday. It's supposed to rain, so maybe that will give us a little reprieve. Otherwise, we will meet at home everynight this week about 8:30.

It has really been on my mind the last week or so about going private with my blog. I have really been thinking hard on this and reading what others are doing. I started this as a way to journal for myself about my life and kids and keep in touch with family and friends. I obviously have many more people that read my blog than I even know about. When it's been awhile, you guys come out of the wood work to make me feel guilty about my lack of posting. (Just kidding about that part.) I love your comments, however, you seem to prefer to call me and tell me. I don't care. I'm just happy others care enough to check on us. Seriously, I think I'm going to do that. I'm not going to do it immediately. I just think in the long run, I'll feel better about it. I can include you so you will still be able to read all about my interesting life and antics if you would like. You will have to send me your email address so you can be included. I realize this means that some of you will have to come out of hiding. I'm sorry to do that to you, but Jeff and I both think it is best for all of us. I just have to email you once, to send you an "invite" and then you can check in on us anytime you like. If you'd like to be included, please drop me a note at kacyacree@gmail.com.

If our games get rained out, or I just can't sleep one night this week, I'll take some pictures of my new creations and give you the low down on last week. It will be worth it, trust me. Savannah decided to discuss her future with me. WOW....that child.

Peace Out,

Monday, March 16, 2009

Filed Your Reports Lately?

Have you filed any reports with the great white round one lately?

That's what I came home to this afternoon. That is part of the new "code" language being used in my home today. It took me a minute to figure out that it meant "going to the potty". I guess the kids didn't have anything else to do on Spring Break. Jeff is off work all week and has the kids. This could be a very long scary week.

Jeff took Dalton to see the Harlem Globetrotters yesterday at the FedEx Forum. Dalton had been wanting to go and kept asking Jeff. Of course, Jeff wouldn't commit (he never does). Dalton got him though. He sent an email to Jeff at work telling him not to forget to get their tickets. There were some little misspelled words and such. It was really cute and very endearing. IT WORKED.

This is Dalton with High Rise!! Jeff bought Dalton a T Shirt and he got 4 autographs. He loves it! I think they had a good time!

I had Savannah and her friend Riley and we went and had pedicures. That was interesting. Savannah was in rare form and pretty much stayed in trouble. That tends to happen when she and Riley get together, but she's still here. She is spending her second night with us and Savannah spent the night before that with her. Oh my goodness, these girls.
The gym is still going well. I went everyday last week except for Friday. I even went Saturday and Sunday. I still talk to the machines and I find my self bargaining with myself alot. I did some new cardio machine deal today. I wanted to make it to 15 minutes. Once I started, I knew I would be lucky to make it to 5. I passed 5 minutes and told myself to just make it to 10. That's where it got a little weird. I said, "Self, if you make it to 10, then we'll talk about 15". WHAT? I had that whole conversation by myself. BUT, I made it to 15. I love a challenge.
I'm taking my happy butt to bed early tonight. I still can't get on track with this time change. I'm up until 11 or 12 every night. I forget that it doesn't get dark until late now so I forget to get dinner started. Between going to the gym and the kids wanting to stay outside and play longer, everything is just behind!!! I'll work on it.
Much love to my fellow blog friends. I'm sorry for all of the trouble that folks are causing you. They obviously live very boring lives. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have enough disposable time to just sit around and think about how you could be mean enough to cause hurt and pain for others on the Internet. Give me a break. Stand strong BLOG FAMILY!! We are all in this together. You have my full support and I miss you terribly.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Forgive Me

Forgive me O Diet God for I have sinned.
I am so ashamed. I just hid in my pantry and scarfed down a swiss roll. OK, yes, it was really two of them and they were sooooooooooooo freaking good! If my body could speak right now, it would be asking me WTF! I have been to the gym EVERY day this week. I am so proud of myself and the swiss rolls were my first slip. I HAD TO HAVE THEM. I waited until everybody was in bed. Tonight, I asked the trainer for help. Yesterday at work, one of my customers came in that I haven't seen in several months. He said, "Girl, you look like you...." (here is where it ALL went wrong) he held out his arms and closed his mouth and blew his cheeks out. My mind was thinking OH NO YOU DIDN'T, but my mouth said yes sir, I have. WHAT? Anyway, I told the trainer I needed help. We talked for a bit and she told me I HAD to start eating breakfast. I can handle that one I think. Then she said I had to increase my cardio. I told her I was already doing 30 minutes on that elliptical and she said that wasn't enough. I wanted to cry but that would have been embarrassing so I said come on. Show me what I need to do. She put me on the elliptical and left me for 20 minutes. Then she sent me over for 15 minutes of abs. That was rough and I was ready to go. THEN, she told me I wasn't done and put me this machine I just call the BITCH. I don't know what you call it! It's similar to the elliptical but its also like a stair machine. She said I needed another 20 minutes on there. I did it, said thank you and left. On the way home, I pulled over and puked!! I know it's good for me and all, but I've got things hurting that I didn't even know I had.
We survived pictures of the house. It is officially For Sale. The pictures haven't been uploaded to the listing yet, but they should be by tomorrow. There is a keybox on the front door which means people can come in here anytime. I tried to explain that to Savannah and have tried to encourage her to keep her panties picked up. We'll see how that goes.....
The kids have had 9 weeks tests this week. Next week is Spring Break. Jeff is off all week. I'm kinda jealous. I'm sure I'll sneak a day or two in there, too. We want to go camping or something but who knows what the weather is going to do around here. I had on flip flops yesterday and my wool coat today. We need Spring Break. The time change has all of us messed up. We are all staying up too late and having trouble getting up in the mornings. I told the kids not to even ask if anyone can spend the night this weekend. After the crew we had last weekend, we need some down time.
I'll look for my camera this weekend and get some new pictures up. I still haven't seen it since I hid everything for the realtor visit. I've got to be up early to get Stella to her beauty appointment. She desperately needs it. She went to the vet Wednesday for her annual checkup and the doctor asked me if she smoked the reefer. HA. He made me laugh. She is a wreck. Her hair is SO long and scraggly looking right now. She does kinda give off that whole Bob Marley vibe. Bless her heart. She is going back for some dental work after Spring Break.
Happy Friday!

Monday, March 9, 2009


You know, I have always heard those things made you feel better but I sure never bought into it. Lord knows, I've bought everything UNnatural that I was told would help or make me feel better.
I joined the gym.
Well, I did a free week trial first and then I joined today. We had a crazy week. Let me try to bring you up to speed on everybody....and stuff....
Savannah started having soccer games on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next 5 or 6 weeks. She has always been a good soccer player and very aggressive....until now. I'm not sure what's going on, but she looks like a girl out there running around. I know she is a girl, but that's not how she's ever played. She is running around with arms flailing spending most of her time trying to stay away from the ball. That's not my girl. If it weren't for her mouth, I might have to question her identity. We decided this week that she definately takes after Jeff. Jeff was voted "wittiest" his senior year in high school. SavyG has that trait. She's quick and she just knows things she shouldn't. She's already beyond me. We were watching the NASCAR race last Sunday as we do every Sunday and Kyle Busch won. (His brother Kurt won this week.) Anyway, the announcer says Kyle is so happy about this win and here comes his mother, Gay. I knew as soon as he said it there was going to be more to this. I explained that can be a womans name and it was used more often back in the day. Before I could get anything else out, she said, That's fine mom, but I'm just gonna tell you if my name was GAY BUSCH I'd have to change it. She did this little motion with her hand about the "BUSH" part. That was about the time what she was saying hit me. I spit coke all over the couch and Jeff just turned his head. My mom just looked at me. She's 9! God help us all. She had a massive slumber party all weekend. Everybody was really good, but I think we had nine kids here from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. We went through a lot of pizza and donuts.
Dalton tested and got his yellow belt in Taekwondo. He also got his pads and started full contact sparring. It is soooo good for him. It helps that he loves it. They really teach them a lot in there. It's not just about beating eachother up. He's learning manners and respect for others as well as a great deal of self respect and confidence. It has really made some visable differences with Dalton and I'm so happy we found this. He goes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. With Savy's soccer games thrown in there, that makes for a pretty crazy week. Jeff is coaching soccer so he has that under contol. I have Taekwondo duty and then fly over to catch the second half of the soccer games. It works.
The realtor is coming tomorrow to take pictures of my house. I'M FREAKING OUT!!!! I used to ALWAYS have a clean house. It was clean to a fault. I missed out on a lot of fun things in my life because I had to clean my house. After my hysterectomy a few years ago, I discovered Lexapro. On Lexapro, you don't give a rats ass whether or not your house is clean. I still know it should be, but it isn't. I have two kids that live here all the time and at least 4 others on any given day. I can't keep it clean. When I asked how it needed to look for the pictures he said, well, we will probably take about 100 pics for the website and it just needs to look like a model home. That makes me have a big lump in my throat and I can start to feel the hives coming up. Tonight, I hid everything I could in closets for the pictures. I'm sorry, but I have to live here. As soon as he leaves, my stuff is coming back out. I'm very upset that I had to take my picture Christmas cards off the fridge. I love seeing everybody's cute pics everyday.
Ok, this gym business. I'm loving it. The first day I went in I was overwhelmed. I did some weight things. I have to be a little careful. My right shoulder still flares up on me sometimes and I don't have full range of motion there. Then she suggested the elliptical. The first day, I did 3 minutes and thought I was going to die. When I got home Jeff laughed at me. He said, you could have at least done 10 or 15 minutes. So the next day, more weights then 10 minutes on the elliptical. I thought I was really doing something. He laughed at me again. He said if you don't do at least 20 minutes, it's not doing you any good and you really need to do 30. So the next day I went in and did 20 minutes. I was so happy for myself. I had no idea I could do that. Then I had this personal challenge thing to see if I could do 30 minutes. I did it, but I'm not gonna say it was all a joyous occasion. At one point, I was staring at the plug wishing lightening would strike the building it would blow the circuits and the machines would cut off. That way I could say I did 30 minutes. Instead I dripped sweat and cursed under my breath and hit my 30 minute mark! I jumped off and hollered and did the happy dance. People stared at me. If they don't want to celebrate when they reach thier goals they don't have to, but they could at least join in on mine. The doctor increased my chemo a little more this week but we really think we have the arthritis settled down. I'm feeling well enough to try to exercise and then even better after exercising!! Wooo Hooo!
I took some pictures this past week of "life" but I hid the camera from the realtor and I guess from myself too. It should settle down after the photo shoot and I'll try to do a better job of keeping up with the blog.
Have a great week.
Peace Out,

Sunday, March 1, 2009


We were supposed to go to a formal banquet last night but we were saved by Mother Nature. It's a good thing. At two o'clock when it started snowing, the only thing I had to wear was a necklace I had just bought. I got a little frustrated only to soon find myself laughing hysterically. Gaining 30 pounds in 4 months has just been a blast. Yesterday, I learned all about Spanx. I laughed so hard trying to put all of this beauty into those tiny little spandex biker shorts I cried. I haven't looked today, but I'm pretty sure I have bruises on these thighs from trying to get those things pulled up. (Notice how they are these thighs and not mine, it's a little coping mechanism I've picked up.) I was sweating and out of breath and then I still couldn't fit into anything I already owned. SO...I said screw it and peeled them off and hit the stores, only to find a necklace. Nothing else fit. And yes ladies, I do know a little bit about accessorizing so it was a long necklace to try to create the illusion of elongating this little pudgy body I have learned to roll with. (No pun intended.) By 4, the ground was covered and I was happy to save my hard earned dough and head to the crizzle. Jeff had found his worst possible mood anyway, so home was right where he needed to be. I mean, I haven't seen that mood in years. He was just mean. He told me he HATED my hair. That was a totally unsolicited comment, too. I wasn't even the one he was mad at. He still says he doesn't know what happened and why he felt so evil. He did apologize for saying that but said he couldn't apologize for hating it. I guess that's why I love him. Did I just say that? Jeff was born on the day God was all out of that filter that goes between your brain and your mouth. He doesn't know what sugar coated means and he has no concept of just keeping his thoughts to himself. Oh well, for better or for worse... Maybe he'll like what my next mood swing does to my hair.
He just loaded about 9 kids into the Suburban and headed over to the clubhouse on the golf course. There is a HUGE hill over there. They got tired of being pulled around on the four wheelers and they all knew they could talk Mr. Jeff into taking them over there. As usual, I wasn't paying attention, it was probably his idea and it just took this long to get everyone else's parents to agree.

How cool is that? I love the snow, but I'm glad we only get it occasionally.

I didn't count, I'm not sure if there were more dads or more kids. I think there were more dads but only because some of the girls on the street had spent the night out with friends last night. We were a little short on girls today.

Who is the fat guy in the little hat? Oh, that's Jeffrey Michael wearing Dalton's hat.

When I'm cold, one of my top priorities is to stay dry. For some reason, the kids were drawn to the creek. It was like crack. They would come back up the hill, complaining because they were wet and the next thing you know they were heading back down there. Dalton kept packing the ditch with snow and then watch it all get washed away again.

SavyG and Katie were the only girls around today! They let Mr. Danny and Cole pull them around. Mr. Danny is Katie's daddy so he knows you have to be a little more gentle with the girlies.

Even Mr. Dennis came over with his little ones. They live one street over and Mr. Dennis is always out wanting to have fun, but his kids are on the younger side. I guess they will be the next generation of Cherokee Valley.

Austin Riley would not let go. That kid is a nut and 110% boy. I'd be scared to death if I was his mama. That boy isn't scared of anything and will try just about everything. Oh, well, what am I talking about? I have Savannah. Austin's the one that mastered a full gainer off my diving board last summer. Today, he went sledding behind the four wheeler without a sled. He went a few laps. I'm pretty sure he froze his future children. He lifted his jacket and just had ice around his long underwear.

What's up Gabe? That's one of Dalton's best friends!! As a matter of fact, he and his brother stayed here with us while his parents went to an open house this afternoon. You know Jeff, the more the better. The one's that didn't go sledding with Jeff are outside having an Air Soft Gun war. I'm not going outside for pictures of that. They love to shoot me.
Look at these nuts. Only my idiot husband would be dumb enough to pull all three of them piled up.
They only made it about half way around the track before the handle on the sled broke.

Even Cartman from SouthPark stopped by and Savannah had her picture taken with him. I'm kidding, THAT'S ME. That's one of Jeff's old FedEx JumpSuits. All the kids wanted to know where I was going skydiving. All I know, is I was sweating.

Ok, I just ran outside and took a couple of pictures of my new ride. It is THE BOMB. I named her Myrtle. That sounded like a cool old lady name to me.

See the gas can sitting next to her. That's because I ran her slap out of gas on Friday. I was cruising down Goodman Road and she said, "What up Ho? I'm old and I'm done for the day." HA!! It is too fun. My new St. Jude tag just came in. She came complete with all of the stickers. I like one of them, it says...Men are temporary Dance is forever...

I'm all into American Idol again. So far Danny and Alexis Grace are my front runners. I'm upset that Norman Gentle didn't make it through, but I'm hoping he'll pick up a wild card. He is hysterical.

Have a good week.



I almost forgot to share another fabulous Savannah moment from this week. Friday night Dalton had a lock-in at Taekwondo. He and Gabe went and had a blast. By the way, Dalton is testing Wednesday for his yellow belt. He's really doing awesome. Anyway, after we dropped the boys off, Savannah wanted Chinese food. We went to Hunan's in Olive Branch. It's only packed on a Friday night. Anyway, we were sitting in a booth toward the front of the restaurant when Savannah busted out with OHHHH, Kacy! Ohhhhh, Kacy! I looked around and told her to shut up. So, of course, she did it a little louder. OHHHH KACY! OHHHH KACY! I said Jeff make her stop. He was dying laughing and then she tore into an OHHHHH JEFFF! We kept telling her to shut up and she just asked why and got louder. I finally had to tell her she sounded like she was HAVING SEX! She turned bright red and then said no wonder everybody was looking at us. I've decided to start taking donations to have her put to sleep. If you think you can help us, please let me know.