Sunday, March 1, 2009


We were supposed to go to a formal banquet last night but we were saved by Mother Nature. It's a good thing. At two o'clock when it started snowing, the only thing I had to wear was a necklace I had just bought. I got a little frustrated only to soon find myself laughing hysterically. Gaining 30 pounds in 4 months has just been a blast. Yesterday, I learned all about Spanx. I laughed so hard trying to put all of this beauty into those tiny little spandex biker shorts I cried. I haven't looked today, but I'm pretty sure I have bruises on these thighs from trying to get those things pulled up. (Notice how they are these thighs and not mine, it's a little coping mechanism I've picked up.) I was sweating and out of breath and then I still couldn't fit into anything I already owned. SO...I said screw it and peeled them off and hit the stores, only to find a necklace. Nothing else fit. And yes ladies, I do know a little bit about accessorizing so it was a long necklace to try to create the illusion of elongating this little pudgy body I have learned to roll with. (No pun intended.) By 4, the ground was covered and I was happy to save my hard earned dough and head to the crizzle. Jeff had found his worst possible mood anyway, so home was right where he needed to be. I mean, I haven't seen that mood in years. He was just mean. He told me he HATED my hair. That was a totally unsolicited comment, too. I wasn't even the one he was mad at. He still says he doesn't know what happened and why he felt so evil. He did apologize for saying that but said he couldn't apologize for hating it. I guess that's why I love him. Did I just say that? Jeff was born on the day God was all out of that filter that goes between your brain and your mouth. He doesn't know what sugar coated means and he has no concept of just keeping his thoughts to himself. Oh well, for better or for worse... Maybe he'll like what my next mood swing does to my hair.
He just loaded about 9 kids into the Suburban and headed over to the clubhouse on the golf course. There is a HUGE hill over there. They got tired of being pulled around on the four wheelers and they all knew they could talk Mr. Jeff into taking them over there. As usual, I wasn't paying attention, it was probably his idea and it just took this long to get everyone else's parents to agree.

How cool is that? I love the snow, but I'm glad we only get it occasionally.

I didn't count, I'm not sure if there were more dads or more kids. I think there were more dads but only because some of the girls on the street had spent the night out with friends last night. We were a little short on girls today.

Who is the fat guy in the little hat? Oh, that's Jeffrey Michael wearing Dalton's hat.

When I'm cold, one of my top priorities is to stay dry. For some reason, the kids were drawn to the creek. It was like crack. They would come back up the hill, complaining because they were wet and the next thing you know they were heading back down there. Dalton kept packing the ditch with snow and then watch it all get washed away again.

SavyG and Katie were the only girls around today! They let Mr. Danny and Cole pull them around. Mr. Danny is Katie's daddy so he knows you have to be a little more gentle with the girlies.

Even Mr. Dennis came over with his little ones. They live one street over and Mr. Dennis is always out wanting to have fun, but his kids are on the younger side. I guess they will be the next generation of Cherokee Valley.

Austin Riley would not let go. That kid is a nut and 110% boy. I'd be scared to death if I was his mama. That boy isn't scared of anything and will try just about everything. Oh, well, what am I talking about? I have Savannah. Austin's the one that mastered a full gainer off my diving board last summer. Today, he went sledding behind the four wheeler without a sled. He went a few laps. I'm pretty sure he froze his future children. He lifted his jacket and just had ice around his long underwear.

What's up Gabe? That's one of Dalton's best friends!! As a matter of fact, he and his brother stayed here with us while his parents went to an open house this afternoon. You know Jeff, the more the better. The one's that didn't go sledding with Jeff are outside having an Air Soft Gun war. I'm not going outside for pictures of that. They love to shoot me.
Look at these nuts. Only my idiot husband would be dumb enough to pull all three of them piled up.
They only made it about half way around the track before the handle on the sled broke.

Even Cartman from SouthPark stopped by and Savannah had her picture taken with him. I'm kidding, THAT'S ME. That's one of Jeff's old FedEx JumpSuits. All the kids wanted to know where I was going skydiving. All I know, is I was sweating.

Ok, I just ran outside and took a couple of pictures of my new ride. It is THE BOMB. I named her Myrtle. That sounded like a cool old lady name to me.

See the gas can sitting next to her. That's because I ran her slap out of gas on Friday. I was cruising down Goodman Road and she said, "What up Ho? I'm old and I'm done for the day." HA!! It is too fun. My new St. Jude tag just came in. She came complete with all of the stickers. I like one of them, it says...Men are temporary Dance is forever...

I'm all into American Idol again. So far Danny and Alexis Grace are my front runners. I'm upset that Norman Gentle didn't make it through, but I'm hoping he'll pick up a wild card. He is hysterical.

Have a good week.



I almost forgot to share another fabulous Savannah moment from this week. Friday night Dalton had a lock-in at Taekwondo. He and Gabe went and had a blast. By the way, Dalton is testing Wednesday for his yellow belt. He's really doing awesome. Anyway, after we dropped the boys off, Savannah wanted Chinese food. We went to Hunan's in Olive Branch. It's only packed on a Friday night. Anyway, we were sitting in a booth toward the front of the restaurant when Savannah busted out with OHHHH, Kacy! Ohhhhh, Kacy! I looked around and told her to shut up. So, of course, she did it a little louder. OHHHH KACY! OHHHH KACY! I said Jeff make her stop. He was dying laughing and then she tore into an OHHHHH JEFFF! We kept telling her to shut up and she just asked why and got louder. I finally had to tell her she sounded like she was HAVING SEX! She turned bright red and then said no wonder everybody was looking at us. I've decided to start taking donations to have her put to sleep. If you think you can help us, please let me know.

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Staci said...

Love the bug! you'll have to give me a ride when we come that way. I can't believe you guys had snow. I'm so jealous. Our weather today was great. Although I wish old man weather would make up his cold hot cold!!! It's no wonder we are all so sick.