Thursday, March 12, 2009

Forgive Me

Forgive me O Diet God for I have sinned.
I am so ashamed. I just hid in my pantry and scarfed down a swiss roll. OK, yes, it was really two of them and they were sooooooooooooo freaking good! If my body could speak right now, it would be asking me WTF! I have been to the gym EVERY day this week. I am so proud of myself and the swiss rolls were my first slip. I HAD TO HAVE THEM. I waited until everybody was in bed. Tonight, I asked the trainer for help. Yesterday at work, one of my customers came in that I haven't seen in several months. He said, "Girl, you look like you...." (here is where it ALL went wrong) he held out his arms and closed his mouth and blew his cheeks out. My mind was thinking OH NO YOU DIDN'T, but my mouth said yes sir, I have. WHAT? Anyway, I told the trainer I needed help. We talked for a bit and she told me I HAD to start eating breakfast. I can handle that one I think. Then she said I had to increase my cardio. I told her I was already doing 30 minutes on that elliptical and she said that wasn't enough. I wanted to cry but that would have been embarrassing so I said come on. Show me what I need to do. She put me on the elliptical and left me for 20 minutes. Then she sent me over for 15 minutes of abs. That was rough and I was ready to go. THEN, she told me I wasn't done and put me this machine I just call the BITCH. I don't know what you call it! It's similar to the elliptical but its also like a stair machine. She said I needed another 20 minutes on there. I did it, said thank you and left. On the way home, I pulled over and puked!! I know it's good for me and all, but I've got things hurting that I didn't even know I had.
We survived pictures of the house. It is officially For Sale. The pictures haven't been uploaded to the listing yet, but they should be by tomorrow. There is a keybox on the front door which means people can come in here anytime. I tried to explain that to Savannah and have tried to encourage her to keep her panties picked up. We'll see how that goes.....
The kids have had 9 weeks tests this week. Next week is Spring Break. Jeff is off all week. I'm kinda jealous. I'm sure I'll sneak a day or two in there, too. We want to go camping or something but who knows what the weather is going to do around here. I had on flip flops yesterday and my wool coat today. We need Spring Break. The time change has all of us messed up. We are all staying up too late and having trouble getting up in the mornings. I told the kids not to even ask if anyone can spend the night this weekend. After the crew we had last weekend, we need some down time.
I'll look for my camera this weekend and get some new pictures up. I still haven't seen it since I hid everything for the realtor visit. I've got to be up early to get Stella to her beauty appointment. She desperately needs it. She went to the vet Wednesday for her annual checkup and the doctor asked me if she smoked the reefer. HA. He made me laugh. She is a wreck. Her hair is SO long and scraggly looking right now. She does kinda give off that whole Bob Marley vibe. Bless her heart. She is going back for some dental work after Spring Break.
Happy Friday!

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