Monday, March 23, 2009


Oh my goodness, I have found something else addicting!.....beading jewelry. I just started over the weekend (even though I bought books about it last summer). Sometimes, it takes me awhile to get around to things. USUALLY, IT DOES. Anyway, I have been loving it! Sorry, I didn't post this weekend.

I've got stuff to share, but no time tonight! Life is throwing one of those curve balls at us at the moment. We'll get through it. We always do.

SO, I will share later this week. We have Taekwondo for the next three nights and soccer games at 6 on Tuesday and Thursday. It's supposed to rain, so maybe that will give us a little reprieve. Otherwise, we will meet at home everynight this week about 8:30.

It has really been on my mind the last week or so about going private with my blog. I have really been thinking hard on this and reading what others are doing. I started this as a way to journal for myself about my life and kids and keep in touch with family and friends. I obviously have many more people that read my blog than I even know about. When it's been awhile, you guys come out of the wood work to make me feel guilty about my lack of posting. (Just kidding about that part.) I love your comments, however, you seem to prefer to call me and tell me. I don't care. I'm just happy others care enough to check on us. Seriously, I think I'm going to do that. I'm not going to do it immediately. I just think in the long run, I'll feel better about it. I can include you so you will still be able to read all about my interesting life and antics if you would like. You will have to send me your email address so you can be included. I realize this means that some of you will have to come out of hiding. I'm sorry to do that to you, but Jeff and I both think it is best for all of us. I just have to email you once, to send you an "invite" and then you can check in on us anytime you like. If you'd like to be included, please drop me a note at

If our games get rained out, or I just can't sleep one night this week, I'll take some pictures of my new creations and give you the low down on last week. It will be worth it, trust me. Savannah decided to discuss her future with me. WOW....that child.

Peace Out,

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Missy said...

Kacy,I hope you are okay you sounded a bit down. I completely understand if you decide to go private but please add me lol. My email is I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, reading about your family, life, etc.
BTW I am STILL working my ass off at the gym, cursing at the damn machines all the while these size 000 gals in their pretty hair, full make up aren't even breaking a sweat. My ass hurts so bad from exercising so hard but I am NOT giving up lol.
I wish I could bead, but honestly I have no patience and I might thru my tools at someone, husband, kids,