Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I've been busy sittin' on my bootay and beading just about anything and everything I can find! It's been good, because I haven't felt great. My body had a little chat with me toward the middle of last week. It said, "What up Ho? Why you taking me to the gym everyday and making me sweat? AND, what is up with all of this healthy mess you keep shoving down my throat?" I kept ignoring that inner voice and kept going. By Friday, I knew it was more than that and I couldn't get out of bed. Low and behold, Monday morning the ole doc called and said, "Yo, Ho! Your thyroid has quit on you again and your hormones are worse than whack, you just don't have ANY estrogen and you are Vitamin D and iron deficient again." Hummmm, at least I'm not crazy! Nothing half a day in the doctors office couldn't fix. We are rolling again, SISTA! If you haven't ever lived a few days with NO estrogen, you just haven't lived. Since I gave my uterus up 5 years ago, I've had a few bouts with this little situation. I have to wonder if any real research has ever been done on the murder rate in females over the past few centuries. If cave women had to deal with menopause in some "natural" way, you know those bitches killed some people. They had no deodorant to deal with the hot flashes and no Xanax to deal with their husbands. At least they had big sticks to deal with their kids! Shoot, as crazy as I get, I think I would have tried to eat my cave by now. I told Jeff one time, I was so mad at him I was fixing to chew the tires off his truck. The bad thing was, I meant it! He believed me last night! I called Direct TV because my TiVo still wasn't working! OMG! That has been an ordeal. The dude last night had the nerve to tell me that if I would manually hit the record button on the recorder, it would work. WHAT? I yelled into the phone, I could also go completely old school and PROGRAM a VCR to record my shows. Why did I need them? Today, I called the cable company and said come hook my stuff up. I called Jeff and told him I was going to rip the satellite off the roof and he would NEVER find it again. ANYWAY, long story short, I have a new DVR being overnighted from Direct TV and he cancelled my order with the cable company. All I want to know is, why did he make me act so ugly before he did something about it. Dude, don't mess with hormonal women and their TiVo's. It's right in the middle of American Idol. I'm feeling much more stable now. HA!

Ok, so, I tried to take some pictures of some of my new hobby. My photos aren't great, but they get the job done. I took them over the weekend. I've actually ventured into some color pieces the last few days, but I'm too lazy to get up and take pictures of those so I'll save them for next time.

So there is my boring photo post for tonight. Jeff wants me to make something for him to take to the March of Dimes silent auction at work next week. I told him I would work on it. I'm not ready to give up anything I've already made. I don't know what that is all about. I also told him I needed a sewing machine. We'll see what happens with that. It's been a long time since I've sewn anything. Hummm, I've got curtains on my mind. Why does that always happen when you put the house on the market?

Let me dig and see what else I can think of that's going on....

The guinea pig has diarrhea. I don't even know WHAT you do about that. If you've experienced this problem in the past, please speak up.

Savannah got ALL of her orthodontic devices removed from her head yesterday. Now she thinks she can't talk and has a lisp. We just have to wait for some teeth to grow in so they have something to attach her braces to.

Dalton tests next week for his brown belt. Yippee! Go Dalton! Oh, and he gets his braces in August.

Jeff and the kids played paintball Sunday at a birthday party. Happy Birthday Bryce! They all have bruises but are convinced they all need new paintball equipment. Jeff has been on eBay again.

I'm hitting the gym again tomorrow. I know that sounds exciting! Time to start cursing the machines again. My appetite is WAY better, but I still can't give up all my sugars. I'm gonna get my "official" measurements tomorrow and just keep on going.

I'm feeling a little let down with Coach Calapari tonight. I think I need some more time on this one. I even colored a strip of my hair blue for the Tigers. (Which of course isn't going well and WON'T wash out. I guess it's permanently chemically bonded to my hair. Oh well.) We lost much earlier in the tournament than we should have and now ole Cal wants to ditch us! How am I supposed to feel? Especailly since I'm walking around looking similar to Marge Simpson....

Life is a crazy thing. Have a great week.

Peace Out,



Missy said...

Oh Kacy, you crack me up! First off, LOVE the jewelry you are making. LOVE LOVE IT! I wish I had that talent. Secondly, funny that you mention doctors and thyroids. I went for my physical on Monday, they upped my thyroid meds and did a bunch of blood work to check my hormones, etc.
I too am taking a break from the gym, yesterday and today. I went on Monday and worked on "the bitch" and normally do 45 mins but was struggling at 25 mis so i decided I needed a break, my body was just exhausted. So for at least two days the bitch has defeated me!!!
Any lookers on the house yet?? Do you know where you are going to move to? If all else fails we have a backyard that you could put a tent in! JUSt kiDDING

Missy said...

Just wanted to say whaddup ho?? rofl. Now go sell some ho insurance ;)