Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good Night

Hi Ho Hi Ho, It's off to bed I go! I'm hittin the hay in an EARLY way! Gang, I'm wiped out. I'm doing my darndest to FREAK my daughter out first, though. I woke up this morning to find this.
You see that pink and white wadded up stuff on the lower left side of the picture?
Yep, that's Savannah's panties on the back patio. Savannah, would you please STOP leaving your panties anywhere and everywhere? It's starting to FREAK me out! I'm afraid your father is going to have a total stroke and I just don't think I can handle things all alone right now. While I have to admit, I have considered "offing" him before, this is not what I had in mind.

I am making it official right here and right now...I will no longer buy little girl panties. You can use your tooth fairy money to buy them or you can wear the high water briefs your father thinks are appropriate. I'm done! Maybe some of the readers will have mercy on you and buy you panties for your birthday. You better watch yourself. It's not until September.

My friend Jenifer made a special request for some jewelry for an event this weekend. I managed to get it done last night. Jen, hope you like it.
My OCD is acting up about this jewelry mess. I can make it, but I can't wear it. After I make it, I have to put it in a ziploc bag and put it in another bag. I won't let Jeff have any of it for the silent auction. I told him I have to make something different for that. Mom says my brain is just misfiring. Thanks Mom for calling me PSYCHO in such a pleasant way. I am willing to part with this stuff for Jenifer but probably only because she is my BEST friend in the world. Oh and by the way, Jen, your stuff is neatly packed in ziploc bags. WHAT? What is up with the ziplocs? I'm working on my mental issues, but ziplocs? Seriously, I don't even know where that one came from.
The guinea pig is better. He just got better. I wish I could tell you how to control guinea pig diarrhea, but I can't. It just worked itself out.
Check ya'll later. Savannah's in the middle of a melt down because she left her homework sheet at school and she needs to argue about it. I'm good at that!


Missy said...

OMG I think I would stroke if I found my daughters panties like that...yup I would be certifiable! Why does she do that?? Does she not like undies??? lol
LOVE LOVE the jewelry,its all beautiful, you do such an awesome job. I wish I could sit still enough to do it lol.
Okay, so why do you think you are OCD?? Seriously, why? Do you have tendencies to have things a certain way, have to touch something if you see it, etc?? Maybe we should get a hold of Ziploc and see if they could send you a few cases. rofl.
You think you have misfirings?? hahahaha, my brain is ONE big misfire that has yet to be put out! So, smoke that sistah!

RADstitches said...

I charge $1 for each pair of panties that I find laying around. But, I also am now charging for lights left on, drawers left open, cabinets left open, wet towels in the floor. What do these people think I am the maid!? Last week hubby was told he owed me like 50 bucks... He kindly told me that he would work it off later! Needless to say that I just glared at him for that comment! He thinks he is just SOOO funny! LOL

Love the jewelry!

The little pig... my girls would love to have that thing! LOL