Monday, April 20, 2009

My husband has defiled (is that a word) my new TiVo. I turned the television on this afternoon and was horrified to see a recording called Areola 51. I immediately picked up the phone and called to ask if he had the nerve to record something like that. I had to make sure my son had not done it. YEP, it was my husband. Are you kidding me? You are how old? Needless to say, he was none too happy with me for deleting it. Then he made the BIG mistake. He told me he "heard" it was funny and someone we will call "a friend" told him needed to watch it. Are we into peer pressure now? Do we do things because our friends tell us to? Guess who will be calling DirecTV tomorrow to cancel all of the movie channels that they gave us to try to keep my business when they wouldn't fix my TiVo? It's ashamed I have to ground my husband.

Missy, I'm sorry. Jeff was in trouble today so he couldn't come out to play. I didn't get your picture of him in Myrtle. I will do that for you if he can behave himself in the next few days. He and my brother, Bradley, have been working on their project in my kitchen again tonight.

I think Bradley is going to Talledega with us this weekend. He went last year, too. I can't wait. Knucklehead is spending the night with us tonight. He's sitting here shootin the mess with Jeff as I type. He cracks me up. He works down here in Olive Branch and he came down to work on this stuff with Jeff tonight so he is just staying and going to work in the morning.

I went to the orthodontist this morning and my teeth are killing me. Then, I checked the kids out of school and took them to the dentist. They both got their teeth cleaned. Dalton has a "soft spot" that the dentist wants to seal so he has to go back in a couple of weeks to have that done. Savannah Grace got a clean bill of health. She was proud of that. She has been killing me the last few days. She daydreams about being Miley Cyrus. She listens to and sings "The Climb" 24/7 and when I say she sings it, I mean she FEELS it.

I got everybody scheduled for everything today. Stella is having her teeth cleaned Wednesday. I'm getting my hair cut Monday. Dalton is getting his cut next Tuesday and both of the children are going to the eye doctor next Tuesday. I made wise use of my time today. HA, I never made it to work. I have to go tomorrow. I have a conference call. BLAH BLAH BLAH! Tosha and I have to go to Tupelo Thursday for continuing education. Fun Fun! It's actually not bad. I go spend a day at the Tupelo Country Club every year and get my certificate.

Izzy is begging me to go to bed now and I'm sure these boys are wanting to talk with out the ole ball and chain/big sister around.

Peace Out,



Missy said...

Okay, I can wait for the pic, cuz just picturing it cracks me up. PLEASE tell me you are kidding me about the XXX rated movie he recorded. Not sure if that is what it was but anything boob related can't be Cinderella as in G related. I guess it could be Cinderella does Snow White but that is another movie....Good Lawd, what if one of the kids turned it on...that would be funny shit....that only happens to me, of these days I will have to rat myself out on the things my kids have seen/heard..
Have a fun time at continuing education. I am taking all 5 kids to the dentist on Thurs and Livi is FREAKING out about it. She hates going, I don't know why but goes into total meltdown, screaming fit throwing...psyco child! Have a good one
PS how is the house selling going??? the aunt??? :)

Maria Lane said...

Ya'll have fun at Talladega! :)