Sunday, April 5, 2009


You know that song that Baby's sister sings on Dirty Dancing? I'm Pretty, Oh so Pretty..... Well, I've been singing that one all weekend only I have Issues, Oh so Many Issues...

I broke down tonight and made Jeff some jewelry for the March of Dimes silent auction. AND we compromised. These could be the first two steps to recovery. I admit I have a problem. You'll never have trouble getting that one out of me. AND, I made him something new and am parting with an ensemble I had already made and packed neatly in ziplocs inside another bag. It's one of my favorites, too. It was so my favorite that I never even wore it. Friday I gave Tosha all that I had made with her in mind and Saturday, I delivered Jenifer's new stuff to her. This could all be a good sign. Here is the piece I made for Jeff to take to the silent auction.
The pictures are dark. But it is pretty. He said he liked it and so did Rohn. They were the only opinions I had to take advantage of at the moment.
Here are a couple of my other weekend adventure projects

I blinged out an old pair of magnifying glasses and made a necklace thing for them. I use them when I'm making something because the eyesight left when the sanity set sail. I'm sure those necklace things have a name, but I don't know what it is. I do know that I went to buy one and the cheapest one I found was $9.99 and it wasn't even cute. SO, I showed it to Jeffro and he took me to Home Depot. There, on the plumbing aisle, we found these little black rubber O rings and I wrapped picture hanging wire to create the little things on the side you use to adjust it. $3.97 later, I was much more pleased with my creation. As a matter of fact, I made two more for two little girls on our street that wear glasses.

I also have a list of little girls to make my "Peace Necklace" for. It really is cute. I made one for Savannah about two weeks ago and she wears it everyday. Some of the other little girls want them. I got the stuff today to make them, but I had to finish my MOD obligation.

Here is the only other thing I "made".

Savannah wanted some tshirts with peace signs. I wanted to do them myself with the heat transfer rhinestones and studs. I've found where to get the stuff to do them online and thought I could find it locally, but I couldn't. SO, she (or I) settled for this little effort and we'll see what kind of trouble we can get into this next week with stoning and studding peace signs and crosses.

We went to SavyG's soccer game on Saturday and the weather was beautiful.
This girl just doesn't like to play co-ed soccer, so right now she just flits around on the field. Flit might be a word I made up. It just means she runs around out there trying to look busy but it's not working. We moved on to other things as we usually do during the second half of any game.
Jeff is sporting a new "do". I like it when I fix it. He uses half a bottle of gel on it and starts at each of his ears and points everything up to the middle. By the time he is finished it is cemented and nothing can be done with it unless he showers and starts over. We have some time scheduled in the morning for a moderation lesson with the gel and a few style tips. Pray for me. He can be incorrigible at times. His back is out today. No rhyme or reason, but he's walking crooked. He has a herniated disc in his lower back and when it goes, it goes. I dosed him up on Prednisone today which is what the doctor would do. They would give him some muscle relaxers, too, but I didn't have any of those. He said he may go back to the doctor depending on how he feels. We'll see.
Yes, I'm thinking we need more of an abstract mohawk look. This one is just a little too defined for me.

I STILL love him though and am very glad is willing to try new things.
Here is my favorite little Tatar tot! His testing is Thursday night and it's for his Yellow Black Belt. I don't know what I said before but it was wrong. I asked Jeff and he answered me like he knew what he was talking about. I should have known better.
We've got busy week. I have IT guys in my office all day tomorrow. We got all new computers and monitors and the works and they are coming in tomorrow to install and network those suckers. Then Tuesday, Comcast is coming to install Internet and cable and my phone will be with them now, too. That's just at work. Savannah has a soccer game on Tuesday and Dalton's testing is on Thursday.
I made a pact with myself to go back to the gym. I don't feel good. So going is either going to make me feel better or kill me. I figure I'm better off either way and could possible lose some weight in the process. I weeded the flower beds Saturday morning before the soccer game. My hamstrings are killing me. I guess I need to work with that kind of intensity in the gym.
I'm off to finish a little more laundry and get myself to bed. Have a good week.

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Missy said...

WOw, you have been a busy beaver, or a busy bitch...haha/just kidding! Speaking of your "bitch" how is she?? She and I are at major odds right now.
LOVE the jewelry you made and gave to dh. As far as issues, well we all got them darling, some of us are just willing to share them. Lord knows I have a list miles long of mine.
How did you talk dh into letting him do his hair. My husband would never let me touch his head (at least not the one on the top of his body lol). Love the pics of the pics of the kids. Your son looks just like you.