Sunday, April 19, 2009


I don't know about this blogging once a week thing. I thought it might be good and help with my time constraints but I really miss much of what I started this blog for and that was to journal the day to day things that go on around this place I lovingly call home. We would be BIG STARS if we had our own show. It's good thing I don't want to be a big star.

My allergies reared their ugly head this week and by Thursday and Friday, I was just down right sick. I took Friday off work and got some much needed rest. That seemed to help.
Thursday when I got home, I noticed my Clematis was blooming! It is even more beautiful today than it was then, but I didn't think to get more pictures.
That's the one I actually planted last summer. I'm hoping it will finally get big enough to shield those air units from the street. Look at all of those amazing blooms. Some of them opened up today. I noticed them this afternoon. They are beautiful. I love the color.

I bought this one off a clearance rack at Lowe's last summer and never got around to planting it. We had our flower beds bricked in the back yard around the pool at the end of the summer and then never planted anything. Needless to say, I have my work cut out for me but it RAINS every weekend. I'm going to put this one out back and let it climb on the fence.
I can't believe how well it has done considering it has had NO LOVE.

It rained so hard this afternoon and then we had a beautiful HUGE rainbow over the golf course.

I must confess, I did a very bad thing this weekend. I introduced Savannah to the Third Street Flea Market. I've been crafting and beading and such every weekend lately and this weekend, I just needed to do some shopping. We went a little overboard but she loved it. For those of you who have never been to "Third" all I can say is you MUST go. It's scary and all to get there but once you do, it is awesome. If you see something you want, take PopE a picture and he'll have it for you next week. I don't ask questions, I just bargain. Whatever price they tell you, offer $5 less and it's yours and if you really want it, keep going. I've gotten some of them down to half price, but you can usually only do that on Sundays! It's a blast. Here are a few things we picked up.

We picked Jeff up a pair of RayBans. He was really freaking me out driving around town in Myrtle and wearing my Katie Holmes huge shades. It's enough to see his big self in that little car with his big head sticking out the top, but when he had on my sunglasses doing was time for him to have his own. Sometimes I wonder who weighs more.....him or Myrtle?

Here were a few things I picked up for myself...
I've been a Coach girl for the last 5 or 6 years so those last two are a stretch for me. I really liked the Jimmy Choo, though. We'll see if I really carry it.
LOVE my duffel bag! My brother who was over Saturday night making something entirely too strange and destroying my kitchen....
...said it would be taking things a little too extreme to use it as my gym bag. Jeff said it would make it smell. I explained to him ,that is not how things work. I wear the stinky clothes home. ANYWAY, I don't think they can tell me what to do.

I AM, however, going back to the gym. My bag is packed tonight for my return on tomorrow. I haven't been in two weeks. It's time for the Bitch and I to get reacquainted. This new body of mine is just NASTY and I don't mean nasty in the good way.

Ok, back on track....Savannah would be angry if I didn't share her wares. Here are some of her picks. She has an eye for the bolder more colorful items.
Why, YES, those are turquoise Coach sunglasses which she wore all day today in the rain!
She also loves the fact that she is now the proud owner of a Dolce and Gabana purse and that Fergie sings about it on My Humps. As a mother, that scares me, but for now, I'm just gonna roll with it. I have to pick my battles with her.

We still had some time for a little crafting this weekend. I blinged out some flip flops we found at Hobby Lobby. They turned out cute.
Savannah is totally into peace signs lately, so I did this little tank for her this weekend, too. It turned out cute and I enjoy doing these.

I used my new sewing machine tonight (which Jeff thought was hilarious) and put together a little bandanna dress for my niece Mal Mal. (Thanks for the cute idea Jessi.)
That's not the most flattering picture of the final product, but to be honest, I was too tired for much of a production.

I was feeling like I didn't get much done this weekend until now. I just realized, I've done all of this and still had time to pluck my eyebrows, clean the toilets, vacuum and clean all the windows in the doors around here. Not bad.

Age has reared it's ugly head this past week, too. Today, I found myself shopping for fade cream for age spots. If you know of some good stuff, let me know. Ashley, I'm still waiting to hear from you on this topic. I also got so tickled one day at work with Tosha this week that I tinkled my pants. Well, luckily I had on one of those long tshirt maxi dresses and a slip so it was pretty well disguised and thank goodness I had my gym bag in the car with a pair of pants in it. I had to change clothes. I hear bladder control leaves with age. I guess mine is slipping. Just another joyous thing to look forward to. Do they make Depends with fun characters on them? If you have to start wearing them at 35, they could at least have pictures of Brad Pitt on them or something. Maybe that's not so great either. I'd hate to pee on his head. Hummm, that whole idea opens a can of worms. I'm gonna leave that alone.

We have another busy week, but I'm gonna try to keep updated instead of saving it up for the weekend. Heck, by the time the weekend gets here, I've forgotten half of what happened during the week. We have orthodontist trips and dentist trips tomorrow. I'll be in Tupelo all day Thursday and Jeffrey and I are heading out to Talladega on Saturday! I can't wait.
Have a great one. Say your prayers.



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Missy said...

I was about to send the Secret Service out to find you....kept checking on ya to see if you posted. Figured you must of been a busy beaver... Okay, so you MUST take a pic of hubby in Myrtle wearing your KH sunglasses cuz that would be priceless!!! C'mon humor me a bit!
I love your picks from the flea market, but I really really LOVE that first D&G purse. We too have one of those markets here and I LOVE going. You find all kinds of things and people and its hilarious really. My 16 yr old and I get our sunglasses, purses, wallets, etc and a few other things at it. People watching is by far the best there too!
I took the week of spring break off at the gym and have been back since. I have lost 6 inches total all over, ya know like 1 in on one leg, 1 on another...nothing I can really brag about. Oh the bitch, yea she loves me, so much that I have been alternating between her and the treadmill(who by the way likes me much better). Hope you have a great week and try and post when you can, miss reading your posts!
BTW don't even get me started on leakage...I have had 5 kids, so just use your imagination. I refuse to wear Depends EVER! I would rather walk around with pee running donw my leg!!rofl