Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Word of Thanks

I just spent the last hour and a half knowing that I HAD to be the biggest goob on Earth tonight but I didn't even care. I have been at Tae Kwon Do testing. It was awesome. I sat there like a HUGE idiot smiling and clapping and cheering. Nobody else did that, but I did. Those kids, and mine, of course, just made me smile. It was one of those that you couldn't hide, you know, where your heart is smiling? Dalton did so good! He is now a Yellow Black belt. He had to spar with a much larger child tonight and hung right in there and even threw some incredible punches! I was so proud of him and his school. MR. PIERCE and MISS CAGLE and MR. BUD, you Cats Rock! ALL of the kids did GREAT and were SO well behaved while waiting. I will never know how you got 4 and 5 year olds to sit for 45 minutes without talking and patiently wait for their turn. I am so happy we found you!! DALTON, SON, YOU ROCK OUT! I AM SO SO PROUD OF YOU!

Sorry for the short post. I'm exhausted. This is the earliest I've been home any night this week and Jeff and the kids are heading back out to a bowling party. That's too much for me. We have had soccer and Tae Kwon Do every night this week and I still managed to clean the bathrooms and clean out my closet. Don't ask me how....I think I was overtaken by a Super Hero or something. Savannah has her Riley over tonight so she would have a friend at the party. Happy Birthday Ryan!! Your parents smoke crack for having a Bowling Party at 9:30 on a Thursday night even if tomorrow is a holiday. (Love you Larry and Stacey!)

Izzy and I are heading to bed and I still have a HUGE smile on my face. Thank you God for my incredible children. They are the greatest blessing ever. (Oh, and thank you for the blooms on my Crepe Myrtles. They make me smile, too.)

Peace Out,


Missy said...

WTG Dalton, Congrats on your Yellow Black belt! You should be so proud Kacy! Sounds like you have had one busy week. While they are fun and enjoyable they are also exhausting.
Who in their right mind has a bday party at 9 pm at night?? Good Lawd they are crack heads...just kidding, sounds like a blast! Climb into bed with Izzy and if you are like me you will enjoy no husband snoring, and take up all the room on the bed! I miss reading your posts, so would ya try and post more often, lol... Have a great weekend, Happy Easter Keaster!

Jenny Sipes said...

Hi, I found your blog through Radstitches and was just wanting to try and meet some faces. You have a great blog. I love your believe ring. Could you tell where you purchased it? Thanks for letting me stop by. Hope to meet you soon

Jenny Sipes said...

Oh thank you so much...I would love to have one...Let me know if you can locate me one...I really appreciate it...Have a great day

Jenny Sipes said...

Thank you Thank you Thank are the bomb I have gnorly hands also..Thanks again

RADstitches said...

wow! Yellow Belt? Impressive! I have ran all week too, and I am in serious need of some R & R time! Take care of yourself!

Ashley said...

you are a goob-a very sweet goob--I am boiling our eggs for tomorrow-talked to rach tonight -she said she will be there too! yay! I'm so proud of Dalt-I would've been up there yelling with u!!! Love U so Much!! see you tomorrow--