Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh My Goodness! I worked ALL day today. That felt sort of strange. These crazy weeks with Holidays in the middle of them really throw me for a loop.
Once again, we are all piled up in the den with a fire and Jeff and the kids are in the floor playing Texas Hold 'Em. I'm exhausted. I think it's gonna be an early night for me. Can you believe I had a day without anything major exciting happening? The kids spent the day with Mom and are going to again tomorrow. I'm going to work in the morning, but hope to be out of there a little early. It's time to get the tree down and the Christmas decorations back in the attic. This year, I'm going to put the tree in the attic and even write myself a note and put it in a special place so I can't forget where it is. That just means I'll forget where all of it is and next year I will be haphazard with my tree again. Maybe sometime in 2011 I'll find the note. HA.

I didn't watch The Dark Knight last night. I just couldn't get into it. Jeff says I have to stay up tonight to watch the Memphis game. Pretty soon, he'll be talking to my eyelids.
I've got a lot of interesting things going on at work. I have a lot of decisions to make and haven't sat down to face them all just yet. Jeff and I need to do a little more talking about it and I'll get it all wrapped up. I hate feeling in LIMBO. Hopefully, soon, I can talk about all of it and have it all resolved. The economy stinks! I hate feeling it like I do. I think the worst is yet to come. A crystal ball sure would come in handy right now. Anybody got one?

I found my pictures of the kids the day they got out of school for Christmas.

That's Dalton and Miss Farris. She will be a Mrs. soon. She actually got engaged in her classroom the day I took this picture. Dalton said it was very sweet. All of the kids gave her a rose. Her fiance went to great lengths to get it all set up and apparently got down on one knee in the classroom in front of all the kids. Dalton said it was the most romantic thing that ever happened at that school. (I wonder what he knows about that.)

Savannah had a "Despereaux" party. She was the princess in the story. It was cute.

That's Savannah's teacher Miss Campbell. She said she's going to stay a Miss. I think SavyG had a chicken nugget in her hand. That's my baby girl.

My mother is telling me I HAVE to put a ponytail in Stella's hair, so I guess I better go. You do realize that is a priority. Actually, she really needs it. Mom was nice enough to sit down and brush her. She played in the rain last week and was a total wreck. She looks MUCH better. Thanks Mom. I'll put her ponytail in. Whoa, MOM is actually trying to do it. I've really got to go now. Stella looks like a unicorn.
Have a great night and hug your babies.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


We had an interesting day around here. Emily and Jackson moved out. They got an apartment in Southaven. Emily is starting back to school in January and I guess this was part of her growing up. We didn't find out until about 6 last night. I'm not real sure about all of the circumstances around it. You would think that since she lived here, I would, but I still don't. To each their own. I was told earlier last week that education comes at a price. Well, I'm broke and just don't want to learn any more. HA.

I've missed my blog. Time has been really hard to come by lately. It usually is during the holidays, but this year has been really bad. If you throw pneumonia in the holiday mix, things get a little rough. I'm beginning to see the light though. I rented The Dark Knight today. I've been wanting to see it, but have had trouble getting into it tonight. I say that, because Savannah is yelling at the television and I've just tuned it out.

I really wanted to take my Christmas tree down today. I've heard in the past, it's bad luck to take it down before the New Year. I've about decided that you make your own luck. If it wouldn't have sent me completely over the top today to be taking down my tree while my front doors were propped wide open and people that I hardly know carrying things out of my house, I would have done it. Now, I guess it will be there a few more days. I've enjoyed it. Jeff's Santa suit is still in his truck, I think. He played Santa alot this year. He has an AWESOME Santa suit and he dresses up every year for the family and the neighbors and work and school.

I'm not ready to take all of the Christmas Cards off the fridge. I love having everyone's picture up there.

And this is one of my favorites I'm not ready to put up yet. This was SavyG's first Christmas and Dalton's second.

Gosh, they grow up way too fast.

I'm trying to decide about New Year's Resolutions. The last few years I've made them but didn't write them down or share them with anybody. I HATE to be a failure. I've also found, however, that if you don't write your goals down and commit to them, they just don't work out. Humm, I've got some more thinking to do on that one.

It's off to work in the morning for another short week.

And to all a Good Night.


Saturday, December 27, 2008


Ok. Ashley wins the prank war for sure, but I'm not ready to stop. Now that Christmas is behind us, I think I can come up with some spare time to create more prank ideas. Let me share some of Christmas at my Grandmothers.

It was so great to have kids everywhere. We went through a time where there were no kids and then it was only mine for years. Now, we are busting at the seams with babies. These are all of my Grandmothers Great Grandchildren.

That's Rhett, Nash, SavyG, Mallory, Dalton, Georgia, Ty and Judd. Mallory wasn't too happy about getting her picture made. Actually, the problem was being on the couch with all of those other kids. She got over it though. Aren't they too cute? It was also Baby Georgia's first birthday. Well, it was 2 days after her birthday, but we celebrated a little bit.
We didn't have candles so we had to make due with what we could find. I don't think she really cared. She just wanted to grab it anyway.
Ashley and my kiddos.
Rhett is just too cute!
This is Judd Man. He is so sweet. Check out those RED curls.

Somebody gave Rhett and Nash their own bags of little marshmallows for Christmas. I can't imagine who would do something like that but they sure were a hit. I know Ashley and Shane really appreciated that. HA.

Ashley gave me a gift for Christmas. It made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. Jeff was taking pictures the whole time.

I made her a scrapbook of pictures of her boys I have taken over the past year. She made me a book, too. Let me show you what she did.

I still laugh every time I think about it!



Friday, December 26, 2008


We are finally starting to settle down around here. We have once again visited everyone for the holidays, ate way too much good food and have way too many gifts laying around just begging to be put away. That's not gonna happen today. I don't think one more day will hurt anyone. That's the good thing about having too much room in your house. You can just move to a different room. HA.

I have about 220 new pictures. How do you spell O V E R L O A D? I have a few I left out previously, too. I'm going to attempt to catch up now.

We got a new family member. I came home from work one day and found him on the kitchen counter. How lovely!

Everyone, meet Rascal the guinea pig. He is super sweet, but the dogs want to eat him so he has to live upstairs. The dogs aren't allowed upstairs. Since he lives up there, I don't get to see him very often. Santa brought him a big ball to roll around in on the floor. I don't know if that is more torturous for Rascal or the dogs. Ethel is our mouser. She just can't stand it that we choose to have a rodent living in the house.
Oh well. She's been finding all sorts of creative ways to get upstairs. I like to call her the BAD dog. She has also had a thing for my Christmas ribbon. She eats it or takes it out into the back yard. We've had a couple of knock down drag outs over that the past couple of weeks. This morning, she had a grown up bird in the den that she had obviously had all over the house during the night. When I got up this morning, there were bird feathers everywhere. They were all the way down the hallway. When I got to the den, there was a naked bird laying on the rug in the middle of the room. Thanks Ethel.

Switching subjects....Both of my babies ran in the St. Jude 5K this year. They have unofficially run the past two years as well, but this year, they ran all by themselves and had their own numbers. I was so proud of them and so glad that they WANTED to do this and understand WHY they are doing it and who and how it helps. Those are the kinds of things that warm a mothers heart.

It was SO cold that day! The kids never complained.

The first thing they did after the race was ask for tissue.
They took us back to this sign afterwards. They liked it. THANK YOU JAKE'S FAMILY.

We recruited our friend, Rohn, to run this year, too. He ran the Half Marathon in great time without even training.

Thank you Rohn.

Christmas was a lot of fun this year. The kids are completely out of control. They are absolutely rotten to the core. Dalton got drums. They are loud!! Savannah's "stuff" wasn't so loud, but she is. The nuts got up at 3:30 Christmas morning and couldn't understand why we didn't want to get up then. I was not to thrilled considering I didn't get to bed until about 1.

Here are some of the drums. I just realized, I haven't gotten a picture of them after being all set up.

Both kids said Santa did a good job this year. I just love Santa.

We had a great time. I'm waiting on the Christmas fairy to come clean everything up now.

I'll share my gift from Ashley next time. She's a nut!

Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Can you believe I even remembered my login for BlogSpot? HA. No "REAL" excuses, just total holiday overload, plus a little extra personal overload. Ya know....%*IT HAPPENS. Anyway, I'm back from the beach.

Wow, alot has happened since my last post. I have received many phone calls telling me to update my blog. I guess that's nice, but gees guys, did you forget I'm driven by guilt already? I'm just kidding. Thanks for keeping up with us, MOM.
So, the day I went on "vacation" was my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mother. We all partied like Rockstars.

(I'm probably a dead woman for that....)

I actually had to go back and see what all I had already told you about. Now that's really bad.

I finally found one of my missing Christmas Trees. It was in a neighbor's garage. I'm not exactly sure how that happened, but since I put out an APB on my tree and was actually able to locate it one street over, I'm not so sure I'm still haphazard. Now, I've only lost one tree. I finally got the tree up and decorated and I love it. Last night, I saw a beautiful tree that I would love to try to recreate sometime, but I like my tree. It's full of ornaments that all mean something to me. The kids made most of them or they were gifts that all mean something to me. I just love it.

Ashley and I are still playing tricks on eachother. That girl ain't right. Right after Thanksgiving, we were heading home and found a very interesting decoy in one of my neighbor's yards. it was two turkeys engaged in a very personal act. We got the great idea to "borrow" it and give Ashley a little more yard art.

When the wind would blow, these characters would get really hot and heavy and their heads would bob around all crazy. They were really funny.

It was late at night when we got around to this little trick. Ashley, do you always answer the door with your hand in your pants? HA.

That was fun, but of course she got me back. I don't remember how long it was, I guess about a week or so, she got me good.
We have gone to the same church for years. Every year at Christmas they do the Angel Tree. Jeff and I have always gone to the Saturday night service. Well, one Saturday night my doorbell rang....the front doorbell. If it weren't for the mailbox, I wouldn't know what the front of my house looked like. We live on a corner and the drive way is off of the side street. That's all we use. Only formal guests or the pizza delivery man come to the front door. That night about 7, the front doorbell rang. The dogs went nuts. I went to the front door and stepped outside on the porch so the dogs couldn't attack. The man on the porch said that he was a member of Hope Presbyterian (our church) and they had drawn our name off of the family tree and wanted to deliver this box and hoped it helped. He was eyeing my house. I was speechless and caught completely off guard. It was the appropriate time just after the Saturday night service and everything. Here is a picture of the front of my house.
Its a ridiculous 7000 square foot monster that you have to drive all the way around to get to the front. I was standing there with thank you coming out of my mouth and wondering what this guy must be thinking and who in the world put our name on the Angel Tree list. Things aren't great but, that's taking it a little too far. I didn't want to seem ungrateful, so I just said thank you. I took the box in the house and was having a total hot flash and was embarrassed and all sorts of stuff. I opened it and it had used stuff in it. There was a half a roll of paper towels and opened boxes of cereal. I decided Ashley must have done this. I called her and text her and didn't get her. I expected her to be laughing. She didn't answer. That opened the door for the doubt to creep in. Jeff walked in a few minutes later and I showed him. He said Craig, our pastor, probably had it sent because we hadn't been there in awhile and were behind on our tithing. I almost died when he said that. Craig has that kind of sense of humor. I was freaking out. FINALLY, Ashley answered the phone and she was laughing so hard she couldn't breathe. They had recorded the conversation between me and that stranger they sent to my house and were dying laughing at me trying to sound sweet. I could kill her.

Jeff was affected by the FedEx cutbacks last week. That sucked. I guess that's all I have to say about that right now. We are thankful that he still has a job. The future is scary.

Happy late Birthday Georgia. My precious niece had her first birthday Friday. We celebrated yesterday along with our Christmas Celebration with my side of the family. I'll share pictures next time. It sure was nice to have Christmas with a lot of little ones running around.

It's good to be back.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


If ever there was a time for one of my famous schitzoembolisms, it's NOW. But, I'm not going to do it. I flat out refuse. I'm so far behind. Right now, I'm focused on putting one foot in front of the other. I feel horrible that my tree isn't up yet. That's actually a priority for today. My priorities may be mixed up, but I don't care. As a mother, there are just some things that have to be done. My tree is holding up my Christmas cards and that's stressing me out. That's just the tip of the iceberg, but we can start there.

Did you know I was haphazard with my Christmas trees? I didn't know that until Sunday night. I've lost two Christmas trees. They are identical. I had one at home and one at work. I've lost them both. When I asked my mom if she thought "normal" people lost their Christmas trees, she said, "Well Kacy, you know, you are haphazard with your trees." Excuse me. What the hell does that mean? So anyway, that's part of my new identity. Wow. That one was tough to take.

I have lots of pictures to share, but am not in a place to sit down and go through them all. Lots has happened since my last post and as soon as I get my tree up, maybe I can breathe. Ashley and I have played more "tricks" on each other. I give her kudos! Mine was funny and one of a kind, but she got me good. She gave me hot flashes. I have pics. I'll share more later.

ALSO, and a big one. We once again participated on Team Jake for the St. Jude Marathon/Half Marathon/5K. Jeff and I cheered. The kids did their first 5K and Rohn ran the Half Marathon. Again, I have the cutest pictures. It was great to see Staci and Mo and Jin.

I'm feeling better, but apparently don't look like I do. I know I don't, I just wish people wouldn't tell me! I've been MAJOR stressed. I woke up at 2 this morning and have been up ever since. I'm taking today to get things under control. I'm going to start with shaving my legs. I have absolutely NO room to talk about my hairy husband at this time. GROSS! I even have chipped paint on my toenails. For those of you that know me, you realize how serious this is!
I'll be back later.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008



Ya'll remember that song. Ha. It makes me laugh. My energy comes in spurts. I'm using an Albuterol Inhaler. It makes my whole body shake. Anyway, that's where the energy comes from. I just took a hit so I'm still trying to catch up. I've got to get to Christmas! I cleared the spot for my Christmas tree and I was rather inspired by Mo's banister. I need to go to work for a bit tomorrow and then I'm thinking about getting some stuff out. I can't promise how much I will get done. I don't want to over do it....but right now, it's stressing me out because I haven't done anything. Since I missed Thanksgiving, I want to do Christmas!

For now, this is how we are kicking it around here.

Jeff doesn't feel good either. His is all in his head for now. I hope it stays there. If that massive lump gets pneumonia, I'm putting him in the hospital. Men are babies.

I found an old blue leather recliner upstairs in the media room. It's BAD ugly but very comfortable. I had Jeff bring it down for me and threw an old quilt over it. This has been my hangout and my bed since Saturday. Izzy gets up here and sleeps with me, too. That inhaler makes sleeping a little tough. One night I went to sleep at 5:30 and it was 3:30 this morning when I finally dozed off.
I'm experiencing a NOT so fun side affect of that Methotrexate, which I got to take the week off from this week.

Yes, I do realize that is gross! My hair is falling out. At first, I thought I just "thought" it was. Now, everybody has noticed it. That's all I have to say about that. I'm not ready to lose my hair.

Since, I was in the bathroom taking pictures, I decided to ask an opinion. We've lived in this house for a year and a half now and still haven't finished little things. Our bathroom is one of those such things. The shower is one of those walk through deals behind the bathtub. The wall was to have glass bricks. I had a lovely decorator and I really liked a lot of her ideas. My tin bar back and dining room ceilings were some of my fav things she did. I do okay with decorating but the size of this house intimidated me. We had a little breakdown of communication in the master bath though. Here is a visual.

I didn't clean up for the picture. Sorry. Anyway, that big hole is supposed to be bricked with glass bricks. Leslie, aka the decorator, chose orange glass bricks. She made an on the spot call and Jeff ordered them. SO, we have orange glass bricks for the hole. They freaked me out. Our first house had a mauve marble jacuzzi. WE HATED IT. At the time the house was built, it was pretty, but it soon became an eyesore. The orange bricks are pretty and go with the current decor. But I'm afraid, they will become my mauve tub. I'm stuck with the orange bricks either way. Do I just put up the orange ones and finally enjoy the body sprayers on my shower or do I buy the clear and hope that one day I have a need for the orange ones? What would you do?

I'm ready to finish my bathroom. Give me some thoughts. I guess I could put the orange in and rip it out when I get sick of it. Either way, I'm out the same money, I guess.

Project Payback deserves it's own post. I'll fill you in on that tomorrow or maybe late tonight if I can't sleep again.

Be good peeps.