Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Rise and Fall of the Monarchy

I am so overwhelmed! I'm trying not to be, but it feels like things are falling apart everywhere. How come when the mama gets sick the whole house crumbles? Let me first make my admission, Pneumonia has KICKED my ass up one side and down the other! I went back to MY doctor yesterday. I got another shot and some most excellent cough syrup. Thanks doc on that one. The fever seems to be gone today, but my lips are still an interesting shade of blue. OH, and I weighed in at a whopping 153 pounds at the doctor. Keep it coming, God, so far, I'm still going.

Story boards were due at school today. Yep, another project. This one just about sent Jeff and I back to divorce court. He and I do not see eye to eye on school work and he doesn't do projects and I could hardly do anything. I had read both of the kids books, but I just wasn't into it. Why do teachers do that to us? I know they know the kids aren't doing these things by themselves. Jeff snapped a couple of pictures.

Even Mom had to come down and help us get these projects finished. I was very proud of Dalton. He chose the book Robinson Crusoe and he really did his project himself. He typed it and everything. I didn't write a single word of it. I did read the book so I would know if it was correct or not and I had to lend some ideas for the creative materials to use but he even knew what he wanted to make. Thanks, Mom, for your help. I couldn't have gotten it all done.

I was just a large blob of death.
Granny paints the best crop rows!

Savy G avoided the pictures apparently. She was very well prepared but acted like a horses rear end about doing the whole thing. She huffed and puffed and got it done. She and Jeff had a terrible fight before school this morning. He said when he dropped them off she told him she loved him but he was NOT getting a kiss today.
I was pleasantly surprised to find pictures from Thanksgiving on my camera. Since I never made it out of my bedroom, I wasn't sure we would have any. Jeffrey did a good job. He is convinced that was Grandaddy's last Thanksgiving, so he did a good job of taking pictures.
This is always my favorite time at Thanksgiving. When everyone gets quiet and says Thanks!

Gosh, those kiddos have gotten so big!!! He even took some of the fun pictures, too.
I was happy to see they let my babies eat however and wherever they wanted to. That's what I would have done. Jeff and Nash have a connection. Nash doesn't really like anybody but he has always loved Jeff. Jeff loves him, too. He lets those boys do anything. I heard Nash had gotten into a little scuffle at daycare.
This is all I can do for today. I've got more to come. Operation Payback on Ashley and Shane took place late Saturday night. I'll get that up here soon. It was fun!
Hope everyone is having good week. Hug your babies.

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