Sunday, December 28, 2008


We had an interesting day around here. Emily and Jackson moved out. They got an apartment in Southaven. Emily is starting back to school in January and I guess this was part of her growing up. We didn't find out until about 6 last night. I'm not real sure about all of the circumstances around it. You would think that since she lived here, I would, but I still don't. To each their own. I was told earlier last week that education comes at a price. Well, I'm broke and just don't want to learn any more. HA.

I've missed my blog. Time has been really hard to come by lately. It usually is during the holidays, but this year has been really bad. If you throw pneumonia in the holiday mix, things get a little rough. I'm beginning to see the light though. I rented The Dark Knight today. I've been wanting to see it, but have had trouble getting into it tonight. I say that, because Savannah is yelling at the television and I've just tuned it out.

I really wanted to take my Christmas tree down today. I've heard in the past, it's bad luck to take it down before the New Year. I've about decided that you make your own luck. If it wouldn't have sent me completely over the top today to be taking down my tree while my front doors were propped wide open and people that I hardly know carrying things out of my house, I would have done it. Now, I guess it will be there a few more days. I've enjoyed it. Jeff's Santa suit is still in his truck, I think. He played Santa alot this year. He has an AWESOME Santa suit and he dresses up every year for the family and the neighbors and work and school.

I'm not ready to take all of the Christmas Cards off the fridge. I love having everyone's picture up there.

And this is one of my favorites I'm not ready to put up yet. This was SavyG's first Christmas and Dalton's second.

Gosh, they grow up way too fast.

I'm trying to decide about New Year's Resolutions. The last few years I've made them but didn't write them down or share them with anybody. I HATE to be a failure. I've also found, however, that if you don't write your goals down and commit to them, they just don't work out. Humm, I've got some more thinking to do on that one.

It's off to work in the morning for another short week.

And to all a Good Night.


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