Tuesday, December 2, 2008



Ya'll remember that song. Ha. It makes me laugh. My energy comes in spurts. I'm using an Albuterol Inhaler. It makes my whole body shake. Anyway, that's where the energy comes from. I just took a hit so I'm still trying to catch up. I've got to get to Christmas! I cleared the spot for my Christmas tree and I was rather inspired by Mo's banister. I need to go to work for a bit tomorrow and then I'm thinking about getting some stuff out. I can't promise how much I will get done. I don't want to over do it....but right now, it's stressing me out because I haven't done anything. Since I missed Thanksgiving, I want to do Christmas!

For now, this is how we are kicking it around here.

Jeff doesn't feel good either. His is all in his head for now. I hope it stays there. If that massive lump gets pneumonia, I'm putting him in the hospital. Men are babies.

I found an old blue leather recliner upstairs in the media room. It's BAD ugly but very comfortable. I had Jeff bring it down for me and threw an old quilt over it. This has been my hangout and my bed since Saturday. Izzy gets up here and sleeps with me, too. That inhaler makes sleeping a little tough. One night I went to sleep at 5:30 and it was 3:30 this morning when I finally dozed off.
I'm experiencing a NOT so fun side affect of that Methotrexate, which I got to take the week off from this week.

Yes, I do realize that is gross! My hair is falling out. At first, I thought I just "thought" it was. Now, everybody has noticed it. That's all I have to say about that. I'm not ready to lose my hair.

Since, I was in the bathroom taking pictures, I decided to ask an opinion. We've lived in this house for a year and a half now and still haven't finished little things. Our bathroom is one of those such things. The shower is one of those walk through deals behind the bathtub. The wall was to have glass bricks. I had a lovely decorator and I really liked a lot of her ideas. My tin bar back and dining room ceilings were some of my fav things she did. I do okay with decorating but the size of this house intimidated me. We had a little breakdown of communication in the master bath though. Here is a visual.

I didn't clean up for the picture. Sorry. Anyway, that big hole is supposed to be bricked with glass bricks. Leslie, aka the decorator, chose orange glass bricks. She made an on the spot call and Jeff ordered them. SO, we have orange glass bricks for the hole. They freaked me out. Our first house had a mauve marble jacuzzi. WE HATED IT. At the time the house was built, it was pretty, but it soon became an eyesore. The orange bricks are pretty and go with the current decor. But I'm afraid, they will become my mauve tub. I'm stuck with the orange bricks either way. Do I just put up the orange ones and finally enjoy the body sprayers on my shower or do I buy the clear and hope that one day I have a need for the orange ones? What would you do?

I'm ready to finish my bathroom. Give me some thoughts. I guess I could put the orange in and rip it out when I get sick of it. Either way, I'm out the same money, I guess.

Project Payback deserves it's own post. I'll fill you in on that tomorrow or maybe late tonight if I can't sleep again.

Be good peeps.

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