Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Little Angry

I survived the casino last weekend. Were you worried about me? HA. I know, you probably weren't. I got a picture today from that night. It's pretty funny. We had our picture taken with Neal McCoy, which was the concert we were going to. We actually didn't go. We got our picture taken with him, found our way to the bar and then were lucky to find our way home. It was a busy week of soccer games and school. Jeff had a stomach bug while he was in New York and apparently brought it home with him. I had it late this week and Savannah got it today. She doesn't have much aim with her emisis. She just stands there and does it wherever she is. It has made for an interesting day.
Last night we went to Catfish and Khakis. That was pretty fun. The weather was perfect. It's just a big fundraising event put on by the Desoto County Junior Auxillary. They have a silent auction and I "won" private yoga lessons. That was a good thing since that's something the doctor recommended for me. It was good to see everybody out and having a good time.
I'm working on changing my style. Have you ever thought about your style. I really hadn't until all of a sudden out of the 80 or so pairs of shoes I had, I could wear about 3. I've always been a three inch heel girl. I don't know why, but that was my preference. Well, not anymore. My feet are so swollen and they hurt so bad there is no way I'm sticking them in a heel. Of course, all of my pants are the right length for that 3 inch heel. I know this all sounds really stupid, but it's really a difficult by product of this mess. I'm also trying to learn how to cook veggies. I'm not a cook and I don't really like veggies so once again, not a real easy task. I saw another doctor on Tuesday and he at least seemed to understand some of the anxiety issues I was having. I guess just to know that feeling freaked is normal helped a little. I've just been angry. I haven't had much to say because I'm not proud of how I feel, but I'm also not going to lie about it. I've wondered what I did wrong in my life to deserve this. I know a lot of things I've done wrong but I know a lot of people who have done much worse. I'm angry that my energy is zapped. I'm angry that I'm 35 and I pictured years of playing hard with my babies. I'm angry that the strength to pick my son up is gone. I'm also angry for being angry.
I'm working on my mind and hopefully my body will follow.
Stay posted for some new pictures I took today. We have a new very interesting canine relationship brewing in the ole Acree Abode. I'll also figure out how to scan our picture with Neal McCoy in. Can you believe I don't know how to do that? HA.
I'm heading to bed early tonight. I was out late last night and I'm sure SavyG will be up several times.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekend Wonder

I don't know where that title came from. Mo accused me of being "random" and she was right. HA!
I had to remove the link to my job as I found out that even my blog is subject to FINRA guidelines. Having my securities license better make me some money, because right now it is a pain in the bootay.
We are celebrating my best friend Jenifer's birthday tonight. Emily and I are heading out on the town. Last time I went out with Jenifer, I came home dressed in turquoise from head to toe. This ought to be interesting.
I'm back on steroids. I started swelling and stiffening up again. They called to get my appointment with the rheumatologist moved up, but I won't know when until Monday. Yesterday was rough and today I'm just worn out. I'm resting though for a good night out. I dropped Jeff off at the airport just a little while ago. He is on his way to New York for a football game tomorrow. He and a bunch of frat brothers get together this time every year for the Annual Mecca to New York. I think they reinact the movie Old School. Anyway, they usually schedule it when they can catch a Monday night game too, but this year they didn't do that. He'll be home Monday afternoon in time for SavyG's soccer game.
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well, I took a blogging hiatus, but I have returned. I've really had a hard time trying to stay positive on many fronts and tons of things have been going on. So let me try to fill you in....
SavyG's birthday was Saturday the 13th and she had her best friend Riley stay with us all weekend. That was part of her birthday wish. She got the other part, too, by the way. She wanted Cheetah Girl tickets and Cheetah Girl tickets she got. We had her birthday party at Mud Monkey Pottery and we had a big time.
Check out that T-Totally AWESOME cake!! Any ideas who made it? Why the AMAZING TODD PIERCE made that delicious chocolate cake. We usually have tons of cake left over but NOT this time. THANKS TODD AND DAWN. (Hope ya'll had a blast at Journey.)

So everybody painted their little hearts out at the party and some even painted themselves.

Aren't they too cute? Anyway, we partied all night long with 4 little girls who didn't go home until about noon on Sunday, except Riley she stayed pretty much all day.

We stayed in our PJ's all day on Sunday.

Let me see what else has been going on..

What's up with this?

This scary creature sits on top of someones brick mailbox somewhere along the way between our house and the house Jeff and Rohn are building right now. We took a little trip over there on Saturday on the golf cart. Everytime I pass this thing it freaks me out and I had my camera on this trip. That should probably be against the law.

The boys are getting ready to start another custom job. (Thank You Jesus.) It is my job to revamp the sign. They just started one across the street that is going to be for sale while it is being built as well. It has an owner, but if it can be sold, the owner will let it go. SO, I've got to make a few changes to that sign. Isn't the name of the company cool? Those are Dalton and Savannah's middle names. Jeff did that. I liked it. ANYWAY, let me see what else I can find..

SavyG has had 3 games now. They lost the first 2 and won last night. I missed the game last night because I had a little jewelry party.

Meet Sonja Lloyd, my favorite Jewelry Lady. We had a good time. Tosha was up to her usual tricks.

She was modeling a hair scarf and jewelry for everyone. She's a nut. She was actually at work yesterday. She has been in Allstate School for the last three weeks and has another five weeks to go. I miss her so much. I had to go out and take pictures of a building in Hernando yesterday so I had my camera at work and decided to take a couple of pictures around my office so I could share when I got back to the blog.

This is the lobby. Notice how clean that desk is...nobody wants to sit out there. We all hang out in my office. I'm just too much fun, I guess. HA. That's not it. It's just easier than me hollering all over the place all the time. Here is a picture hanging in my lobby of Mr. Jake Raborn and the wonderful thing he taught me, "BELIEVE". It's all over my office and is even what I structured my mission statement around. The next picture is my "Wall of Fame". I'm happy to add to it anytime.

Here is my office. I feel like I live in here sometimes.

There is Miss Tosha working at my desk while I was up playing. And here is Miss Emily at her desk or Tosha's desk or whoever's desk that is..

Go Miss Emily! She finished ALL of her computer training yesterday at work.... and guess what I did to her today....I set her up on a blind date with a little local young hottie. OH YEAH. Have fun tomorrow night Miss Emily.

Oh wait, Tosha decided to do a little posing in the office.

That girl ain't right. And just in case you are questioning me on that, she came over tonight and we permed her hair. Yep, that's right, just like old school, I rolled that mess up and we permed it.

She's a nut and she likes to have her picture taken. Here she is with Emily....


I got some scary news today. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I knew deep down that's what was going on, but I refused to believe it on the surface. My mom and two of her brothers have it as well. One of my uncles is in constant pain and has been for quite some time. My mom is having a harder time with it all the time and my other uncle who is the youngest struggles with it but he is still moving around. So far, as far as I know, I'm the youngest one in my family to develop it. I'm pretty freaked about the future but they told me there is no way to predict how things will go for me. Right now, my hands are the worst thing. My left one is worse than my right one. The steroids helped alot. I can't get my wedding ring on right now. I guess I need to see about getting it re sized. I started on a NSAID today and I go to see a rheumatologist next week. It's just another thing I guess and like all others you just figure it out.
Sorry about all of the rambling tonight. I haven't felt like talking much the last week and honestly haven't really had time either.
Hug all your precious babies tonight and share your love. Someone out there needs it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


If you understand, cry with me, if you don''re just better off. It would make you
throw up.
Dalton got his cast off today. He has to wear his tennis shoes all day everyday for the next 2 weeks. Where one of the bones has healed, it is kinda thick looking on the bone (I hope that made sense) and the doctor said that was causing pressure and that's why he keeps wanting to walk on the outside of his foot. It doesn't really hurt but it feels strange. He's actually outside playing and that makes my heart feel good. He hasn't done that in weeks.
Steroids are helping. I even got my ring back on today. I felt much better and can even close my hands today. My knuckles are still tender, but they are working much better. I'm glad tomorrow is FRIDAY. I have some regrouping to do.
Have a great night!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things that make you go HUMMM.....

WELL, still no real answers which is a little frustrating but good news just the same. They didn't rule out anything autoimmune today, but they couldn't be definitive either. I've been seeing the nurse practitioner and next week I will go back and see my doctor. In the meantime, I am to take a low dose steroid and try to get rid of some of this inflammation. She still says she thinks it could be viral so I am to take this for the next week. They xrayed my shoulder and couldn't see anything but the knot there concerned her. She wants to see what happens with steroids and then said Dr. Campbell would probably send me for an MRI. While I'm glad they didn't tell me it was "something", not knowing what it is is also hard. I just feel like crap to put it quite frankly. My hands hurt and don't even look like mine and the thought of putting shoes on makes tears come to my eyes. Last night, I couldn't clap my hands at my daughters soccer game. I just want it to go away.
Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. You have no idea how much that means to me. I don't feel like myself, but the show must go on.
SavyG's team lost last night 0 -2. It was a good game though considering it was the first one. The girls played hard and Savy took the only shot of the game but missed. My camera died in the first 45 seconds of play. It's charging tonight. I'll get my act back together, I promise and have some pictures soon. I'm still working hard to not be afraid of my camera. I purposefully leave it sitting around now....stupid I know, but just part of me.
Have a great rest of the week. Dalton goes back to the doctor tomorrow for his foot. Keep your fingers crossed for him. I'm afraid he's going to get a real cast. They will have to give him a tranquilizer.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Nothing new today!!!! That's awesome. Still all the same stuff but no new developments overnight. That's what I was praying for. Someone once told me to be specific in my prayers. I try, it's been good advice on several occasions.
ANYWAY, thanks for the thoughts. I go back to the doctor Wednesday a.m. at 9. SavyG and I survived the orthodontist this a.m. and she has her first soccer game tomorrow night. Dalton's foot is feeling better but still not quite where it should be. We make another trip there on Thursday.
AND, Savy's birthday is SATURDAY. She's excited. Just another busy week around here. I'm headed to bed early tonight.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posting this weekend. Been a little busy and honestly just a little freaked out. I last mentioned that I've been having some swelling and stiffness in my joints. Thursday night, I was so uncomfortable I was just nauseated and didn't get much sleep. Friday morning the swelling was worse. I keep telling myself everyday that when I get up tomorrow it will be better but that hasn't been the case yet. We got out of class early Friday and I got Jeff to step on the gas and get me back to Memphis so I could see my doctor at 4. They ran a whole panel of blood work that will be back Tuesday. They said it could just be a viral thing but were just going to test for everything. Saturday morning when I woke up the swelling was even worse. I don't know how much more I can swell. My wedding ring is stuck on my hand.
We had our 2nd Annual September on the Square Saturday and I was able to make it until 2. I had to shut down early. When we were setting up, I tried to get a box out of my truck that I had put there about 3 weeks ago and I couldn't do it. I didn't like that at all. Last night we went to the mall in Collierville for dinner and were walking around a little bit. My neck and shoulder were really stiff and I was stretching my neck out and felt this big knot in my shoulder that I hadn't noticed before. This morning my left hand was knotted up. It's like there are hard knots between my knuckles....SO, I wonder what tomorrow will bring. I'm praying for a virus that is about to end. I'm exhausted and I just hurt and quite frankly am just a little scared.
We are getting ready for a busy week of orthodontist appointments, school, work and soccer games. Have a great one.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well, it's been another long day in the life of Kacy. YES, I am here tonight for comic relief. If you think you had a rough day....keep reading.
I am typing once again from my home away from home...Nashville, TN. I'm chasing Gustav. Just kidding, hopefully this is the end of my training classes for awhile.
ANYWAY, have you ever left to go out of town (like 4 hours away) on a business trip for a few days and left ALL of your clothes at home after you packed them? Well, I did. It's 11:42, I just got here so it's been a long day and, oh, about two hours ago I realized that I brought my shoes and toiletries but left all of my clothes except an extra bra and the clothes on my back at home. SO, pray that FEDEX makes this delivery on time. My clothes are supposed to arrive at my hotel before 8 a.m. and my class doesn't start until 9. It's a good thing my husband works there and was able to pull this off for me. Otherwise I would be at the Regional office in the a.m. in my yoga pants and OCC T shirt and my Croc Flops. HA. All you can do is laugh.....
Ok, one more thing....I'm having a little issue that is becoming more and more bothersome and starting to really worry me. For the last couple of months, I have had some swelling in my joints and just general stiffness. I kept telling myself it has been age and stress. It was worse at some times and just not even there at others. For the last 5 days straight, my foot, ankle and hand on my left side have been really swollen and weak and just plain hurt. Even laying in bed hurts. Today my knee on that side started to ache and tonight it is swollen. My knuckles on my right hand are a little swollen but nothing like my left one. What is this? I'm beginning to think I may need to go to the doctor....any ideas. I'm hoping this too shall pass and that I'm just getting old.
Take care,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


What's going on? ALOT around the ole Acree Abode. It was nice to go back to work today to get some rest.....HA.

Here is a little taste of the goings on around here over the weekend. Sorry if they are out of chronological order, but so am I.

First, did I mention Emily had a dog? Did you realize we already had THREE dogs? Well, now we have FOUR. Jackson has joined our canine family and is fitting in rather nicely. (He has even learned how to use the doggy door.

That MOUND he is sleeping on is my adorable husbands belly! Everyone loves Jeff.

Speaking of the doggy door. I decorated it this weekend.

I put two other "Signs" on the back porch. This is where EVERYbody hangs out all the time.

I warned there was NO ORDER to this....Of ALL the pictures I took this weekend (well over 150), two tied for my favorites. It is a really interesting pick.
My favorite pup, Izzy, AND
my clematis vine. (I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA.)

Trust me there is no method to this madness.
Are you wondering why I'm showing you pictures of my windows yet? It's because I freaking CLEANED them this weekend. That first picture is on the THIRD floor, holy smoke. I'm so proud of my front doors. You can actually tell that is beveled glass in them now and if you look close you can see through the windows through the foyer through the living room across the back yard and see the house behind us. Now that's clean! That took A LOT of scraping. The doors still had stain on the windows from over a year ago. PRIORITIES, enough said.
So, anyway, on to more FUN stuff, we had a little party Monday.
Where did everybody go?
In the pool, of course!!! AND then, can you guess what we did?
What in the world is that?
NO, wait, what in the world is this?
HA, cute face Ash. I'll teach you to mess with me. I'll put "cute" pictures of you on my blog!

We tie-dyed everything in sight....underwear, socks, bras, shirts, shorts, scrubs, and ourselves.

How fun!! Rohn's wifebeater turned out to be my personal favorite. I used multiple techniques on it.

Ok, that's about it for tonight...

Oh, wait, cutie pie Georgia, AND Mallory got a tattoo at the fair.

That's a wrap. I'm outta here. I'm heading back to Nashville tomorrow and I haven't packed.

Hug your babies and share your love.