Tuesday, September 2, 2008


What's going on? ALOT around the ole Acree Abode. It was nice to go back to work today to get some rest.....HA.

Here is a little taste of the goings on around here over the weekend. Sorry if they are out of chronological order, but so am I.

First, did I mention Emily had a dog? Did you realize we already had THREE dogs? Well, now we have FOUR. Jackson has joined our canine family and is fitting in rather nicely. (He has even learned how to use the doggy door.

That MOUND he is sleeping on is my adorable husbands belly! Everyone loves Jeff.

Speaking of the doggy door. I decorated it this weekend.

I put two other "Signs" on the back porch. This is where EVERYbody hangs out all the time.

I warned there was NO ORDER to this....Of ALL the pictures I took this weekend (well over 150), two tied for my favorites. It is a really interesting pick.
My favorite pup, Izzy, AND
my clematis vine. (I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA.)

Trust me there is no method to this madness.
Are you wondering why I'm showing you pictures of my windows yet? It's because I freaking CLEANED them this weekend. That first picture is on the THIRD floor, holy smoke. I'm so proud of my front doors. You can actually tell that is beveled glass in them now and if you look close you can see through the windows through the foyer through the living room across the back yard and see the house behind us. Now that's clean! That took A LOT of scraping. The doors still had stain on the windows from over a year ago. PRIORITIES, enough said.
So, anyway, on to more FUN stuff, we had a little party Monday.
Where did everybody go?
In the pool, of course!!! AND then, can you guess what we did?
What in the world is that?
NO, wait, what in the world is this?
HA, cute face Ash. I'll teach you to mess with me. I'll put "cute" pictures of you on my blog!

We tie-dyed everything in sight....underwear, socks, bras, shirts, shorts, scrubs, and ourselves.

How fun!! Rohn's wifebeater turned out to be my personal favorite. I used multiple techniques on it.

Ok, that's about it for tonight...

Oh, wait, cutie pie Georgia, AND Mallory got a tattoo at the fair.

That's a wrap. I'm outta here. I'm heading back to Nashville tomorrow and I haven't packed.

Hug your babies and share your love.



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melanie, aka Mo said...

Hey, Kacy. Up feeding the new addition and read through lots of missed posts. I have my first pair of ballet slippers in an open shadow box. My mom stitched a pink grosgrain ribbon to the heels of them and hung them toes down. She actually just used a tack to push into the top of the rectangular frame. I'll try to share a picture. Nothing fancy, but I still have them so I like it!
P.S. Today I hugged my babies and shared my love!!