Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well, it's been another long day in the life of Kacy. YES, I am here tonight for comic relief. If you think you had a rough day....keep reading.
I am typing once again from my home away from home...Nashville, TN. I'm chasing Gustav. Just kidding, hopefully this is the end of my training classes for awhile.
ANYWAY, have you ever left to go out of town (like 4 hours away) on a business trip for a few days and left ALL of your clothes at home after you packed them? Well, I did. It's 11:42, I just got here so it's been a long day and, oh, about two hours ago I realized that I brought my shoes and toiletries but left all of my clothes except an extra bra and the clothes on my back at home. SO, pray that FEDEX makes this delivery on time. My clothes are supposed to arrive at my hotel before 8 a.m. and my class doesn't start until 9. It's a good thing my husband works there and was able to pull this off for me. Otherwise I would be at the Regional office in the a.m. in my yoga pants and OCC T shirt and my Croc Flops. HA. All you can do is laugh.....
Ok, one more thing....I'm having a little issue that is becoming more and more bothersome and starting to really worry me. For the last couple of months, I have had some swelling in my joints and just general stiffness. I kept telling myself it has been age and stress. It was worse at some times and just not even there at others. For the last 5 days straight, my foot, ankle and hand on my left side have been really swollen and weak and just plain hurt. Even laying in bed hurts. Today my knee on that side started to ache and tonight it is swollen. My knuckles on my right hand are a little swollen but nothing like my left one. What is this? I'm beginning to think I may need to go to the doctor....any ideas. I'm hoping this too shall pass and that I'm just getting old.
Take care,

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Dawn said...

Girl, I can't believe that you left your clothes at home. You are such a hoot.

As far as your joint swelling issue, I really think you should see a doctor about it. Not to put a damper on things, but there is no telling what it could be. Promise you will see a doctor about it and find out what's going on!!

Love you girl.