Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekend Wonder

I don't know where that title came from. Mo accused me of being "random" and she was right. HA!
I had to remove the link to my job as I found out that even my blog is subject to FINRA guidelines. Having my securities license better make me some money, because right now it is a pain in the bootay.
We are celebrating my best friend Jenifer's birthday tonight. Emily and I are heading out on the town. Last time I went out with Jenifer, I came home dressed in turquoise from head to toe. This ought to be interesting.
I'm back on steroids. I started swelling and stiffening up again. They called to get my appointment with the rheumatologist moved up, but I won't know when until Monday. Yesterday was rough and today I'm just worn out. I'm resting though for a good night out. I dropped Jeff off at the airport just a little while ago. He is on his way to New York for a football game tomorrow. He and a bunch of frat brothers get together this time every year for the Annual Mecca to New York. I think they reinact the movie Old School. Anyway, they usually schedule it when they can catch a Monday night game too, but this year they didn't do that. He'll be home Monday afternoon in time for SavyG's soccer game.
Have a great weekend.

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