Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well, I took a blogging hiatus, but I have returned. I've really had a hard time trying to stay positive on many fronts and tons of things have been going on. So let me try to fill you in....
SavyG's birthday was Saturday the 13th and she had her best friend Riley stay with us all weekend. That was part of her birthday wish. She got the other part, too, by the way. She wanted Cheetah Girl tickets and Cheetah Girl tickets she got. We had her birthday party at Mud Monkey Pottery and we had a big time.
Check out that T-Totally AWESOME cake!! Any ideas who made it? Why the AMAZING TODD PIERCE made that delicious chocolate cake. We usually have tons of cake left over but NOT this time. THANKS TODD AND DAWN. (Hope ya'll had a blast at Journey.)

So everybody painted their little hearts out at the party and some even painted themselves.

Aren't they too cute? Anyway, we partied all night long with 4 little girls who didn't go home until about noon on Sunday, except Riley she stayed pretty much all day.

We stayed in our PJ's all day on Sunday.

Let me see what else has been going on..

What's up with this?

This scary creature sits on top of someones brick mailbox somewhere along the way between our house and the house Jeff and Rohn are building right now. We took a little trip over there on Saturday on the golf cart. Everytime I pass this thing it freaks me out and I had my camera on this trip. That should probably be against the law.

The boys are getting ready to start another custom job. (Thank You Jesus.) It is my job to revamp the sign. They just started one across the street that is going to be for sale while it is being built as well. It has an owner, but if it can be sold, the owner will let it go. SO, I've got to make a few changes to that sign. Isn't the name of the company cool? Those are Dalton and Savannah's middle names. Jeff did that. I liked it. ANYWAY, let me see what else I can find..

SavyG has had 3 games now. They lost the first 2 and won last night. I missed the game last night because I had a little jewelry party.

Meet Sonja Lloyd, my favorite Jewelry Lady. We had a good time. Tosha was up to her usual tricks.

She was modeling a hair scarf and jewelry for everyone. She's a nut. She was actually at work yesterday. She has been in Allstate School for the last three weeks and has another five weeks to go. I miss her so much. I had to go out and take pictures of a building in Hernando yesterday so I had my camera at work and decided to take a couple of pictures around my office so I could share when I got back to the blog.

This is the lobby. Notice how clean that desk is...nobody wants to sit out there. We all hang out in my office. I'm just too much fun, I guess. HA. That's not it. It's just easier than me hollering all over the place all the time. Here is a picture hanging in my lobby of Mr. Jake Raborn and the wonderful thing he taught me, "BELIEVE". It's all over my office and is even what I structured my mission statement around. The next picture is my "Wall of Fame". I'm happy to add to it anytime.

Here is my office. I feel like I live in here sometimes.

There is Miss Tosha working at my desk while I was up playing. And here is Miss Emily at her desk or Tosha's desk or whoever's desk that is..

Go Miss Emily! She finished ALL of her computer training yesterday at work.... and guess what I did to her today....I set her up on a blind date with a little local young hottie. OH YEAH. Have fun tomorrow night Miss Emily.

Oh wait, Tosha decided to do a little posing in the office.

That girl ain't right. And just in case you are questioning me on that, she came over tonight and we permed her hair. Yep, that's right, just like old school, I rolled that mess up and we permed it.

She's a nut and she likes to have her picture taken. Here she is with Emily....


I got some scary news today. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I knew deep down that's what was going on, but I refused to believe it on the surface. My mom and two of her brothers have it as well. One of my uncles is in constant pain and has been for quite some time. My mom is having a harder time with it all the time and my other uncle who is the youngest struggles with it but he is still moving around. So far, as far as I know, I'm the youngest one in my family to develop it. I'm pretty freaked about the future but they told me there is no way to predict how things will go for me. Right now, my hands are the worst thing. My left one is worse than my right one. The steroids helped alot. I can't get my wedding ring on right now. I guess I need to see about getting it re sized. I started on a NSAID today and I go to see a rheumatologist next week. It's just another thing I guess and like all others you just figure it out.
Sorry about all of the rambling tonight. I haven't felt like talking much the last week and honestly haven't really had time either.
Hug all your precious babies tonight and share your love. Someone out there needs it.


Dawn said...

I am so sorry about the diagnosis. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Glad Savy G liked her cake.

Have a good rest of the week and weekend.

Love ya!

melanie, aka Mo said...

WOw... now THAT is what I call a RANDOM post! Birthday party, soccer, neighborhood ride, diagnosis, and work life. Go girl! Hope you don't stay away too long. When you get back, I may not be able to follow next time! I LOVE the Wall of Fame at your office. I think you need a pic of Ellie and Gabbi somewhere in that office! Have I missed why you call her Savy G? Please enlighten! SOme RA is horrible, and sometimes it really stays pretty mild and not so bothersome. Let's pray for the latter! Melanie