Thursday, September 11, 2008


If you understand, cry with me, if you don''re just better off. It would make you
throw up.
Dalton got his cast off today. He has to wear his tennis shoes all day everyday for the next 2 weeks. Where one of the bones has healed, it is kinda thick looking on the bone (I hope that made sense) and the doctor said that was causing pressure and that's why he keeps wanting to walk on the outside of his foot. It doesn't really hurt but it feels strange. He's actually outside playing and that makes my heart feel good. He hasn't done that in weeks.
Steroids are helping. I even got my ring back on today. I felt much better and can even close my hands today. My knuckles are still tender, but they are working much better. I'm glad tomorrow is FRIDAY. I have some regrouping to do.
Have a great night!

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Dawn said...

hey girl. I hope you are feeling okay. How was the honest. Can't wait to see pictures from Savy G's birthday.

Love ya girl.