Monday, March 9, 2009


You know, I have always heard those things made you feel better but I sure never bought into it. Lord knows, I've bought everything UNnatural that I was told would help or make me feel better.
I joined the gym.
Well, I did a free week trial first and then I joined today. We had a crazy week. Let me try to bring you up to speed on everybody....and stuff....
Savannah started having soccer games on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next 5 or 6 weeks. She has always been a good soccer player and very aggressive....until now. I'm not sure what's going on, but she looks like a girl out there running around. I know she is a girl, but that's not how she's ever played. She is running around with arms flailing spending most of her time trying to stay away from the ball. That's not my girl. If it weren't for her mouth, I might have to question her identity. We decided this week that she definately takes after Jeff. Jeff was voted "wittiest" his senior year in high school. SavyG has that trait. She's quick and she just knows things she shouldn't. She's already beyond me. We were watching the NASCAR race last Sunday as we do every Sunday and Kyle Busch won. (His brother Kurt won this week.) Anyway, the announcer says Kyle is so happy about this win and here comes his mother, Gay. I knew as soon as he said it there was going to be more to this. I explained that can be a womans name and it was used more often back in the day. Before I could get anything else out, she said, That's fine mom, but I'm just gonna tell you if my name was GAY BUSCH I'd have to change it. She did this little motion with her hand about the "BUSH" part. That was about the time what she was saying hit me. I spit coke all over the couch and Jeff just turned his head. My mom just looked at me. She's 9! God help us all. She had a massive slumber party all weekend. Everybody was really good, but I think we had nine kids here from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. We went through a lot of pizza and donuts.
Dalton tested and got his yellow belt in Taekwondo. He also got his pads and started full contact sparring. It is soooo good for him. It helps that he loves it. They really teach them a lot in there. It's not just about beating eachother up. He's learning manners and respect for others as well as a great deal of self respect and confidence. It has really made some visable differences with Dalton and I'm so happy we found this. He goes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. With Savy's soccer games thrown in there, that makes for a pretty crazy week. Jeff is coaching soccer so he has that under contol. I have Taekwondo duty and then fly over to catch the second half of the soccer games. It works.
The realtor is coming tomorrow to take pictures of my house. I'M FREAKING OUT!!!! I used to ALWAYS have a clean house. It was clean to a fault. I missed out on a lot of fun things in my life because I had to clean my house. After my hysterectomy a few years ago, I discovered Lexapro. On Lexapro, you don't give a rats ass whether or not your house is clean. I still know it should be, but it isn't. I have two kids that live here all the time and at least 4 others on any given day. I can't keep it clean. When I asked how it needed to look for the pictures he said, well, we will probably take about 100 pics for the website and it just needs to look like a model home. That makes me have a big lump in my throat and I can start to feel the hives coming up. Tonight, I hid everything I could in closets for the pictures. I'm sorry, but I have to live here. As soon as he leaves, my stuff is coming back out. I'm very upset that I had to take my picture Christmas cards off the fridge. I love seeing everybody's cute pics everyday.
Ok, this gym business. I'm loving it. The first day I went in I was overwhelmed. I did some weight things. I have to be a little careful. My right shoulder still flares up on me sometimes and I don't have full range of motion there. Then she suggested the elliptical. The first day, I did 3 minutes and thought I was going to die. When I got home Jeff laughed at me. He said, you could have at least done 10 or 15 minutes. So the next day, more weights then 10 minutes on the elliptical. I thought I was really doing something. He laughed at me again. He said if you don't do at least 20 minutes, it's not doing you any good and you really need to do 30. So the next day I went in and did 20 minutes. I was so happy for myself. I had no idea I could do that. Then I had this personal challenge thing to see if I could do 30 minutes. I did it, but I'm not gonna say it was all a joyous occasion. At one point, I was staring at the plug wishing lightening would strike the building it would blow the circuits and the machines would cut off. That way I could say I did 30 minutes. Instead I dripped sweat and cursed under my breath and hit my 30 minute mark! I jumped off and hollered and did the happy dance. People stared at me. If they don't want to celebrate when they reach thier goals they don't have to, but they could at least join in on mine. The doctor increased my chemo a little more this week but we really think we have the arthritis settled down. I'm feeling well enough to try to exercise and then even better after exercising!! Wooo Hooo!
I took some pictures this past week of "life" but I hid the camera from the realtor and I guess from myself too. It should settle down after the photo shoot and I'll try to do a better job of keeping up with the blog.
Have a great week.
Peace Out,

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