Monday, March 16, 2009

Filed Your Reports Lately?

Have you filed any reports with the great white round one lately?

That's what I came home to this afternoon. That is part of the new "code" language being used in my home today. It took me a minute to figure out that it meant "going to the potty". I guess the kids didn't have anything else to do on Spring Break. Jeff is off work all week and has the kids. This could be a very long scary week.

Jeff took Dalton to see the Harlem Globetrotters yesterday at the FedEx Forum. Dalton had been wanting to go and kept asking Jeff. Of course, Jeff wouldn't commit (he never does). Dalton got him though. He sent an email to Jeff at work telling him not to forget to get their tickets. There were some little misspelled words and such. It was really cute and very endearing. IT WORKED.

This is Dalton with High Rise!! Jeff bought Dalton a T Shirt and he got 4 autographs. He loves it! I think they had a good time!

I had Savannah and her friend Riley and we went and had pedicures. That was interesting. Savannah was in rare form and pretty much stayed in trouble. That tends to happen when she and Riley get together, but she's still here. She is spending her second night with us and Savannah spent the night before that with her. Oh my goodness, these girls.
The gym is still going well. I went everyday last week except for Friday. I even went Saturday and Sunday. I still talk to the machines and I find my self bargaining with myself alot. I did some new cardio machine deal today. I wanted to make it to 15 minutes. Once I started, I knew I would be lucky to make it to 5. I passed 5 minutes and told myself to just make it to 10. That's where it got a little weird. I said, "Self, if you make it to 10, then we'll talk about 15". WHAT? I had that whole conversation by myself. BUT, I made it to 15. I love a challenge.
I'm taking my happy butt to bed early tonight. I still can't get on track with this time change. I'm up until 11 or 12 every night. I forget that it doesn't get dark until late now so I forget to get dinner started. Between going to the gym and the kids wanting to stay outside and play longer, everything is just behind!!! I'll work on it.
Much love to my fellow blog friends. I'm sorry for all of the trouble that folks are causing you. They obviously live very boring lives. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have enough disposable time to just sit around and think about how you could be mean enough to cause hurt and pain for others on the Internet. Give me a break. Stand strong BLOG FAMILY!! We are all in this together. You have my full support and I miss you terribly.



Missy said...

Oh how you made me laugh at the bargaining you do with your machines. I joined a gym about 2 months ago after deciding my fat arse wasn't going mysteriously disappear after giving birth to 5 little offsprings. Anywho, I started out on a treadmill, then decided to try this machine that I had NO idea what it was called. The first day I said, "Okay self, don't make yourself look like a complete, out of shape moron, don't pass out, fall off the machine and them need to call
911." So I did 15 mins...thought I was going to flat out die!!! I continued that 15 mins every day for a week, then moved to 20 mins for a week. Now mind you I couldn't walk without looking like I had been on a horse for many days lol. I am happy to report I am up to 45 mins on the crossramp machine now and am not sore after doing it. Moral to this story, stick with it momma, you can do this...I am MUCH bigger than you size wise and let me tell you if I can do it ANYONE can.
Oh and mean bloggers...phooey on them, they need to get a life, a good one that is...

RADstitches said...

You soound like me on the Wii doing hula hoops... good lord have mercy that is crazy! I know what you mean about nuts cases.. that is why I am going PRIVATE! Glad that I found you before I closed the doors! OH, BTW I have a Dalton too... but a female one!

Missy said...

Just checking in on ya, I hope you are doing okay. How is the gym going??? Have you shot any of the exercise machines yet???