Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Prayers Please

I'm calling in all prayer favors tonight. I went to work today and left Dalton in the capable hands of his loving father. All day, I got reports of, "Yeah, he's fine. Oh yeah, he's doing good." I should have known when I called home to see if they wanted to meet me at IHOP and Dalton said he didn't that something was wrong. Instead, I trusted that hairy hunk that just two days ago I was ready to shoot.
When I got home tonight, Dalton was burning up with fever. I got out the ole stethoscope and took a little listen, and we have NO improvement. I'm not gonna go overboard and say, it sounds worse, but my gut is screaming at me. He told me if tries to walk very fast the "ammonia" makes him feel like a "fish out of water." Poor kid. I'm gonna see how the night goes and the gut may take us back to the doctor in the morning. Please include my little man in your prayers if you don't mind. I am a true believer in the power of prayers. I do NOT want a sick boy.
On a lighter note, I had a doctors appointment today. You know how they put you on that scale with the big weight on the bottom and the little weight on the top. Well, today, they moved the BIG weight. Yep, I crossed that line and hit 151. Fo shizzle, so I came home and baked homemade Toll House cookies at the crizzle. I'm gonna start saving for one of those beeping devices so I won't hurt anyone when I back up.
Hitting the hay early tonight. Hug your babies, share your love.

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Sassy in Texas said...

Ok, I have to get the laughing out of the way are too much!! You look great...tell that ole hubby of yours...stick is out, meaty is in! :)

I hope D is better by morning...bless his little heart. I know when our babies are sick, we feel so helpless. I will tell you, as a nurse's wife, that the meds can take a day or so to kick in and I would say definetly if he is still on fire in the am, call your doc...he may want to admit him for a push of iv antibiotics. Please keep us posted and know you're all in my prayers, especially Dalton.