Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm Gonna Smack a Turd In The Mouth

Mondays seem to have the same theme lately. Sick kids. This week is was Dalton...Only HE really was sick.

This was right after we got home from the doctor. Apparently, every child in Memphis got sick this weekend and were ALL there for open clinic hours this morning. It's the rare occasion that we actually still have to make the trek to the pediatrician. BUT, today was just one of those days, so we waited for two hours. Dalton had a sinus infection about a month ago that just never really went away. Saturday nite he had a friend over to spend the nite and started running a fever. Sunday he was coughing up things with interesting flavors and he liked to show us. Dr. Pendergrass said I could thank the Y chromosome for that little trick. ANYWAY, we have a sinus and infection with bronchitis and a cherry on top.

We also had a science project due at school tomorrow so I actually had no intentions of sending him to school regardless of the diagnosis. I know. I'm not the perfect mom and I like it just like that, thank you. My kids think I'm all right most of the time. Since the project was due in the morning and we didn't even have the supplies to get started, this was the only logical decision.

Making a model of the earth takes time and planning. We started about noon and finished about 6:30 tonight. I better get an A. Here we go. I documented the process.

I guess it was at about this point things went to pot. Mom said the whole project looked like a vajayjay. Then Ethel decided a mouse was behind the refrigerator and she is relentless when that happens and THEN Jeff and Savannah came in and all the other kids in the neighborhood and made making my project a living hell.

Check out Ethel... She dug up the rug that resides in front of the fridge to catch all the Sweet Tea and Kool-Aid that gets dripped. This went on for hours. Beside the word tenacity in the dictionary is a picture of Ethel. (Please notice her pink bows....I'm forcing her into femininity!)

Stella was not about to let Ethel have the spotlight though. She was not the least bit interested in the mouse (nor was the cat), but when she sees the flash going off, she comes running.

Ok, back to the project at hand....

Why, yes, those are clay continents cut out to scale and painted green! I'm so glad you noticed.

In the meantime, we had to pull the refrigerator out. If we hadn't, Ethel would still be digging to China through the concrete floor and the SubZero frigde.

I am a mortal woman. Please excuse the children's hand prints on appliances in that picture. Check out Ethel, alas, she was in there, but she couldn't find her enemy.

Back to the never ending project, I warned you that it took all day.

NOW, that the project was finished, I could get on to something I discovered at the doctors office in a magazine. Magazines are bad for me. I have a little kleptomania first of all. If I find something I like in a magazine at the doctors office, I either rip out that page or put the whole magazine in my purse. Since I had Dalton with me today, I thought my chances of just getting away with the page rather than the book were better. The children tend to rat me out. Once again, Dalton told on me to Dr. Pendergrass so I confessed. He told me it wouldn't be a problem. Thank goodness. I'd hate to be in jail tonight for recipe theft.

My first attempt at homemade brownies. They were good and easy. Those damn steroids are determined to make me weigh 200 pounds BEFORE Thanksgiving. I ate brownies after a bowl of homemade baked ziti with bleu cheese dressing poured all over the top. What's up with that?

After that, I just went around and took pictures of various things I've thought about sharing. First, this was on my counter. Mom was using it. She does everyday. Not a SINGLE day goes by that I don't think about this little fellow and his amazing family:) Here are some of the things stacked up on my breakfast table that I thought were all great ideas at the time.....This was my great idea to paint a painting I saw in a little shop in Southaven. I sure could have been enjoying that piece of art for awhile now.

Yep, I had the scrapbook idea before. This is about as far as I got. Hopefully, this will change soon. I have a lot of past to work with.

Oh Yeah, that's that yoga I bid on at the silent auction a few months ago. I won it. Does that mean I really have to do it? After all, it was for a good cause!

Wow, now this is a new pile. I just picked this stuff up this weekend.

THIS completely stresses me out. I'm pretty sure I just had a hot flash. The stool needs to be recovered with some great fabric I found on sale back in the spring. That stool has five more still at the counter. That's as far as I could get Jeff to take that one apart. Those are my rubber bands from tie dying. At least I did do that. There is a picture frame there that I painted and wanted to write on for a gift for someone, but instead I just went and bought the one I got the idea from because I couldn't get the letters to work out right. Now I'm thinking I need the Cricut Expression. That may just be because of my Mo induced trip to Michael's or maybe I really need it. I haven't decided yet.

What I did decide though, was that my breakfast room is my new craft room. I don't have to clean it and everyone already knows not to touch my stuff. Now that I've declared my space, maybe I'll do something with it. It has great light. I got 4 FABULOUS new books in the mail today. I didn't get around to pictures of those. They can be another day. See why I need you Jessi. We could just do the fun stuff. Work is under control. It's this stuff I need help with.
Since I've been telling my story, my hunk and my little man had a homework meltdown,

yep, those are camo jammie pants and his plaid boxers pulled up real high.

I know.......IRRESISTIBLE!


and to all, a goodnight.


Sassy in Texas said...

First off...ackkkkkkkkkk!! Could have done without seeing that mousey! Those things make me cringe and when one of our cats catch one, you will find me on whatever furniture is near screaming "oooh oooh oooh". Secondly, I only thought my hubby was sexy...oooh weee, girl...your man has some keen fashion sense...LOL...I kid, he is a cutie.

Great job on your...errr your son's earth project...I would say it is definite A least!!

I gotta get busy and get some more stuff for the "Mo project"...dunno what is going on with me and my dragging butt syndrome!

Thanks for making me laugh tonight...always love coming here.


Anonymous said...

You are so funny!!! You always make me laugh! I sure didn't expect that dead creature at the end! WOW! And don't feel bad about not getting around to the creative stuff. I know the feeling. I have stuff to make another scrapbook myself..but lemme think about when I would have time to do that. ha yeah..maybe months. So I went on an interview yesterday with a dermatologist. I will have to tell you about. I dont want to get my hopes up just yet. Ill put it this way, I have a great feeling about it!! Well girlie...Remember...the casino for the 30th bday! love you lots!