Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I heard the good news today that my cutie patootie niece Mallory FINALLY said my name. Gang, I'm too lazy tonight for any thrills! I wanted to come home and have a follow up photo shoot with my Bo Bice gear. Yes, I went to that concert, too. I had to drive all the way to St. Louis for that little concert but it was well worth it. I AM AN AMERICAN IDOL FANATIC! SavyG and I sat front row center this past year. I'm the same way about So You Think You Can Dance. I take these shows VERY seriously.
It's 7:08. I'm hoping to make it until 8 tonight. It's not looking good. We were crankin today at work. I was a slave driver and never left the whole day. We cranked out 260 mailouts all hand addressed packed and stamped. When I got there, all I had was an idea. These hands are worn out and my brain is fried.
I did learn today that Emily has an excessively large eyebrow muscle. I'm not real sure where she came up with that one. Emily comes up with a lot of strange things. She said that when she was a small child her eyebrow got freaked out and it made it a strange shape. Since then, the muscle has overdeveloped into a large one. I hope she doesn't think I'm being mean, but sometimes I just have to sit and stare at her when she says things like that. Do you think about your eyebrow muscles? I don't think I ever have. She does spend a lot of time in the mirror though.
Well, I got my new very fashionable medical ID bracelet in today. Ummmm, hummm, how do say this....that's not really the truth. I searched and searched the web for something that could possibly be taken as fashionable in the world of medical ID bracelets. I'm pretty sure there is a large market for these things. Anyway, mine has a beaded silver bracelet that is removable. I'm gonna see if I can get good ol crafty Mo to conjure me up something. I have a couple of crosses and believe pendants that she and Stacey made me and they are so special. I also have a bracelet that I made one of the nights I was sitting up at the hospital with the family that holds a very special place in my heart as well. I did buy a book about beading and would like to make my own too. I'm not going to pick up that habit, however, until I clear off my "craft" table...aka breakfast table.
We have another fire tonight and my hunk has on his camo jammies. Hopefully, tomorrow night I'll have more energy. I've still got to learn Dalton's spelling words. I don't know what I got on my earth project yet. It came home today all in one piece. I'm gonna put it in the attic for next year because Savannah will have to have one. Story boards are due December 4. Dalton's is on Robinson Crusoe and SavyG's is on a Junie B. Jones book...Sneaky Peaky Spying I think. Guess I better get to reading those, too. Jeff told me my story board stunk last year. I should just leave him in charge. Maybe that's what I'll do.
Savannah's little friend Mary just left. It is now 7:50. I love Mary but that's a little late on a school night, JEFFREY. He doesn't think children should have rules. Considering I just found out that Dalton left his spelling words at school for his test tomorrow, maybe that is a good idea. Things certainly don't work out under my rules. Maybe Jeff's way will work better. I make rules, Jeff makes them go away. Now Izzy is eating a package of peanut M&M's. Somebody's blog said they wished someone could be a fly on the wall to see what all went on at their house. I'm just gonna tell you right now, this house could have it's own reality show and I'm pretty sure it would be a hit. There is something going on around here 24/7 and I'm losing my mind in the middle of it. I've had SEVERAL comments lately on my sarcastic sense of humor. Gang, I didn't even know I had a sense of humor. I'm just being me and trying to keep from completely losing my mind. Apparently that mind is funny to the rest of you. The scary part is, it's all real to me. Since I don't have to study spelling tonight, I'm off to bed with my Izzy and I hope my hairy hunk will come join me soon with his camo jammies. He stays up late when there is a fire going. I usually end up falling asleep before he gets there. The kids have to go to bed at 8 tonight too. They didn't do their chores. They said that didn't know they had any since I didn't print a new chart. Those three things I asked them to do were really hard to remember and apparently if they aren't in writing, they don't exist. When I got married, I didn't sign a contract to do laundry, that is not written anywhere. I guess everyone will go to school and work naked tomorrow. This is one lesson these kiddos are gonna learn the hard way.
Hug your babies. Share your love and try to find some time to rest in there too.

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