Thursday, November 20, 2008


You ever get that knot between your shoulder blades and you aren't real sure what the specific reason for it is....but you know you have enough reasons. Well, I have it, and personally when it gets real bad for me, I can't turn my head left. If I can't turn left, life is usually rough. Tonight the ole neck is a little stiff.

I stayed home today with Heavy D. I'm happy to report that he said I took much better care of him than Dad did. I'd like to make a public apology to my son for going to work yesterday and leaving him. Bless his heart, he is SO sick. I called the doctor today and they said it was going to take more time. They are treating him as aggressively as they can outpatient. Dalton's nerves are a lot like his mothers. I have to do everything I can to keep this baby at home and get him well. I bought juice boxes and made him drink one every 45 minutes today. That's the only way I can figure out that works to keep the fluids going.

Grizzly Adams, a.k.a. Jeffrey, liked to have shit a brick yesterday when the electric bill came in. That sucker was over $600 this month. The gas bill went up and when that happens the electric bill usually comes down. That wasn't the case this month. Jeff put us on total thermostat lock down until he could figure out what was going on. I have to say, I kept one heck of a fire going all day today.

I don't think we got to the bottom of the problem completely, but I heard it has something to do with heat pumps...???... All I know is it's cold outside, my husbands in a bad mood, and I'm one heck of a stoker! HA.

Look at this poor baby. All kids have their little idiosyncrasies that make them special to us. Dalton has always played with a little piece of hair when he didn't feel good or he was tired. When he was little and I was holding him he would play with mine. Once he got a little older and actually grew his own hair, he played with his. This morning that's what he was doing. He just doesn't feel good.

I went totally old school on him today and made him eat chicken noodle soup. He wasn't thrilled about it, but I told him it was mandatory when you have ammonia.

I moved my "scrapbook table" into the den so I could have some heat today and hang with Heavy D. Izzy tried to take over and do a couple of pages.

I had to tell the "bitch" to back off. Luckily she did with out much of a fight and....


(I'm trying out different looks with this new weight I've gained. Today was Gangsta day. What do you think?)
Anyway, I can't show my book, because I might decide to give it as a gift. I haven't decided yet.

I didn't weigh today, so I can't update the fat-o-meter tonight. I'm too lazy to crawl out of bed and go do it now, too. Besides that, I would FREEZE to death if I got up. I sure hope I don't have to potty tonight.

Grandaddy was admitted to the hospital again today...Congestive Heart Failure. They are giving him something to try to reduce the fluid build up around his heart. It's an endless cycle. That usually causes him to start bleeding within 24-48 hours and then they have to stop that, too. In the past that's been enough but it keeps getting worse and worse. He's just worn out. He signed a DNR last week. Jeff went and helped get him in the car to go to the hospital. He said he wanted to go today. His birthday is Tuesday and he said he wants to make it until then. He's always said he wanted to live longer than his mother did and if he makes it until this birthday he will have accomplished that. Tell me that man isn't stubborn! I love you Grandaddy.

It's time to shut this show down. I've still got the Gangsta look going on for warmth purposes. I also have a lab, a tomcat and a giant pumba in the bed with me.

Hug your babies and pray for mine. Keep that knot of mine in mind,too. Share your love. Somebody needs it.

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Sassy in Texas said...

Hey chica...hope D-man is feeling much better. OUCH on that electric bill...and I thought our $300 ones were bad! Continuing to pray for Granddaddy.