Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hey Ya'll....(or myself)
Tonight, I decided NOT to spend hours on my post and to give up on trying to figure out what my problems with the picture thingy are. The rest of you don't seem to be having any trouble. Jeff "cleaned up" my laptop a couple of weeks ago, and ever since, I can't move pictures around OR get my email. The latter of those would be the bigger problem, but he's been working on that and, well, still NO EMAIL.
So, tonight, we will go in the order they (the pictures) were put on here, which would be backwards of the order I took them. It seems only fitting, that's exactly how my brain feels, LOL (I'm not much on the use of LOL).
Two things, QUICK, before I forget...Savannah just got a web cam and I'm scared. Ashley gave me gnome pajamas for Christmas and now I'm not scared of gnomes...or I'm not afraid of my PJ's. (I'm not going in any caves with any gnomes any time soon.)

I took those pictures of the Prince and the Pauper this afternoon when he got home from work. He was placing an order on Amazon and Savannah wouldn't leave him alone. He doesn't seem to notice...ever...I thought my hair would fall out before he got home.
the bank called today, due to excessive use of the debit card (one of those annoying safeguards:) and this time, IT WASN'T MY FAULT!! I haven't used it since Saturday! That must be a RECORD! They wanted to talk to me...it's usually my fault, but this time, I told Jeff I couldn't answer anything. Even worse, I'd sound stupid because the last time I used it was at Exxon "somewhere" in Mississippi. I don't even know where I was. (That's the kind of "verification" questions they ask...) Another day or two on steriods, and I won't even rember what city I live in...much less my last three purchases...(I think that's the part I hate the most, it scares me.)
How about that sweet kitty face? That's Jeff's best friend Tony. Only today, he was my BEST friend, a sure indicator that something is wrong. After he was THIS in my face all morning, I started putting things together....Tony is sick. He lost part of a toe and his toenail in a cat fight a few months ago. We had to go to the hospital and all that drama and anyway after some pain meds and antibiotics, all was good. Fast forward three months, the toenail is growing back and after he all but slapped me in the face and said, "LOOK WOMAN, I'M IN PAIN", I figured out it isn't growing back in correctly. It's hurting and he's sad in his heart. So, tomorrow, we will go to the doctor. (Jeff said he would just call in to work and take him. That's how I know he's his best friend...he doesn't go to the doctor with me unless I make him.)


I don't know what to say...I'm not sure if that's ketchup or lasagna on her face. She actually took those of herself, but until Jeff got home from work, she felt this close to my face. Have you noticed Dalton's absence? That would be because he prefers to hang in his underwear lately and his mom is usually armed with a camera and we have ONE girl we need to make a Valentine for... and that's all I have to say about that. (She is one of two on the approved marriage list, so I'm helping him make his Valentine.)

Sick kitty, I told you we spent a lot of time together today. Those are my favorite pink pajama pants. For awhile, I thought pink wasn't my favorite color...what was I thinking?

Yeah, there is that thing again...you have to remember all of these pictures are in the reverse order of how I took them. This was early on this morning when she was playing a phone prank on her Grams and I still thought she was cute.

Well, now I really don't know what was on her face. This was early, we hadn't had ketchup or lasagna yet.
She just screamed something about her web cam working. I would like to go ahead and issue a blanket apology to anyone she may stream video to. She comes with a warning...SHE WILL MAKE YOU NUTS.
Last picture, good thing, it's 8:30 and dinner is ready. This was what I woke up with this morning. They are pals!! They share a bed, MINE.
I was thankful for one more snow day, and I'm thankful there is NO chance of tomorrow being a snow day. I stepped out on the front porch today and turned around and came right back in. I'm feeling MUCH better...but deep down know it is the steroids giving me this "false" sense of well being. I'm gonna head to the lab tomorrow (after the vet) and have my lab cultures drawn. It's time to rule out underlying infection (again) and get a grip of this. I'm just a couple of days into this steroid mess and already have pink puffy cheeks:) It's ok for now, but I know two weeks from now, this won't be ok anymore SO, I'm starting early. Definitely Better, Definitely more Centered, Definitely Need to Stay There! CHEERS ENBREL!
Ummm, hello....WORK????!!


Lesli said...

Hey girl.. your posts always make me smile.. you are too funny!! I wish I could help you with your pictures, I Upload all of mine to flickr and then past the html code, it is much easier for me, although it does require one extra step! I am glad the steroids are helping.. I will be praying that your lab work comes back okay! Love your pictures, I feel like that alot too.. my kids are ALWAYS in my face like that even when daddy is home..lol..Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

left you a little something over at my blog!:) Hope you are having a good week.......and hope y'all had a great time in Nashville!!

Lesli said...

Just checking in on you! Hope you are feeling okay! Have a great weekend!