Saturday, February 27, 2010


Crazy busy day with kids!! Well, every day is crazy and every day is busy and for the last 11 years every day has involved kids. I'm not even going to attempt the picture thing this evening because that would probably send me right on over the edge. The girl had a slumber party last night to attend that I found out about at 3 yesterday afternoon. From the time I found out about the party she had to be at at 6 both of my computers at worked locked up and shut down. That will be loads of fun Monday morning. I was finally able to leave the office last night at 6 to fly across the street to a little gift shop to grab a gift for the party. Of course they closed at 6, so we beat on the door and they let us in, we got our gift and they were kind enough to wrap it up. Sometimes I just LOVE living in a small town. Anyway, we finally got her to her party at about 7.

Jeff picked the girl up at 9 this morning (from a party where she went to sleep at 4) to take her to another party from 10:30 till 12:30. I, on the other hand, took the boy to Taekwondo at 10:30. Then we all met up for the girl's indoor soccer game at 3. She played well considering the state of exhaustion she was in. The boy was asked to join the Extreme Team at Taekwondo and he accepted. That starts next week. Did I mention the girl has had soccer practice EVERY day this week and again tomorrow? WOW, welcome back to the full swing of life MOM.

Then, the cat is sick again. I haven't been home all week to notice any strange behavior or extra clingyness. BUT, last night after a near mental breakdown over the state of my computers at work and buying gifts for parties I knew nothing of (the invites were lost in her room which at this point should just be condemned) and getting her to the party and taking Dalton to exchange some things at Wal-Mart, I was really looking forward to climbing in bed. I climbed into bed with a nice fat puddle of cat pee. THAT is a sure fire sign that Tony is sick. That means, "YO woman, I've done everything I am capable of trying to show you that I am not well, and you have not noticed, but guess what? I happen to know this gets your attention in a MAJOR way." Of course, he had to pull that trick on Friday night when the vet doesn't open up until Monday. And yes, he has been up under my chin every moment I have been home. Last night Jeff and I slept on the mattress with no sheets. It was kind of ole school. I don't even think we owned sheets back in the early days of marriage. Somehow, at this point in our marriage we only own one set and last night they were in the washer and then dryer and I was just too tired to put them back on the bed. I did make a note to self to pick up another set of sheets.

Tomorrow's schedule is almost as hairy as today's. Good times, huh? NOW, I need your help. I have when you are 36 (I think that's how old I am....I might be 37...but I'm just gonna be 35 till I'm 40...I like multiples of 5) what kind of jeans do you wear? Especially when you've hit double digits in size. That was a dark day, but one I've just come to accept. I don't know how to dress double digits, but I've got to learn and I'm not going to pay a fashion consultant. My expertise seems to be with the single digits. AND, how many sets of sheets should one have for each bed? When we moved, we all switched things up to maximize the space we were moving into. Somehow in that process, we all ended up with one set of sheets for our beds. I typically change the beds all in one day and it works out, but I would like to have a spare pair and it would be much easier. Somehow, in all of my years I never learned how many sheet sets one should have. Also, shouldn't you have a deciduous tree in your front yard? I'm very troubled by this. I believe you are and I do. My entire lot is surrounded by trees...lots of trees including the front of the house all the way around to either side of the driveway...both of the driveways as a matter of fact. On the left of the drive is a big tree, on the right of the driveway is the biggest crepe myrtle I've ever seen. It is lovely and could be even lovelier it were trimmed and shaped up. BUT, I just don't think it is supposed to be in the middle of my front yard. Thoughts???? We have some yard clean up and work and of course exterior painting and such to do this spring. So this is becoming more and more on my mind. ALSO, painted brick??? We have no choice in painting the brick on this house. It is positively horrific as it stands now and plus we will be adding brick to make the porch more aesthetically pleasing and we can't match this brick circa 1965. I've got a very pale yellow in mind which scares my family. My color choices always scare my family and then they love them when it's all said and done. You know, lime green in the whole house with an orange kitchen and slate counter tops. They were freaking out and now they love it. You should have seen Jeff's face when I had him go order brown and linen Tunisia for the curtains in the living room with the lime green walls!! HA! The house has extensive flower beds...a really large tall bricked in flower bed that I want to add another level to. I'm thinking if the house is a pale yellow with a brown roof and a lighter off white trim and red front door, some broad use of colors in the flower beds will bring it all together. Can you tell I'm getting excited about Spring. I am a flower freak, which you know if you've been reading with me awhile. That's a lovely trait I inherited from my Grandmother. I even found a couple of planters for the front porch I really liked today.

The girl and I are watching movies. She's worn out and I'm experiencing a little intestinal distress (TMI?). I see an early night in our future. Izzy is at my feet and Tony is trying to take over the laptop (poor guy is not feeling well). Actually now, the girl is shaving the hair out of her dads ears. Isn't it interesting how life changes?


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Missy said...

okay so all I got to say is screw you...double digits...i think I have been in the damn double digits since I graduated from diapers...You suck monkey balls!!! I'm sort of kidding because I know when you are used to something and it changes esp with us women and weight its like cutting our heads off....You still are beautiful, look gorgeous and are still you!!
Love the colors, wish you could come decorate my challeneged house because I am decorating stupid. I want to do something pink, lime green, orange for my girls room but don't know what.....they have had white walls for 3 years and I feel like we live in a hospital every time I go in their room. I just haven't found fabric to have a duvet made or bedding....As far as the brick, etc I need to see the colors to be able to tell you what I think it will look like. I am not good at visualizing....sorry sistah...