Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quiet Day

Sorry no pictures tonight. Hope you don't mind. It's probably a blessing in disguise for my sanity. Jeffrey departed early this morning to round up some new construction work and decided he needed my camera. Considering he bought it for me and bought precisely the one I wanted deep in my soul and totally surprised me with it, how could I say no? I will, however, admit to the feelings of withdrawal I had in it's absence today. Where Kacy goes, her camera goes! It's gotten worse. I used to be somewhat scared of it. It is by far the most expensive piece of technology I own and one that I literally drooled over for years. At first, I treated it like a delicate piece of vintage lace. Yeah, not anymore. It's pretty durable and it lives hanging from my shoulder now. I'd like to take a photography class.

I'm home alone. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. Savannah went to the DCMS pageant with her best friend. Jeff took Dalton and picked up one of his best buddies for a night of bowling and pizza. I opted to stay behind. I'm working on some rest. I did go wash my truck today. After the trip to Nashville and yet another good snow, it was in really bad shape. I believe after sanitizing the inside that my recent illness was most likely from a pathogen that originated in the interior of that vehicle.

That recent illness seems to be passing. PtL!!! I haven't had any fever today and my heart has decided to take on a more normal rhythm. No fever = less aches and pains and normal heart rate = fewer anxious feelings...all in all, a MUCH better day. The laundry is if only that House Fairy would show up, I'd be doing great. I hope to get that taken care of tomorrow and then I'll be ready to start a fabulous week. Oh, how I want my routine back!! I've been working hard the last few days, to put some measures in place to encourage that routine to flow smoothly. I'll admit it's been good for my soul. It's nice to have a feeling of some control in your life instead of feeling as though you are being jerked around and shredded by your own life. It makes me think of the song we have sang so many times in church and in the car, "It is Well with My Soul". That's one of my favorites.

I'm off to the land of more rest and Olympics. Actually, I have that song playing in the background now, and I think I'll lay here with my eyes closed for a while and just enjoy. Try it if you'd like. I find it refreshing.


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