Monday, March 1, 2010

Computer Angels

Well, we all prayed for computer peace last night (Thank You Lesli, Missy, and Maria) and I guess in a sense we got what we asked for. After many life saving attempts this morning by two different computer experts, my computer was taken to go live in Heaven. It could not be saved. It apparently had computer HIV. It had the really bad kind. It's gone. It lived a really short life. It was only 10 months old.


I don't mean to sound heartless, but now I need you to pray a replacement comes in early tomorrow!!! The insurance business does not flow smoothly without a computer and working on this laptop in the office creates an extreme amount of frustration. UGGHHHH!

WOW, what a day! I have a new fella in training and my main gal called in with serious car issues today. So not only was I dealing with the computer undertaker, I was manning (or should I say womanning) the phones, moving the new guys furniture, taking payments and handling claims!! AND, I still managed to to have my monthly argument with my health insurance company regarding an unpaid claim, and speak to Savannah's teacher. Then I did a little photo editing tonight, and realized that I think we have THE SHOT for the pageant on the first try!! At least I didn't have to unstop a toilet today, OH WAIT, I did. The FedEx man had to go, I guess. YUCK! And did I mention I did all of that in a 3 inch heel!! Oh yes I did!!

What a blessing to have the energy to deal with all of this!! You know what today was? Today was life and I made the most of it. I laughed hard and I even shed a tear. When you lay down at night and you've done both of those know you had a good day. I'm looking forward to what tomorrow has in store. (I hope it is a computer birth.)



P.S. I almost forgot to welcome Stacey! She ain't skeered. She just signed right on up as follower. How does that make all you lurkers feel?? HA. I'm kidding. I've been reading Stacey's blog for a couple of weeks now. What an inspiration! You are one strong gal!! I admire you.


KKGrimmer said...

I'm the one from Jonesboro, AR! We are just across the bridge from each other! My real name is Christie Grimmer. My nieces and nephews call me KK! I'm sure I met you through MO! I enjoy reading your blog. You are one strong, shining woman with a beautiful family! Girl, good luck with your computer. I'm just getting mine all put back together after getting a BAD virus. It was bad for work and I lost all my pictures! UGH!

Missy said...

Good Lawd you definately deserve a cape for all that you do!!! I think I would of went on a psycho trip with all you went thru in one day! PLEASE tell me that you birthed a new 8 lb 3 oz gorgeous baby girl computer today....How do you do it all??? I bow to you!
BTW ear hair?? Big deal, I got 3 chin hairs that decided to take residence...wth, where did that shit come from??? I have to pluck the son of a guns!

Anonymous said...

Your welcome kacy! Sorry it crashed and went to heaven!:( Maybe your new one will be better than the last and you will have it for many years!! And you have a follower from jonesboro.........I may have to hop over and check her blog out........since tons of my family live there! I lived there for many years too......anyway, love you!